By Carla M. Dubis Tedeschi

Not only do trees provide oxygen to the environment, but they are dominant ornamental features in your home landscape and add value in many ways. But like any asset, the value will not increase without proper care and attention, and caring for trees involves pruning. Pruning a tree will often be done for aesthetic purposes, but it is also completed for the benefit of the tree. 

Damaged, diseased, or broken limbs can be safety risks for those nearby and for the health of the tree. Removing these branches will also prevent further decay. 

Whether you need to remove a potentially hazardous tree or boost your curb appeal, certified local arborist and ALLPRO owner Pete Spiridis, and his professional team of experts can gladly and affordably take care of your tree or landscaping problems.

Whether you own a residential property or a business, Pete and the ALLPRO experts are at your service. They design impeccable landscaping, trim every type of tree, grind tree stumps, remove stumps, install and remove sod, place rock beds, lay mulch, and perform all sorts of other yard-related duties.

“ALLPRO did a fantastic job of trimming my huge oak tree,” said 5-star reviews M. Ceglian. “The tree was damaged by lightning, hanging low and spreading out over our neighbor’s property. Pete and his crew raised it, brought it in, and made it look amazing again. Allpro is the first tree service that I would use again and recommend to others.”

Extreme Weather Conditions in Tampa Bay Call For Early Preparation

Hurricanes, severe winds, lightning, heavy rain, Tampa Bay has it all. As Pete explains on his website, “Trees in urban areas of Tampa Bay endure especially brutal stimuli. Some trees do not have the genetic predisposition to deal with these forces.” At ALLPRO, the arborists “custom-tailor solutions that promote the health of your unique trees and landscapes.”

ALLPRO is ready to help you during the 2020 Hurricane Season. The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane wind scale paints an informative picture of potential damage to your trees from a hurricane, particularly improperly pruned trees. Using a rating system of 1 – 5, it warns that, at 74 to 95 mph, a category 1 hurricane can cause damage. “Large branches of trees will snap, and shallowly rooted trees may be toppled,” possibly causing “extensive damage to power lines,” creating outages that can last “a few to several days.” Downed trees can block roads, delaying the response time for emergency crews. Snapped branches can become lethal projectiles.

“After the recent heavy winds in Tampa, we ended up with a palm tree and old landscaping mess,” says Mary H. “Pete and his staff took care of three fallen palm trees, and he designed a new clean look that meshed with some exciting new landscaping. The job was beautiful, and we couldn’t be happier! We got what we paid for as promised and on time.”

The time to prepare is now. When you take the steps that you need to make your home secure, don’t forget one crucial element that is often overlooked and can cause damage to your home, your trees. The solution is not the removal of trees but taking proper preventative care of them.

According to Pete, “more of the trees that failed during the 2018 and 2019 Hurricane seasons were improperly pruned trees.” Proper pruning not only improves your trees’ overall health, but it also ensures that your family will be able to enjoy the shade of their favorite trees for many years to come.

“Pete and the ALLPRO team removed 4 huge trees for me after Hurricane Irma came through,” says Lorrie D. “They were fast, friendly, professional and reasonably priced. They arrived on time and did the entire job, including stump removal in one day. Many thanks to Pete and the ALLPRO team.”

Experts in Landscape Design & Installation 

Every stunning yard has its origins in exemplary landscape design & installation. ALLPRO Tree & Landscaping staffs highly creative designers who relish the opportunity to work with clients to create gorgeous landscape plans. “Our goal is to build an aesthetically pleasing landscape that requires minimal maintenance and satisfies you in every possible way,” says Spiridis. “ALLPRO Tree & Landscaping has landscape design & installation down to a science. The result is always a majestic landscape that holds its beauty across posterity.

Allpro Tree & Landscaping goes beyond the basics of landscape design. “We make every effort to stay within clients’ budget limits,” says Pete. “Furthermore, we get the job done with incredible speed. You won’t have to worry about our team dragging their feet and occupying your property longer than necessary. We strive to plan and build landscaping in as little time as possible to ensure that you are provided with landscape design & installation of the highest quality.”

If you are wondering if ALLPRO lives up to its reputation of providing “the elite service that you deserve,” as their website pledges, why don’t we ask the experts? National online home service guru, Angie’s List, was impressed enough to present ALLPRO with its “Super Service Award.” 

The Better Business Bureau, who analyzes and rates companies, according to both the quality of the service they provide and the complaints received about them, awarded ALLPRO Tree and Landscaping Inc. its highest rating, an A+!

Pete and the expert folks at ALLPRO are ready to help. Just call (727-409-3315 or 813-244-9234), and don’t forget your free, no-obligation inspection. Visit their website at  “