Are you ready for the rising temperatures of summer? More importantly, is your air conditioning unit ready? The warm temperatures of Florida can be quite uncomfortable, even deadly to some, if the AC goes on the fritz. Fortunately, the professionals at Perfect Weather Air Conditioning and Refrigeration are knowledgeable and equipped to service any brand of unit. If you find yourself in need of a new unit, owner Neil Nappi can help you with that as well.

Neil is a longtime resident of Oldsmar and graduated from East High Lake School. One of eight siblings in his family, it is important to him that clients feel like they are being treated honestly and fairly. “I like taking care of people and I treat them like I’d want them to treat my mother,” he explained. The territory he services spans from Brooksville to Sun City Center including Hernando, Pasco, Hillsborough and Pinellas counties.   Having grown up in the area, most of his family still resides locally. “This is my community. People know me and respect me here and word gets around in this type service industry if you do a good job or not,” he said.

Maintenance is crucial to elongating the life and service of an air conditioning system. The demand put on most units during the warmer temperature months of Florida can wreak havoc on even the best known brands. Neil compares the importance of servicing an AC unit to that of a car. “It’s just like tuning up your car every 2000 miles. You need to have the preventive maintenance done on your AC to get you through the heat without any trouble.” It can be simply cleaning the coils and draining the lines that can make your system more efficient. “I try to make even the older units I service as efficient as I can so that we can prolong the life of the unit as long as possible,” he said. Trouble with a unit does not automatically mean you need a replacement. Neil looks for the source of the issue and whenever possible, replaces or repairs parts instead of quickly delivering the news that an entirely new system is in order. “Until I physically can’t fix it myself with a part, I don’t replace units,” he explained.

Restaurant owners are especially cautious when it comes to their refrigeration units. Thousands of dollars of frozen food can be lost should their walk in coolers break down. Neil also offers service contracts to these business owners to keep their systems in proper working conditions. “If a cooler breaks down and they lose inventory because of that, it can devastate a business,” he explained. Perfect Weather Air Conditioning and Refrigeration also offers service to heating systems as well for both commercial and residential clients. This also includes heat pumps and gas furnaces.

Like just about anything else these days, Neil acknowledges that AC and refrigeration units aren’t built they way they used to be built. Heavy duty materials have been replaced with less expensive lighter weight products. Proper installation, he said, is also important to ensuring the unit will perform at peak capacity and elongate the life of the product. While most companies offer a one year warranty on labor, Perfect Weather Air Conditioning and Refrigeration offers two!

His basic maintenance package includes two visits per year for $150.00. “You just can’t let something sit for ten years without some type of maintenance. During these visits, he performs a 50 point inspection which includes cleaning the coils, draining the lines, checking every part for wear and tear and checks the pressure of the unit. If you’re enrolled in his service plan, there is no service charge to come out and he gives a 20% discount on any repair needed. For commercial clients storing inventory in their coolers and freezers, he offers a once a month maintenance plan. “I make sure I’m there every month to change the filters and keep everything running as it should be,” he explained. “It’s their livelihood and temperature is everything when it comes to storing food.”

For any new unit installed, he includes a free germicidal UV light, which purifies the air in the air handler. As an asthma sufferer himself, clean air quality is important and he wants to educate his customers on the difference clean air can make to those living in the home.

Because quality service and reasonable pricing means the difference in repeat customers or not, clients don’t connect with an answering service or appointment setter when they call for help. “I’m the one that answers the phone,” he explained. “I’d rather have ten happy repeat customers than two customers I never hear from again because they think I’ve overcharged them. It doesn’t bother me that I might be the less expensive company out here. I plan to be around a long time.”

Perfect Weather Air Conditioning & Refrigeration can be reached at 813-484-0577. Open 24 hours, seven days a week. The web address is