By J Pancia

Summer’s here in the Sunshine State, when we rely on our air conditioning almost as much as the air we breathe. 

Unfortunately, AC breakdowns happen all too often during the summer, at the worst possible time.

During these desperate moments, it’s advisable not to call the first business name printed on a flier or advertised on TV. 

Some companies hire middlemen and subcontractors, which can lead to faulty repairs, miscommunication and substantially higher costs. It’s best, instead, to keep a list of trusted, experienced servicers who do business in a competent and straightforward manner.

Action Air Conditioning of Tampa Bay is that established, customer-focused company found at the top of many business and property owners’ lists. 

The 31-year-strong heating, ventilation and air conditioning company does more than the average servicer or retailer in-house. 

“We put our customers and staff first,” says Jackie Ramirez, Action Air’s chief financial officer. She and her brother, Chris Russell, the company’s vice president, enforce a “people-first” policy in their family-owned-and-operated business.

Their father, David Russell founded Action Air Conditioning of Tampa Bay in 1988. Initially the company was small and concentrated most of its resources in the residential replacement market. 

In 1990, he joined forces with Frank Lipp, who was trained by William Carrier, the inventor of air conditioning systems. 

“Action Air came within a couple of hours to check out our problem,” says customer Viola Luke. “They came before 9 a.m and worked all day to install the new a/c. The reps and techs were all professional, friendly and courteous. They worked hard to deliver the best product and service. We love our new Lennox unit.”

Action Air service techs, who are trained in-house and certified by top-name manufacturers, do all the repairs — the company hires no subcontractors. Action Air employees who visit and perform repairs clean up after themselves, are conscientious to property owners and are accountable for their work. 

“We treat our employees like family and incentivize them to do a first-rate professional job from start to finish,” Chris says.

Plus, Action Air offers affordable maintenance plans to help prevent a pricey repair later. Customers who purchase maintenance plans receive 20 percent off repairs and receive other various benefits.

“Malfunctions are often caused by very simple things, such as dust buildup, improper refrigerant charge, worn belts, or issues with the blower or coils,” Chris says. “With prompt and knowledgeable service, correcting these faults is not only inexpensive but cost-effective.” 

Action Air’s huge warehouse stocks units and parts on the premises, so you don’t have to wait more than a day to get that much-needed repair when your unit shuts down.

Action Air features a recently remodeled showroom, which allows customers to browse units before making a purchase. Prospective customers can drop in any time to compare models manufactured by Lennox.

“Action Air’s sales staff will be happy to review all the features and issues you need to consider before purchasing a system,” Chris says. “Our Comfort Consultants can go over the differences in all the systems and explain factors such as SEER, refrigerant, and all the parts of an indoor air system in terms you can understand to make an educated investment.”

The showroom, Chris explains, displays full HVAC systems, set up and operating so you can see the components of the matched system including a heat pump, air handler, air cleaner, and thermostat.

“You can look, feel, and listen to the most advanced cooling systems made today in our showroom,” Jackie adds. 

It’s a feature not widely available by other sellers and servicers. Most often customers go blindly into costly installations, something Action Air doesn’t recommend. 

“Remember, you would not purchase a car without going to the dealership for a test drive, so Action Air makes it easy for you to test-drive a new indoor air system, as well” 

Action Air offers other products to help with indoor air quality and humidity. Action Air cleans dryer vents as well.

“I contacted Action Air to come out to my home to diagnose a unit that was cooling intermittently,” says customer Ryan Doherty. “They were able to have someone out to the house in about an hour, and the Technician they sent, Christian, was able to quickly diagnose the problem and solve it. He also inspected the unit completely, replaced an additional part that was failing, and offered suggestions on additional maintenance and when he thought future issues may need to be addressed. Overall, the experience was exceptional and I would highly recommend Action Air for future issues.”

In addition to customer kudos, Action Air has won numerous awards and has received National recognition for outstanding performance. What’s the secret of Action Air’s success? It goes back to that people-first approach Jackie mentioned earlier.

 “We engage in the highest level of commitment as a team,” Jackie affirms, “and we’re working toward another great and growing 30-plus years.” 

Action Air Conditioning, Inc. is located on the corner of Busch Blvd and Armenia at 8926 N Armenia Ave in Tampa, Florida. They are open 7:00am – 7:00pm with 24-hour same day emergency service available. 

For more information please call (813) 935-6644 or visit