Dr. Albert
Dr. Albert

By Deborah Bostock-Kelley

When you make an appointment with Albert Family Orthodontics, patients will always see the orthodontist and practice founder, Dr. Jeremy Albert, DMD, MS. A specialist in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics, he divides his time between his Trinity and Palm Harbor practices. He wants you to have the assurance and guarantee that you are always treated by someone with a passion for dentistry and is personally involved in your treatment.

Growing up in Tarpon Springs, an East Lake High School alum, Dr. Albert earned his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from The University of Florida and has been honored with numerous awards and leadership positions with multiple dental associations since starting his career.

Dr. Albert fell in love with dentistry at an early age. His exceptional experience as a teenage braces patient led him to his lifelong career. In practice since 2003, he uses his 18 years of experience to care for his orthodontic patients conveniently where they live, work and go to school. He makes them feel comfortable, knowing they are in the most capable, experienced hands possible for braces, expanders, and Invisalign.

Though government regulations briefly closed all dental practices’ doors in April 2020, Dr. Albert’s practice has been back to fully operational since last May and he was proud to see his patients’ treatment results be unaffected by the year full of restrictions and additional precautions required because of Covid-19.   In fact, Dr. Albert said last year was his most successful and productive year ever and is seeing an influx of new patients seeking Invisalign and braces. 

“Last year, the joke we used with our patients was ‘hey, if you need to wear a mask, you might as well be straightening your teeth with some braces or Invisalign under there.   No one is going to see them!”, Dr. Albert said.   “And now this year, with fewer masks out there, we can still help you get that smile you always wanted so you can show off that smile freely again!”

The practice follows the highest infection control protocols.

“There was some change for us, but universal precautions, surface sterilization, and use of personal protective equipment and barriers have been the norm in dentistry for decades,” said Dr. Albert. “We have implemented additional gear and protocols to ensure the safety of our patients and staff during their treatment and are happy to report that we have had no reported Covid-issues with our staff or patients due to our diligence.” 

While teens like the fun-colored bands that can accompany the classic silver and clear braces, adults tend to gravitate to Invisalign because of the convenience and minimal intrusiveness in their lifestyle. Dr. Albert notes that some young people do choose Invisalign for their comfort and versatility for their active lifestyles.   While there are some do-it-yourself products available online, Dr. Albert has actually seen a big increase in demand for consumers wanting professionally controlled and monitored treatment through Invisalign in his practice.   

“I think most people know in their heart of hearts, that the best treatment they can give themselves involves seeing a doctor with experience personally and being monitored and helped throughout their treatment,” he said. “Invisalign has become very popular and is what most of our adult patients are treated with nowadays, with more and more teens decided to do it as well over braces.   For those unfamiliar, Invisalign is a series of clear trays that the patient wears for one week at a time, and we typically give them 12-16 trays each time they come in. They then progress through the trays in between the visits. We continually check them and ensure that they fit properly.  Minimal movements with each aligner, but over the treatment time, it moves the teeth to where we want.”

The addition of the Propel appliance to Invisalign treatment can reduce the length of treatment time by 30%. Propel applies a gentle vibration 5 minutes daily that helps increase the bone and tooth remodeling process, which speeds the rate at which teeth can be safely moved.

Albert Family Orthodontics treats children and adults, and new patient evaluations are always free of charge. Based on the recommendation by the American Association of Orthodontists, Dr. Albert suggests initial orthodontic evaluation should occur at the first sign of orthodontic problems or no later than age 7. Orthodontic treatment may not always be necessary at this early age but helps determine the best time to begin treatment and is complimentary. 

The first consultation visit includes a thorough exam, a complimentary panoramic x-ray, and a discussion of potential treatment options and costs. Along with a low initial down payment, Albert Family Orthodontics offers no-interest, in-house financing, Care Credit, and accepts most insurance that includes orthodontics. 

Dr. Albert is proud to offer the most advanced technology at Albert Family Orthodontics to help his patients see in three-dimensional view a replica of their teeth. Digital scanning replaces antiquated tray impressions or molds of teeth. 

Instead of the traditional physical dental impressions, which can be a potential contaminant and uncomfortable for patients, the iTero intraoral digital scanner scans a patient’s mouth to create a 3D digital model for braces, Invisalign, expanders, and diagnostic study models.   Not only does the 3-D scan show the current structure of the teeth, but it can also produce a simulated outcome of what their teeth will look like after the completion of the expected treatment plan.

Dr. Albert has treated many orthodontic cases that initially present similar, but he knows no two patients’ treatment is precisely the same. Treatment time varies per each patient’s specific orthodontic problem, but in general, it ranges from 6 to 24 months. The average timeframe a person is in braces or Invisalign is approximately 15 months.

After an unprecedented but still successful 2020, he is happy to see normalcy returning in 2021.

“We went through the pandemic and were able to get great results for our patients despite the temporary shutdown, extra barriers, and restrictions, and we continue to treat patients following the recommended CDC guidelines mandated by the state.  We look forward to helping anyone else looking to improve their smile and know they will be thrilled with their results as well!”

Albert Family Orthodontics’ Trinity location is at Trinity Professional Place, 1806 Short Branch Drive, Suite #102 in Trinity (at the corner of Duck Slough and Trinity Blvds.) The Palm Harbor office is at 2445 Tampa Road, Suite A. For more information, please call 727-376-2770 (Trinity) and 727-781-7475 (Palm Harbor), Mon. – Fri., 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., or log on to www.albertfamilyortho.com.