altru realty

By Tom Bostock

To be willing to name a real estate company, using an abbreviated form of the word ‘altruism,’ there has to be something very special and very different about that brokerage. Altruism in real estate seems like a contradiction in terms – selfless concern for the well-being of others – but one company in St. Petersburg, Altru Realty LLC, has made that principle an important part of every aspect of their operations. Words like consideration, compassion, kindness, goodwill, and decency easily apply to their on-going business philosophy and practices.

Founded by partners, native Floridian, Keith Gordon (broker with 34 years of experience) and Erin Knorr (behind-the-scenes guru), the offices of Altru Realty LLC are ideally located at 2515 1st Avenue North and offer a choice of convenient days and hours of operations for potential customers: Mon- Thurs 8:30 AM to 7 PM, Fri – 9:00 AM, Sat – 9:00 to 5:00 PM, Sun – 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, something for everyone.

They have chosen to specialize in working only with the seller side of the real estate market, and have admittedly, taken the total team concept to new levels. Unlike the traditional real estate company, Altru Real Estate and its affiliates, Move in Virtual Tours and New Frontier Title Company, provide their sellers with a one-stop selling experience with a seamless transition from marketing through closing. No aspect of the listing and selling experience is overlooked by Altru’s talented team.

Referred to by partner Keith Gordon as “transaction professional negotiators,” his team is never satisfied with just providing a simple MLS listing. Altru offers their sellers a complete, all-inclusive, professional selling experience and marketing program, with several seller-friendly twists including a 1 ½% fee instead of the usual 3%, no upfront fees and the ability to opt out of their contract with Altru with only a 60-day notice.

An entire marketing strategy is employed to ensure that Altru’s clients receive the highest price for the properties that they are entrusted with. In a real departure from normal real estate transactions, with their sellers in mind, all marketing costs are paid by Altru, not their sellers, something rather unique in the real estate industry.

No aspect of the selling experience is overlooked. A typical transaction follows a carefully orchestrated process. Photography affiliate, Move In Virtual Tours, takes high definition photos and a Matterport Immersive 3D Virtual Tour of the property to be sold as the first step in their overall marketing plan.

The graphic design and digital marketing team then turns the seller’s address into a custom .com website and creates an individualized brochure to stimulate interest in the property being sold. Once all initial steps have been completed, the marketing team then broadcasts the property across the Internet through multiple social media sites to garner the attention of the most potential buyers available.

The actual sales process is especially unique; a 4-step process begins with what Keith calls, “All Buyers, Providing Value, Altru-certified negotiator, and transaction coordinator. Each step is a vital team-based cog in the sales engine.

“All Buyers,” conducted by one of Altru’s transaction professional negotiators with a minimum of 15 months of specialized, rigorous negotiating training, negotiates the sales price on behalf of the seller. Unlike typical agents, in most cases, he doesn’t accept the first offer but actually slows the process down to allow multiple offers to be received before finally accepting one. This allows the seller to receive the highest price possible.

“Proving Value” is the process of determining the market value of the house being sold. This involves reviewing the multiple offers submitted. Trying to determine value, based on a single offer, is counter-productive to the seller’s potential profits and studiously avoided by the Altru team.

It is the Altru transaction professional negotiators who make sure that their seller receives the highest possible price for their property. According to Erin, it is a matter of “clients before commission,” working for the betterment of the client before the brokerage, a unique ethic in real state.

Once an offer has been accepted and moves to contract, another essential part of the Altru team comes into play, the transaction coordinator team. Many a real estate transaction has blown up at the closing table because someone forgot to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, failing to comply with required timeframes for submittals, inspections, escrow requirements and the myriad of details that make up a real estate transaction.  Altru’s professionals are experienced in all aspects of the compliance issues that can short circuit a transaction and ensure their sellers a seamless transition to the closing table.

In the dog-eat-dog arena of real estate sales, it is refreshing to learn there is a company, Altru Realty LLC, who does take their sellers best interest at heart.

Unique in all aspects of their operations, this seller-friendly, professional organization continues to thrive. If you have a home to sell, you owe it to yourself to call 727 551 4474 for the selling experience of a lifetime. Your Altru Realty professionals are waiting for your call.