By:  Kelly Stuart Williams, MA

As we make our New Year’s resolutions for 2020, Duane Bishoff CPA and owner of Bishoff + Associates, PLLC (the firm) advocates that you include financial and tax planning in your “2020 vision”.  With over 40 years of experience, Mr. Bishoff and his team are helping taxpayers and small businesses become more proactive with their finances, and they have added financial coaching to their array of services.

The firm’s services include tax preparation, tax planning, business analysis, and financial coaching.  Clients receive ongoing coaching on implementing tax strategies, reading/analyzing financial statements, preparing cash flow reports, learning how to manage a business checking account, invoicing/bill paying, and employment issues (i.e., employees vs. 1099 contractors).

With the ever-changing tax laws, changes in interest rates, and uncertainty in the 2020 political season; you can take charge of your financial picture by partnering with the seasoned professionals at Bishoff + Associates.  “We aren’t the CPA firm who says, see ya next year; we want to be your trusted advisor and coach all year long:  your quarterback of your financial team,” said Duane Bishoff.

Mr. Bishoff and his team work as client educators who are committed to staying on the cutting edge of IRS regulation which they share with clients.  Duane Bishoff said, “The reason we enjoy doing this (especially this time of year), is seeing that look on our clients’ faces when we identify tweaks and quick moves which can bring a significant ROI on their tax return for their effort and time… well, it’s worth all of the time we’ve put into learning this craft.”  For more financial tips ranging from estate planning to teaching kids about money, visit the Bishoff Blog:

  Shayne Sunholm of CEO Clean Recovery Centers expressed his appreciation for the firm’s focus on client education, “Duane and his team do a tremendous job for us. In addition, they are very professional and cordial. Duane will always take the time to explain things, make recommendations. In short, we are extremely pleased with their services and would highly recommend them to any business.” 

Like many of their small business clients, Bishoff + Associates is an entrepreneurial firm that has created an innovative program for businesses:  Part-Time CFO services that are provided through a membership retainer plan.  “We are pleased to be able to offer the benefits of a CFO without the hefty price tag. Our Part-Time CFO services provide valuable financial advice at a fraction of the cost – a perfect bridge to help a company’s growth,” said Bishoff.

Faiek Zora, Aeronautical Systems Engineering, is a client who shared that the firm has helped his business grow, “It was difficult to find an accounting service provider for our unique business but well worth the wait. We’ve worked with Bishoff + Associates now for several years and trust their team to meet our accounting solution needs. Throughout their time working with us, Bishoff + Associates has provided consistent quality solutions and service, helping our business to move forward.

Many Bishoff + Associates clients shared that members of the firm are the “right” professionals who view each client as an individual:  not a number that comes up once a year around April 15. Julie Goddard, Center for Elder Management said, “I have known and worked with Duane for over 20 years.  He does tax returns for hundreds of trusts for me every year then I never have to worry about anything.  He is always, always responsive, he handles everything timely and his fees are more than fair.  A great CPA and a great guy!” 

Located on 13306 Winding Oak Ct., Suite B in Tampa, Bishoff + Associates, PLLC is accepting new clients by appointment.  Call them at 813-356-0400 to schedule your appointment, and visit them online at  Create your financial “2020 vision” with a CPA firm that functions as your financial quarterback to build your business and plan for taxes.