The Largest Landowner in Pennsylvania Owns a Ridiculous 311,395 Acres

The Largest Landowner in Pennsylvania

With its abundant natural resources, particularly vast forested areas covering 58% of its total expanse, Pennsylvania stands as a state rich in environmental wealth. This article delves into the ownership of the largest swathes of land in Pennsylvania and examines how this impacts both the environment and the economy. The Collins Family: A Timber Legacy … Read more

Discover All 7 Presidents That Were Born in Oklahoma

Presidents born in Oklahoma

Oklahoma, located in the South Central region of the United States, shares borders with Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Colorado, and New Mexico. It ranks as the 20th-most populous state and the 28th-largest in terms of area. Renowned for its rich Native American heritage, diverse landscape, and significant oil and natural gas production, Oklahoma holds a … Read more

The Countries That Are Sending the Most Refugees to New Mexico in 2023

refugees to New Mexico in 2023

In 2023, New Mexico ranked sixth among U.S. states in refugee arrivals, welcoming 112 refugees from October to December, according to data from The Refugee Processing Center. These refugees, originating mainly from Latin America and Africa, sought asylum due to reasons such as violence, persecution, and economic hardship. Here are the top five countries contributing … Read more