By Tom Bostock

Does this sound familiar to you? Did you ever visit a vision center authorized under your limited insurance network? Did it feel like you were more of an inconvenience than a valued patient when you went there? Were you initially ignored and then rushed through your exam? Did you even learn what the doctor’s name was? Did he take the time to thoroughly answer your questions? Did you leave wondering why you went there in the first place? 

Did you feel as though your vision center treated you like nothing more than just another number in an assembly line process? To add insult to injury, did you still have to pay out of pocket after your deductible for a portion of the expenses not covered by your insurance for the services, frames, glasses, or special coatings you selected? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should know that there is a real alternative with a family touch at Beyond 20 20 Vision Specialists. Their flagship office is in Odessa at Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists, 16230 FL -54; they are just a short drive from anywhere in the Tampa Bay area. Owner and founder of Beyond 2020 Vision, Dr. Christopher Tumolo, grew tired of insurance-related complaints incorrectly directed against him and his staff. He decided to do something about it. 

The Internet described concierge service as “a business that provides specialized services to V.I.P. clients…” This is what Dr. Tumolo has implemented at his Odessa facility. However, there is one notable difference; everyone is treated like a V.I.P. at Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists! 

Dr. Tumolo told me, in a recent interview, “I am pioneering something unique for this area, direct pay optometry. It is similar to direct pay medical or concierge medical. Patients will pay a minimal monthly fee and have unlimited access to our office and our superior products. They will not have to have any insurance. There are no forms to fill out. They will not have to make any purchases when they come to see us. That monthly membership covers everything.” He noted that even contact lenses were included.

This program is in response to insurance dictating what they will cover for a vision patient. “Sometimes, Dr. Tumolo noted, “there is only coverage for plastic or polycarbonate lenses. Frame allowances don’t always cover the entire frame cost, and there may be another 20% copay.” He referred to the process as “convoluted for both the doctor and the patient.” 

He clarified that “the patients feel that everything is covered, and when they find out it isn’t, they usually get pretty upset with the office rather than the insurance company. Everything is more efficient, more straightforward, and there are no hidden fees, no copays,” he said, referring to the new concierge service compared to the traditional method.

In response to what he most enjoys about his interaction with patients, Dr. Tumolo said, “the personal touch.” He related the following story: “a young man, about 23, came in to see him with his mom. He was legally blind. After discussing the patient’s personal life with him, Dr.Tumolo told him that he partners with “an eye surgeon locally who does some interesting surgery that not many surgeons do in the entire U.S., let alone Florida.” He referred him to the surgeon more than a month ago. When he came back for his follow up visit the next month, the young man was ecstatic! According to Dr. Tumolo, “he had 2020 vision in both eyes after being legally blind!” What did Dr. Tumolo get out of this? He got the satisfaction of helping a patient with the same caring attitude he shows to all his other patients.

When asked what patients should expect from him and his staff, he proudly responded, “transparency. We are different from any other office they are probably going to. Patients spend about thirty minutes with me. I am out in the front office when not there, never hiding in the back. Anything they need, we are there for them. This is not the typical visit where you don’t even know your doctor’s name an hour after you have been shuffled out the door. We offer personalized service.”

“Patients,” Dr.Tumolo continued, “will have complete access to me. It will be a rapid, expeditious service. They will also have my contact information via email or text. They can contact me if they need to. This is something you will never get in a traditional practice. With your subscription, you will get the best products and services. When you use traditional insurance, they dictate where you go. It is sometimes subpar. Patients can get defective products that they are never happy with. The vision may not be good, and the products may break or break down. Patients are left feeling overwhelmed. Not with Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists,” he assured me. 

There are several other Beyond 2020 Vision offices throughout the Tampa Bay area. They are all open Tuesday through Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM and Saturday from 9:30 to 5 PM. However, at the present time, only the Odessa office provides concierge services. You can call for an appointment today or learn more about Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists from their website;

There are many vision services in the Tampa Bay area, but only one with this newest, innovative vision alternative, direct pay optometry. Visit today. You’ll be glad you did!

Locations and contact information:

ODESSA | 813-926-5993

CITRUS PARK | 813-920-3712

TAMPA | 813-616-7016

WESTSHORE | 813-286-8400