By: Joy Bergman and Candace Powers

Remember the time you dragged your spouse through that large department store in search of that “perfect” grill from T.V.?  Or how about that time you cried in your kitchen over your “non-stick” pan actually sticking to…well, everything? And of course, who could ever forget the feeling you had when you only needed a chef’s knife, but were stuck having to buy the whole set? If this has been you, and you’ve been disappointed time and time again by products that don’t live up to your standards, and options that just aren’t customizable to suit your needs, then you are not alone. But thanks to BergHOFF International Inc. in Odessa, the brand’s only buy-direct store in all of North America, your cooking worries are now “finite!”

At BergHOFF, conveniently located off State Road 54, you’ll find high-quality cookware, cutlery, and cook accessories with impeccable design at affordable prices. If you are unfamiliar with this high-end brand, BergHOFF is a designer, producer, and distributor of Cookware, knives, Portable Induction Cooktops, Bakeware, Porcelain, Flatware, Kamado Grills, BBQ Accessories, and Cook’s Tools. Chances are, you may have driven by BergHOFF’S large industrial building before, unaware of the treasures lying inside. But take it from Dan, a happy customer, – it’s worth making the U-Turn! “I’m visiting family in the Odessa, Florida area, and drove past the [BergHOFF] building, did a U-turn, and went in,” Dan writes. “I’m a Chef and I love this store… Great and huge selection of items and prices that can’t be beaten…..Staff was super friendly and helpful.”

And this is true. Whether you are a chef like Dan, or simply a foodie who loves cooking, there is something for everyone at BergHOFF. Perhaps you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen’s current collection or maybe you’re after a gift for the chef in your life. Either way, BergHOFF, is the prime place to shop and save on over 3,000 products. In fact, the Belgium-based company has been designing elegant and practical utensils since 1964, and now touts international acclaim and numerous design awards, including almost 100 of the most prestigious design awards. Odessa locals Raymond and Deborah Van Den Langenbergh, who are also the owners of BergHOFF’S North American distribution, first built their showroom off of State Road 54 in November of 2006 for wholesale buyers. However, it wasn’t long before members of the community began knocking on their door, interested in buying the brand’s products directly. Soon after, the couple opened the BergHOFF showroom to the public, making residents of Tampa Bay the only customers on the continent that can buy direct products from the company in person! “We celebrate 16 years this November, and several thousand customers have enjoyed the opportunity to purchase the best culinary products,” Showroom Manager Candace Powers shares.

Needless to say, many locals are impressed, such as Local Guide Brian F., who recently stopped in for his first visit. He writes, “We selected the Ouro Gold Stainless Steel set, a set of stainless-steel utensils to use… An induction cooktop and a non-stick coated griddle for pancakes…and a knife set…I am impressed at how well these heat up evenly, are easy to clean, and the handles stay cool enough, even for the pasta pot that was on the stove for a half hour,” he says. “As a bonus, they feel good in the hand, and look great…Overall the products are great…” At BergHOFF, you won’t just find quality products at the best prices possible, but you’ll also find friendly and passionate staff who understand the intricacies of cooking in a kitchen. With incredible employees like Candace Powers and Culinary Connoisseur Sylke Frischknecht, you’re sure to feel welcomed. But don’t let your culinary trip just stop there – check out the newest addition to the BergHOFF shopping experience at the building’s second entrance…the Liquidation Center! 

Although the Liquidation Center has only been open since 2021, the showroom has endured much success. With help from Liquidation Showroom Manager Ron Martin, you’re sure to find something special to take home with you. The associates insist that you “stop in and look twice,” so as to never miss out on incredible deals in the discounted center. From various products such as grills and BBQ tools to vacuum cleaners, and even exercise machines, including state-of-the-art machines popular at physio-therapy locations, there are many promotions to take advantage of in both showrooms.

In fact, store regular Jon G. insists that after stopping by the showroom for kitchen supplies, you won’t want to go anywhere else. “Look no further for absolutely the finest cookware you will ever see,” he says. “Almost too nice to cook in…” Although BergHOFF no doubt has amazing cooking products, the staff understands that true hospitality doesn’t just stop at the kitchen. That being said, BergHOFF has been known to give back to the community, as seen by their recent raffle for a Kamado Grill and a BBQ Set, which earned several hundred dollars for a local fire department. The store is also a proud sponsor of JCAA, the Jacobson Culinary Arts Academy, which is a program dedicated to inspiring young students about the wonders of cooking and hospitality at Tarpon Springs High School. Overall, due to BergHOFF’s quality, design, and pricing, it’s no wonder why the brand is so close to both home and heart for many locals. But as you set off on your own culinary journey, it’s important to keep this piece of advice in mind from chef Dan Boulud: “Kitchens should be designed around what’s truly important – fun, food, and life.” Happy cooking!

BergHOFFInternational Inc. is located at 11063 SR 54 (between Little Road & Gunn Hwy in Odessa) just minutes from East Lake.  We are open to the public Tuesday thru Saturday 10 am to 5 pm, and closed Sundays and Mondays, and Holidays.  For more information email us at or contact us for the store at 727-853-3373. To reach our Liquidation Center, please email us at If you are not able to visit our Store & Liquidation Center, please visit us online at Don’t forget to love us on Yelp!

We look forward to meeting you soon!