In a world where technology is dominant in society, everyone could use a hand when their technology malfunctions. For more than 20 years, Bob The Computer Guy has been that “helping hand” for many people and businesses in the Tampa Bay area.

Like it or not, we have come dependent on our computers and other Information Technology (IT) devices functioning properly to keep up with our daily pace.  At times our devices act quirky or slow down; sometimes they can even fall victim to cybercriminals. When this occurs, we need someone we can trust to swoop in and save the day.

“It is always stressful when our devices stop working because we rely on them so much.  They always seem to let us down when we need them the most,” said Bob Dalles, President of Bob The Computer Guy & Associates, Inc. “That’s why we like to make our customers’ repair process as swift and effortless as possible.  People tell me how they’ve been having problems with their computer; and then once we have an opportunity to analyze, diagnose, and resolve the issue, they tell us they never realized their computer could run so well.”

Bob The Computer Guy & Associates, Inc. is a mobile computer and IT company that provides repairs and setups for everyone from individuals in their homes to small businesses and larger multi-office operations.  All appointments take place at the customers’ home or business, simplifying the process for them. 

“A misconception folks have about us is they think we are a retail computer store where they carry in their computer for repairs,” said Dalles.  “We’re not a retail store.  We are a service company. We’re not looking to sell you merchandise from our inventory.  My professionally certified and experienced technicians and analysts are here to help you determine the proper solution to your technology needs.  And if you find there is something you do need to buy, we can make recommendations and then assist you with your purchase online or locally.  We do all this in the comfort of your home or office!”

 “There’s no need for our customers to disconnect their entire system, haul it into a repair shop and wait for days or weeks to get it back. It is actually better for us to come to your location to save you the effort but it also lets us make sure that everything is working cohesively,” Dalles said. “It is more than the safe operation of just your computer or printer, it is how they communicate with each other, and any other devices you have attached to your network and internet connection. By doing this in your home or business, we can be sure that everything is working the way it should be so you can go back to business as usual.”

“It’s not uncommon for us to hear new customers tell us that they did not even know companies like ours existed,” said Dalles, “and that they’re so glad they found us.” 

Dalles has been intrigued with computer technology since the late 1970s.  In 1995 he launched his own computer business.  In 2008 he became the instructor of Computer and Information Technology for a Florida technical college.  He also writes a technology column entitled Tech Talk, where he shares his over 40 years of IT experience while also informing his readers on information that they need to keep their devices running well and safe.

Tech Talk is very popular.  A lot of customers tell me that they have followed the column from its first publication,” said Nikki, Customer Communications Director. “Some of our customers even clip the columns and put them on their refrigerator.”

Dalles’s technicians will often come back to the office with stories of seeing those clippings on the fridge or near the computer. Each of Dalles’s Associate-Technicians are handpicked by Dalles, not only for their knowledge, but also for their passion for the job and for helping customers with their technology.

Among those passionate and knowledgeable technicians is Associate-Technician, Christian. Christian has been with Bob The Computer Guy & Associates, Inc. for five years and is a favorite among customers.

“It is always a rewarding experience when I go out on a service call. I am usually welcomed with a concerned smile.  When I leave the clients are very thankful for our help,” Christian said.

Bob The Computer Guy & Associates, Inc. isn’t just here to help you when you need to set up a new computer or when your printer isn’t working. They are also in the business of protecting you and your data.

“Your data is everything and you want to protect it and protect yourself,” warned Cyber Security Analyst, Bill. “We want you to not only be protected, we want to help you play an active role in your own security.”

Cyber crimes are on the rise.  The criminals behind these scam e-mails, phone calls, and text messages will not hold back when it comes to exploiting any technology weaknesses many may have overlooked.  Dalles and his cyber security team want to make sure that no one falls prey to cyber criminals by helping individuals implement the proper tools and educate them on how to avoid becoming a victim.

 “In early 2019 we launched a Cyber Security Division,” said Dalles.  “It has been a God-send for some of our customers.  I am extremely proud of what our Cyber Security Team has accomplished.  We’ve been able to provide and make affordable a service that has only been in the financial reach of governments and multi-million dollar corporations.” 

Bob The Computer Guy & Associates, Inc. is an entirely mobile computer and IT services company providing technology help with a human touch.  Whatever you need, no job is too small.  For honest, reliable service performed by professionally certified technicians at a fair price then there is no other choice.  You want Bob The Computer Guy & Associates, Inc.  Call Bob Now!  727-534-4000.