With summer upon us, our children are out of school with time on their hands.  As parents, we’re constantly asking ourselves, “What can I do to help my child excel at school?” Look no further than the KUMON Math & Reading program currently available at nearby Grand Trinity Plaza.  This proven academic program for success is the world’s most successful after school program and currently serves more than 4.2 million children and their families worldwide.  More than 410,000 of those participants are in the United States, Canada, and Mexico!  But it’s not only a successful after school program!  You can enroll your child now to start experiencing the benefits of KUMON.   KUMON is a comprehensive program serving children in preschool through high school.  The individualized approach helps students develop a strong command of math and reading skills. Through the program, students develop a mastery of subjects studied which develops confidence, improves concentration and develops study skills as well. Enroll now, you and your child won’t regret it!

Passionate owners Roopa and Max Palakkat put their money where their mouths were when they opened their KUMON Math & Reading franchise location at Grand Trinity Plaza.  Having seen the success their own children experienced through the program, when they were considering a business of their own, the answer was simple.  KUMON had been such a huge success for their own family, Roopa wanted to bring this success to other families in the area.  “As a parent, this program has given me great satisfaction in that I feel they’re prepared for each stage.  This program taught them discipline and I feel they’re prepared now for each stage of school and beyond.  “Their homework has become easier because of this program,” she explained.   Roopa said,” This is not a program I’m trying to sell, it’s something that really worked for me and my family and I want to share this with my community.” 

Other parents support her claims:

Alisha said….”Safia has been at KUMON with Roopa since last year and she was six when she started.  Today, she’s a first grader and she’s thriving in both reading and math! She’s become so confident and her class average is about 95%. We definitely believe in what KUMON Math & Reading Center of New Port Richey has to offer!

Olena is a parent who enrolled her child because of language issues in the home.  “My son was struggling in English because we’re a multi-language household and I couldn’t help him,” she said.  Because of KUMON, her son is now doing very well in school!  “A friend suggested KUMON to me and we’re very happy now.  Roopa is a very special person!”  

Roopa describes the program as a self paced one. “We start where the student is,” she explained.  Then, they proceed forward to master skills before proceeding to the next skill. “It’s more about making students independent learners,” she explained.  KUMON, she said, actually builds life skills that will take students far in life.  She added, “We can work with any ability level; even students with learning disabilities or other issues because our program is based on the student’s ability versus their age or grade level.”  This is an excellent way to help build confidence for those students struggling with learning issues.  The gained confidence continues with them into the traditional classroom setting at school. 

Roopa explained summer break from school is actually a great time to start the KUMON program.  “Our program ranges from counting numbers to calculus in Math and from learning vocabulary words to critical thinking and writing in Reading portion of the program.  “We have 11th graders getting ready for college trying to strengthen their math foundation,” she explained.  So, if your student is entering school or preparing for college, KUMON can help build skills and confidence to get them to their desired destination!  “We offer structure, guidance and help to students when they’re building their fundamentals,” Roopa said.  Don’t assume this is a crash course in reading or math!  “We enable each child to develop and meet expectations in order to achieve success,” Roopa explained.  Working with complete focus, lessons can be completed in 15 to 20 minutes each day.  Don’t confuse KUMON with a tutoring facility.  Roopa describes KUMON as learning program which builds confidence in students. She added children will begin loving the very subjects they originally didn’t like in school.  And, KUMON kids also have some flexibility!  “Kids in KUMON have more time to do the things they want to do because they’ve learned to manage their time,” she added.  “The journey isn’t an easy one,” she said.  “But worth it,” she added.  

Each year, a student award ceremony is held to recognize students and their success in the program.  The event for the KUMON Math & Reading Center of New Port Richey was held in May. “We recognized students for their hard work in the past year which motivates them further,” Roopa shared.  Students are also awarded based on the level they have reached in KUMON.    According to Roopa, KUMON encourages students to work through challenges to achieve their greatest potential.  “The true difference happens when you’re committed to the program and then you’ll truly see the difference,” she said. 

To avoid losing up to two months of summer learning opportunities, be sure to take advantage of their current promotion!  Save $50 off registration between June 1 and June 30, 2019. This program promotes continuous summer reading and math to students. See their website for details.  Just because they’re out of school, it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the pleasure of a great book or the thrill of conquering additional math skills! 

KUMON of New Port Richey-Trinity is located in the Grand Trinity Plaza at 4018 Little Road, Trinity FL 34655.  Call Roopa Palakkat with any questions at 727-877-0707 or to schedule your parent orientation and testing appointment for your child! Visit their website at www.kumon.com/new-port-richey-trinity.  You can also find them on FaceBook at www.facebook.com/KumonOfNewPortRicheyTrinity.