by Deborah Bostock-Kelley

Carrollwood Window & Door was founded in 1991 by Randy Kah, primarily focusing on the Carrollwood community in which he lived. The business soon outgrew its space and moved to its current location on US North Highway 301 in Tampa; they kept the business name due to its established positive name recognition in the industry. 

The company began as a replacement business but soon expanded into working with contractors and homeowners on new construction.

“We don’t have industrial warehousing in Carrollwood,” explained wife and business partner Dee Dee Kah, who joined the company full-time in 2005 after leaving a teaching position. “The builders started coming back to Randy because he had a lot of experience, and they trusted him and wanted to work with him. So we moved from just replacement into new construction as well.”

During an in-home consultation with Carrollwood Window & Door, unlike most other window & door companies, no hard-sell salesperson will greet homeowners.  Homeowners can browse brochures and review samples to decide what they want when updating their homes with energy-efficient windows and doors. If they wish to see full-size items, the company has a 2000-square-foot showroom featuring different manufacturers’ sliding glass doors, swing doors, and French doors installed, displays of doors uninstalled, and window displays.

“This is all an educational process, educating the homeowner. We go out and talk to the homeowner to get a feel for what they want and discuss the options available.  We don’t give a quote on the spot. Our product specialist will email a quote based on their meeting and what the homeowner has picked out for the material. Of course, there are always surprises with the replacement business but we never leave anybody without taking care of business,” she said.

Most customers, depending on where they are located can qualify for rebates from Tampa Electric and Duke Energy for replacing old windows with energy-efficient ones. 

“At the end of every job, we send our customers applicable warranty paperwork and any information required to file their rebate. It’s a little package that goes to them at the end of every job.”

Dee Dee said her favorite thing about the family-owned business is that their employees are great. The company takes pride in hiring long-term people with great attitudes and old-school ethics. With the demand for service so high, Carrollwood Window & Door is presently hiring and will train the right people. 

Carrollwood Window & Door has a glowing reputation in the industry. Scrolling testimonials on their website showcase their promise of customer satisfaction. Ninety-four client reviews on Google attest to their price transparency and excellent customer service.

So whether a customer is looking to replace windows and doors or seeking a company for new construction, Carrollwood Window & Door is proud to be your one-stop shop for attentive service and superior products.

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