As school winds down, kids are often glad to leave school behind them. But if they embrace the “lazy days of summer,” they may find it difficult to start next school year off on the right foot.

That’s why Infinite Edge Learning Center in Tampa Palms offers summer enrichment programs for students in elementary, middle and high school, and even some college classes.

Whether a student is already ahead and wants to keep academics sharp, if he or she wants to get a jump on next year’s subjects, or even if a student didn’t completely master last year’s subjects, Infinite Edge offers a customized program for every learner.

“For example, a solid foundation in math is essential,” says Ozra Jabbari, owner of Infinite Edge Learning Center. “If your child passed algebra or geometry with a C or an incomplete understanding of the concepts, they probably need some extra help. Algebra will be used again and again in the future, especially on the SAT and ACT, in college algebra and calculus, even college graduate exams such as the GRE and GMAT.”

Students start their program at Infinite Edge with a comprehensive assessment that helps the learning center staff to determine exactly what they need. Then the staff develops an individual program to ensure each student has exactly the right tools to reach the highest possible academic success.

“Kids usually have some extra down time in the summer,” says Ozra. “It’s the perfect time to bring them to Infinite Edge to sharpen their skills in academic subjects.”

Summer camps will be offered for students entering kindergarten through fifth grade. Camps can be part-time or full-time, based on the parents’ scheduling needs.

Summer camps will be held the weeks of June 17 and 24 and again the weeks of July 15 and 22.

Standardized test readiness

Whether it’s the FSA, SAT or ACT (or a wide variety of other tests, including at the graduate level), Infinite Edge has the tools to help every student succeed to his or her greatest potential.

Ozra explains that on these exams, students don’t just choose from a correct and incorrect set of answers, but must choose from answers that are good, better, or best. How do they find the best answer? With practice, practice, practice.

“If you want to learn to play the piano well, you have to practice every day,” explains Ozra. “It’s the same with learning.”

Ozra can tell if students are confident in the skills they need to be successful on their tests just by looking at their test booklet, not their answer sheet.

“If a student’s paper is blank, with no marks and nothing written on it, that means the student doesn’t know what they’re doing on the test,” she explains. “We teach students how to read passages effectively, which includes marking up their papers to highlight and better understand the information presented to them.”

She says enrolling your child at Infinite Edge will provide weekly lessons that hold kids accountable for work they will practice at home. And it reminds them of what’s truly important as they further their education.

“Kids have so much access to computers and tablets now that they don’t spend a lot of time reading,” says Ozra. “Especially as they get older, they’re too busy with social media to pick up a book. But the FSA standards require they read and analyze to find the best answers, and it’s an important skill for SAT, as well.”

SAT/ACT prep for ALL high school students

Summer is also ideal for all high school students to start practicing for their college admission exams.

“If you wait until junior year, it’s too late,” she says. “A full test preparation program at Infinite Edge takes several months. Cramming all that information in a few weeks won’t yield the same results.”

She says students should begin SAT/ACT test preparation when they are taking Algebra II in school, because that’s the level of math covered on the tests.

At Infinite Edge, even standardized test prep is personal. It’s offered in one-on-one sessions, or small group sessions with just two or three students.

This personal attention yields amazing results, where Infinite Edge Learning Center continues to be known as the “home of the perfect SAT and ACT,” thanks to a tradition of coaching students into remarkable – even perfect – scores on these exams.

Ozra says parents who choose to invest in their child’s education get their investment back in scholarships for their students, either through Bright Futures or the academic scholarships offered by colleges and universities.

“I tell students, instead of working for $8 an hour, study for your SATs,” says Ozra. “You’ll get more money that way, in the form of cash back from your university every semester.”

She says in this year’s high school senior class, 95 Infinite Edge Learning Center students have been offered full ride scholarships to college.

“In the graduating class of 2019, we have students who got academic scholarships to many universities,” says Ozra, “including Duke University, Washington University, Berkley, Rice, UCLA, and NYU, and many students who got full scholarships to USF, UF and UCF.”

She says, in some cases, these scholarships are worth $50,000 per year.

About Infinite Edge

Infinite Edge Learning Center was established by Ozra and her late husband, Sobhi, in 2007. It continues to be a premier provider of customized tutoring, serving New Tampa. Ozra, the staff and students continue to achieve superior results, making Sobhi’s legacy a proud one.

Infinite Edge Learning Center is located at 17419 Bridge Hill Ct., in the Tampa Palms Professional Center near Freedom High School. To learn more about how Infinite Edge can help your child, call 813-971-6500 or visit

Tips from an Infinite Edge tutor

• It’s okay to skip questions! After 15-20 seconds of reviewing a question, skip it if you don’t understand it, or if the solution is time consuming. Come back to the difficult questions when all the easier ones are done.

• Don’t use your calculator on every question! Only grab it if the question has ugly numbers (long decimals or irreducible fractions with large numbers, for example). Using a calculator on problems that don’t need it will slow a student down.

• Read the passages entirely to get a full understanding before answering questions.

• No shortcuts!  Both math and English sections require skills that demand intense study. Infinite Edge can help you master these skills.