“I HATE this kitchen! There isn’t enough storage or counter space to prepare a meal!” “Yeah, this bathroom was modern … in the 1970s!” Does this sound like you? Is your tired kitchen or bathroom still stuck in the ’70s, with outmoded plumbing fixtures and appliances, in need of a facelift or even a complete remodel? If you are unsure how or where to begin, why not see the experts at Authentic Concepts Kitchen and Bath Design? As their website promises, “We’re bringing your dreams to life!” 

Owner and founder of Authentic Concepts Kitchen and Bath Design, seven years ago in February, Glenn Rumer worked for a competitor for several years until customer service was not first. Glenn decided that he didn’t want to work for a company where the customer came second. Together with his talented design team, his present company stresses “customer first” in every aspect of their projects, from start to finish.  

No job is too large or too small for Glenn’s creative staff, who, he said, were attracted to work for him by the “freedom to design.” The result is anything from a breathtaking, functional kitchen or distinctive bathroom to a fully equipped, gourmet chef’s kitchen, the likes of which can only be found gracing the pages of the latest interior design magazines.  

Glenn smiled when he mentioned his design staff of Ken, Natalie, Yvonne, Michael, Ashley, Kari, Jessica, and Project Manager Ray. He said that he and his staff represent almost 40 years of successful design experience. Unlike some of his competitors, his design staff are all degreed interior designers, ensuring the finest quality service when recreating your remodeling dreams. 

Glenn said that all of their projects represent “the personal touch.” He added that “we aren’t the lowest or the most expensive. We are extremely competitive for similar products. We are not just a salesman trying to sell you some cabinets. We come in and look for your space’s potential, then brainstorm with you and create that dream for you. We represent the finest products in the industry.” He stressed the quality of his products and staff, promising the “wow factor” for all of their installations. 

Able to do floor-to-ceiling remodeling or just minor updating, Glenn said that the process should “be an enjoyable experience,” but at the same time, it will disturb your life,” especially if it is a kitchen or master bath.” Since we are taking out the heart of your home and we know it will not be easy. So, we do our due diligence to make the process as timeless as possible. We make sure we have all the products before we start. That way, when we start, there is no slowing down due to products not being there. Thus, allowing us to get the job done as quickly and professionally as possible, allowing you to move back into your newly renovated dream space. 

“Doing this for 22 years, customer service is most important to me,” Glenn said. They have products that they are comfortable working with and recommending to their customers. “We say what we mean, and we stand behind it, something that is lost in most businesses today,” something missing in today’s self-service world. 

Using state-of-the-art computer programs, Glenn’s designers go the extra mile for their customers. After asking the questions necessary to make their clients’ dreams a reality, the designer conducts an in-house consultation, reviewing the customers’ needs and offering pertinent suggestions to improve the final product. The interior designer visits the site on a regular basis, as well as Project Manager Ray or Glenn to follow up during the course of every project. Making sure your dreams are met by the design you and the design team have created.   

The devil is in the details, and Glenn’s staff employ unique project books, which, as he says, “show what is being done on the job. We try to be very detailed on the front half. We pre-act instead of react,” he said. Upon completion, the customer is given the Project Book. It contains pictures of everything that went into their project, all color and brand selections, making it easier if the customer needed to repaint or replace something in the future. Glenn said that they continuously maintain those records on the computer in case a customer loses theirs. 

With an “A+” superior rating from the Better Business Bureau, let’s see what some of their customers had to say about their experiences with Authentic Concepts Kitchen and Bath Designs on Facebook:   

 “I would definitely recommend Authentic Concepts! Natalie designed my kitchen remodel. She did an awesome job designing. Glenn and Ray were awesome too. My project was beautiful, NO issues, on time and on budget. I will definitely hire for my bathroom remodel!”

 “We are having so much fun working with Glen, picking out the right granite for counters & flooring. He is so friendly, professional and has been so helpful. He is overseeing every part of the job, is quick to respond to any questions, and gives us advice.”

  “Glenn did a bar room for my stepdaughter. I was in the business for 47 years and haven’t seen anything better. Thanks, Glenn. You and your staff are a class act.”

“When we decided to remodel our kitchen, we interviewed and had four designers visit and provide us with various designs. Not yet convinced, although the designs were within budget, shortly after, we contacted Authentic Concepts Kitchen and Bath Designs and spoke to owner/designer Glenn Rumer. Mr. Rumer visited, and we had not yet mentioned what we wanted. He had the vision as a designer and explained to us how he would design and remodel our kitchen, which included tearing down walls, partial ceilings, relocating electrical wiring, plumbing, and appliances. And it was exactly what we desired with some additions and changes that we made. As a professional, experienced designer, Glenn guided us through the design process, yet he listened to and was very respectful of our personal taste. We found his prices to be competitive with the industry, and he executed his design exactly as he presented it to us on paper and completed it within the time frame he quoted us. His work crew was professional, knowledgeable, and respectful. They were well organized, clean, and on time when they were scheduled to be in.

Thanks to Glenn Rumer, we have the kitchen of our dreams. We have a bathroom to remodel, and we will be contacting Authentic Concepts Kitchen and Bath Design in the near future to do it.”

If your kitchen or bathrooms aren’t working for you, let the talented designers at Authentic Concepts Kitchen and Bath Design work for you! They bring your dreams to life. Call today for a no-cost consultation. 727-785-3097, 3265 Tampa Rd. Palm Harbor. Open Mon-Friday 9:30 to 4:30 and Saturday 10 to 2 After-hour appointments are available.