By Carla Selby

Exercising more is a great resolution. It can help you lose weight, build muscle, make daily tasks easier to perform and improve your overall health. But let’s be honest, sticking to a workout routine can be hard and time consuming! Typical gyms are usually crowded, loud and full of judgmental stares. You may also find yourself waiting around for equipment you don’t necessarily know how to use. After a few frustrating months your commitment to exercising slowly fades… and so does your muscle mass.

After age 30, we lose eight to ten pounds of muscle per decade, unless we do something to reverse that trend. The speed of muscle loss roars into high gear after age 50. Once muscles go, it sets off a domino effect of travails from bone thinning to loss of mobility to heart and vascular diseases. Loss of muscle also causes a decline in our body’s metabolic rate, which leads to weight gain and erosion of the immune system.

What if I told you that to get fit you don’t need to exercise more… you need to exercise smarter. You can now get fit by committing to working out only once a week and for 20 minutes. That’s a more manageable resolution, don’t you think?

Conveniently located in Carrollwood, 20 Minutes to Fitness® uses a scientifically based fitness approach called slow cadence (or slow motion) resistance training. The technique involves working out on specially designed post-rehab medical grade equipment and physical therapy machines in ultra-slow motion, causing your muscles to work harder and producing far better, faster results (50 to 59% better) than traditional strength training. So instead of completing each rep at the traditional weight lifting pace, you will be lifting and lowering the weights in ultra-slow motion – eliminating momentum and forcing your muscles to do all the work. Because of the nature of the training regimen, it only takes 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 minutes of exercise per machine to reach peak performance. This approach traces its roots to a 1982 University of Florida School of Medicine study that showed that extremely slow weight lighting improved muscle strength, bone density and overall function.

Research shows that the 20 Minutes to Fitness® slow cadence strength training protocol can quickly set off a cascade of positive physiological changes in your life and it builds the strong lean muscles that provide numerous health benefits – the most significant of which is the slowing down and even preventing the complications commonly associated with the process of aging.

20 Minutes to Fitness® slow cadence also results in a number of other proven benefits:

  • Reduces the risk of exercise-related injuries to almost zero.
  • Increases your bone density, which helps prevent and reverse osteoporosis
  • Burns calories by increasing the body’s metabolic rate, controlling weight and improving body tone.
  • Controls arthritis by inducing the manufacture of synovial fluid and forcing it to circulate throughout the joint spaces.
  • Improves emotional well-being by increasing the flow of oxygen and the release of positive mood altering chemicals in the brain.

Your Workout Only Takes 20 Minutes!

“It’s a truly personalized experience that’s unlike what most people associate with exercise,” explains Angela Begin, co-owner and manager of 20 Minutes to Fitness® Carrollwood. “Our personalized semi-private sweatless workout sessions are only 20 minutes and once a week! This small time commitment makes reaching health goals more achievable.” Sweatless? “We keep the temperature at 68 degrees, because this allows our clients to perform all the exercises without overheating,” explains Angela.

You will have a Certified Personal Fitness Coach with you at all times!

During these 20 minute sessions you will be training on six to seven pieces of specialized equipment, while having your own certified personal fitness coach by your side at all times. Your coach will guide you, motivate you, calibrate the equipment for you and lead you through each exercise.

20 Minutes to Fitness® works by appointments only. So you will never have to wait around for equipment or get in anybody’s way.

No need for workout gear!

No tennis shoes, no problem! You can come in wearing your regular clothes. “As long as you can move around easily, you can wear whatever you want,” says Angela. And since you don’t even break a sweat there’s no need to go home to shower and change. So you can be in and out and back to your routine wearing your same outfit!

20 Minutes to Fitness® is safe and effective for everybody! 

Men and women, from their teens to their 90’s are welcomed and encouraged. “We have members in their teens to their early 90s,” says Angela. “Our scientifically engineered equipment adjusts for persons who are just starting out as well as athletes that have been training all their lives. We also have many clients with injuries such as knee replacements and hip replacements.”

Real Testimonials From Satisfied Clients From All Paths Of Life:

“Osteoporosis – that’s why I came to 20 Minutes to Fitness®. While I really do like that I can get my workout done in just 20 minutes a week, I’m there to keep my bones from breaking. In 1995, I participated in a research project, which proved that the resistance training offered by 20 Minutes builds bone tissue, and improves bone density. I was 45 then but my bone density was that of a 65 five year old. So, I made a commitment to resistance strength training and I am now a loyal client of 20 Minutes. My most recent bone screen showed that I had the bone density of a 40 year old, and I am 56 now. It’s great to be young again!”

Grace Edwards – Commercial Developer

People ask me what’s the difference about this program. I tell them it’s in the outcomes. After taking 800-1600mg of Motrin for many years for Arthritic symptoms in my knees, hands and shoulders, I stopped. I had 8 months of 20 Minutes to Fitness® and the aching pain was gone. I’m eighteen pounds lighter, much stronger, and feel better all the way around. Even my golf game is stronger. It’s the best health investment I’ve ever made in myself.

Linda Lemon-Steiner – FACHE, RN, MPH

“I have been training with weights and competing in road races for over twenty years. I have tried many different training methods but none have built my strength as quickly and as effectively as 20 Minutes to Fitness®. I have to give them credit for allowing me to post my best half-marathon and 5k times at recent races.”

Roy Borrego – Financial Advisor and Triathlete. 

“My basketball coach has noticed a major improvement on the court since I’ve started training with 20 Minutes to Fitness®”

Jeff Giesler – High School Student

My husband Matt has been involved in athletics his entire life. He played college football as well as a brief stint in professional football before hanging up his cleats for good a couple of years ago. He’s lifted weights since his early teens as well to get a competitive edge in the sports he played. The type of training he was use to was nothing like slow cadence training, especially when he was working out for football, which consisted of highly explosive movements that focused on speed and power. I knew he would be in for a treat when Angela offered him a session to experience what 20 Minutes to Fitness® was all about.

Matt had this to say about his recent experience at 20 Minutes to Fitness®, “I loved it! It’s very different than the workouts I usually incorporate into my fitness routine. I felt more with about half the weight I usually push around. The weight may have been lower, but the time under tension my muscles experienced was well over double the time I usually spend on sets. It’s been about 48 hours since my workout and I feel fantastic. My muscles feel slightly sore, just enough to know I am recovering, but nothing too bad at all. I highly recommend this type of training. I can promise you, it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. My trainer Nicky was awesome as well!”

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