Dr. Candelora
Dr. Candelora

By Deborah Bostock-Kelley

In 1989, Dr. Peter Candelora founded Coastal Orthopedics in New Port Richey. He brings notable medical credentials to his patients at Coastal Orthopedics. Board-certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, Dr. Candelora began his undergraduate medical career with a concurrent Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Biology at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. After graduation, he attended Tulane University School of Medicine in Louisiana, where he remained for his internship and residency in orthopedic surgery. In partnership with Tulane, Dr. Candelora received his pediatric training at the Shriner’s Hospital, where he fell in love with Tampa Bay and after decided to return to open his practice in centrally-located New Port Richey.

Dr. Candelora’s specialization is twofold: orthopedic surgery – shoulder, hip, and knee reconstruction, and sports medicine. 

On any given day, he regularly consults with patients on procedures for hip replacement, hip/femur fractures and dislocations, joint arthroscopy, knee arthroscopy, knee replacement, lower arm/elbow/wrist fractures, lower leg/ankle fractures and dislocations, shoulder arthroscopy, carpal tunnel decompression, and shoulder surgery.

He works with patients with arthritis to help find ways to manage the progression of the painful disease. As a last resort, he can provide a partial or full joint replacement to eliminate arthritis.

Though some arthritic conditions are genetic or caused by advanced age, others can be brought on by a sedentary lifestyle and poor life choices. Dr. Candelora recommends that all patients keep active. Regular exercise takes the stress of extra weight off the joints and helps strengthen the muscles around the joints, better protecting them from wear and tear. Maintaining an appropriate weight is recommended as being overweight can cause extra force on the patient’s knees and hips. Diet and exercise can keep the body in a healthy range. He also recommends avoiding or removing unhealthy habits, like smoking.

Dr. Candelora explained that poor health could not only contribute to more arthritis in the body but further health issues like diabetes and heart disease, as well as impact the body’s ability to heal after surgery.

For sports medicine, he uses his training to help patients looking to prevent or treat injuries related to sports and exercise. Whether his client enjoys sports as a weekend hobby, plays amateur or professionally, he works with them to develop a safe fitness strategy.

“My goal is to get people functional,” he said. “We tailor their treatment to accommodate their lifestyle.”

Fractures of shoulders, hips, and knees tend to run seasonally as the “snowbirds” return to Florida. Dr. Candelora is so respected in the field that patients fly to Florida to have him as their medical orthopedic consultant and surgeon. 

“We are a progressive practice that stays on top of technology,” said Dr. Candelora. 

Such surgical innovation includes advanced techniques that use computers, robotic-assisted surgeries for joint replacement, and regenerative medicine – stem cell therapy to encourage the body’s natural healing ability to treat injuries.

He credits his staff for being another reason patients refer family and friends to Coast Orthopedics.

“My office staff is interactive and personal, making sure our patients are taken care of. They are on top of everything.”

Dr. Candelora recounted a story about his favorite Philadelphia Eagles football player, who selected his practice for a total knee replacement. The 68-year-old retired football player was out catching a football after his recovery.

Dr. Candelora is exceptionally proud of Coastal Orthopedics involvement in the local community as well as their contribution to Gridiron Greats, a nonprofit that formed a humanitarian initiative to provide a wide variety of medical treatments to retired NFL players with little or no means to pay for medical evaluations, medical procedures or rehabilitation. Coastal Orthopedics is one of but a handful of practices through the United States who provides free medical assistance to retired NFL players in dire need through the nonprofit.

When asked what gave him the most satisfaction in operating Coastal Orthopedics, Dr. Candelora did not hesitate in his response.

“Seeing a patient up and moving around and doing well, that’s what I love about being an orthopedic doctor.”

Coastal Orthopedics is located at 5145 Deer Park Drive in New Port Richey. Office hours are Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Friday. To learn more, call (727) 314-2946 or visit https://www.bone-dr.com