In a world where technology dominates, everyone could use a hand when their technology device malfunctions. For over 20 years, Bob The Computer Guy has been that “helping hand” for many in the Tampa Bay area.

We have become even more dependent on our computers and other information technology (IT) devices, especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Keeping these devices functioning properly and safely is key to keeping up with life’s daily pace.  At times, our devices act quirky or slow down; they can even fall victim to cyber criminals. When this occurs, we need someone we trust to step in and bail us out.

“It’s stressful when our devices stop working. We need them for everything; from showing up to work-from-home, grocery shopping, doctor visits, and even our kids’ schooling,” said Bob Dalles, of Bob The Computer Guy & Associates, Inc. “We make our clients’ repair experience swift and painless.  People share how they’ve been having problems with their computer; once we have an opportunity to analyze, diagnose, and resolve the issue, they tell us they never realized their computer could run so well.”

Bob The Computer Guy & Associates, Inc. is a computer IT and cyber security company that provides onsite computer repairs, cyber security counseling, and more! They service everyone; whether it’s your residence or business. Since COVID-19, Bob quickly responded.  He changed company policy to better keep his clients and staff safer throughout the pandemic. Most appointments now take place via remote session or drop off service. Surprisingly, Bob found that over 90 percent of repair calls could be performed remotely. 

“A misconception folks have is they think we are a computer store,” said Bob.  “We’re not a retail store.  We are a service company.  MY GOAL IS NOT to sell you merchandise.  My professionally certified and experienced technicians and analysts actively work with you to develop a solution that is customized to your technology needs and budget.  Should you need to buy something, my staff can make recommendations and usually know where the best deals can be found.”

“It’s not uncommon for new clients to tell us they did not know companies like ours existed,” said Bob.  “And they’re so glad they found us.”  

Bob was captivated by computer technology in the late 1970s.  In 1995 he launched his own computer business.  In 2008 he accepted a position as the instructor for Computer and Information Technology with a Florida technical college.  Bob enjoys sharing his knowledge with others who possess his passion and enthusiasm for technology.  His love for technology inspired him to start writing his published column “Tech Talk,” where he shares decades of IT experience while also informing his readers how to keep their devices running well and safe. 

“Tech Talk is very popular.  A lot of clients tell me that they have followed the column from its first publication,” said Nikki, Client Communications Director. “Some of clients even clip the columns and stick them on their refrigerators or file cabinets.”

This past year Bob’s Tech Talk has had a larger focus on cyber security. When the COVID-19 pandemic first started Bob noticed that he was getting more calls from people believing that they might have been scammed; or wondering if they inadvertently done something that compromised the security of their device. 

“In early 2019 we launched a Cyber Security Division,” said Bob.  “It has been a God-send for our clients’ peace of mind. We’re finding that more and more people are being proactive and taking responsibility to secure their digital world. I am extremely proud of the relief we’ve been able to provide to clients during these difficult times.  We now make available a vital service for the individual and small business that has only been in the reach of government agencies and large corporations.”  

Cyber crimes are on the rise even more now that everyone has turned to their technology.  The criminals behind these scam e-mails, phone calls, and text messages will not hold back when it comes to exploiting any technology weaknesses you have overlooked.  Bob and his cyber security team want to ensure that you do not fall prey to cyber criminals.  Bob and his staff will help you implement the proper tools and will instruct you on “best practices” when navigating the internet and your digital world.  Bob’s quest is to increase your online safety awareness to lessen your chance of becoming yet another cyber crime statistic.

“You want to be sure you’re wearing your seatbelt before the car crash,” Bob warned. “Your data, personal information and internet identity is like gold in the digital world.  You need to guard it before something happens to put it in jeopardy.”

Here’s what some clients say:

“I should have called you a month ago. Christian has helped me twice now.  He’s nice to work with, he’s got so much knowledge, I just can’t say enough about how happy I am that I found your company.” – Angie, Oldsmar

“Thank you.  My son’s computer games are playing beautifully.  Christian is so patient and explains things… my son is all smiles now.” – Helen, Lutz

“Bill was quick… he got my computer and printer working in a red-hot minute…  He’s amazing… I’m a satisfied and smiling customer.” – Barbara, Oldsmar

“The fellow you sent was extremely polite and very quick to get the problem resolved and very friendly… I appreciate your timeliness and everything on my end is working very well.” – Don, Tampa

“After a Microsoft update, it just wouldn’t boot up…  Nikki calmed down my panic, and kept me informed throughout the entire process. The fee was beyond reasonable for all they did. I highly recommend this company for your computer issues.” – Chuck, Palm Harbor

Bob The Computer Guy & Associates, Inc. offers computer and IT repair to homes and businesses.  They also provide the cybersecurity services you need to keep you safer in your digital world.  Whatever you need, no job is too small.  For honest, reliable service performed by professionally certified technicians at a fair price then there is no other choice.  You want Bob The Computer Guy.  So Don’t Delay.  Call Bob Today!  727-534-4000