My before and after: Before - Left: 168lbs After - Right: 156lbs In less than a month! and still going down!

Real Review by Editor, Carla Selby.

First of all,  I want to start by saying that this is my own personal testimonial of a diet program that I started about a month ago, and it’s been working so well for me, that I decided to write this short blurb without letting the nutritionists know I was going to write this about their plan. Why? Because I saw quick results and I know that there are hundreds of women just like me out there, that have tried multiple diet programs or have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on products and procedures trying to achieve that “hot summer body” without any success.

By working at Tampa Bay News and Lifestyles I have the pleasure of meeting great people and many fantastic small business owners. Over a year ago I had the pleasure of meeting some of the wonderful staff at A+ Plus Family Urgent Care, they were all kind and compassionate, so I made A+ my “go-to” Urgent Care facility.

I’ve visited A+ a few times in the past. Recently I went over because I had a bad cold that would not get better with over the counter medication so I figured I needed antibiotics. When I stopped by, I saw our old friend Jamie, who works at A+, and I quickly noticed how much weight he had lost since the last time I saw him. Jamie told me he had lost over 40lbs with the “Doctor’s Diet Program” which is actually a program they offer at their facility. I have to admit, at first I was a little skeptical about a diet program being held inside an urgent care facility, but after seeing Jamie’s impressive results, I figured… What do I have to lose, except all this weight? And after he told me it was only $59 a month with an office consultation and a full month supply of medicine, I thought it was a no-brainer. In all honesty, I think I was spending more on my daily cappuccinos and banana nut bread slices at starbucks every month.

I have personally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on many different weight loss programs and treatments without seeing the promised results, so I was truly not expecting to see any significant weight loss with this program… and boy, was I pleasantly surprised!

I have managed to lose about 12lbs in a short month, and even though that may not seem like a lot to some of you, it is to me. Especially considering my weight was stagnant for so long, and I had tried many other diets and super expensive programs without any luck, until I tried the Doctor’s Diet Program. Every week I see the scale go down and it has helped me stay motivated and focused. I do admit I have cheated a couple of times… which I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU DOING, but I had a couple of birthday parties and a wedding with delicious food and not a lot of will power. But, even though I cheated (Which again, don’t suggest) I still lost a significant amount of weight and my clothes are fitting much better these days. The diet plan is extremely easy to follow… even for someone like me, who eats out at least once a day! Any diet plan that allows me to eat chicken wings, bacon and cheese, is a diet that will not be too hard to stick to. Trust me!

The photos below are my own personal, unfiltered, unedited stomach shots straight from my crappy cell phone. These may not be very “impressive” before and after results, but they are REAL, they are MINE, and I can definitely tell a difference and I wanted to share it with all of you. So if you’re tired of all the “get six pack abs and that hot summer body in 30 days or less” and you’re ready for REAL results, a program that is easy to follow and more of a “lifestyle change” than a “diet trend,” then try the Doctor’s Diet Program. The info and contact info is below… and if you have any questions and want to follow my weight loss journey please follow me on instagram @livetampabay. If you have any other questions for me email me directly at Good luck!