The World of Finance is experiencing climate change and you must be wondering:  Are you properly equipped to weather the storm?  Can you handle the consequences of low-interest rates and rising inflation?  When will the market stop rising on bad news?  Will we ever have a system based on sound money?  What can you do to answer these questions for yourself so you can sleep at night?

At Commoncents Wealth Advisors we take a personalized approach to securing your financial strength.  We are fiduciaries so the only thing that matters is the trust you place in us.  There really is no one size fits all strategy so it’s our job to find the one that makes sense for you.  Our team of Wealth Advisors has over 5 decades of combined experience in the Financial Industry.  Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of helping our clients navigate the many facets of their financial lives.  Being an independent firm has always enabled us to give our clients the best possible solutions for their needs.

The Advisors

Cheryl McCarthy – Cheryl has 30 years of experience in the Financial Services industry, currently holding Series 63 and Series 65 registrations with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).  She also maintains her Florida State Life, Health, and Variable Annuity licenses.  Customer satisfaction is a priority for Cheryl as she believes each family deserves the personal attention she would hope to have for her own family.

Cheryl and her husband Harry moved to Florida in 1988 from their hometown in South Jersey and together they have three children and four grandchildren, with whom they enjoy spending as much time as possible outdoors.

Cheryl also enjoys singing and supports music and art projects whenever possible.

Michael Pautauros, CRPC® – Mike is a University of South Florida graduate and has spent nearly 20 years as a financial professional. Throughout that time, he has worked with leading investment firms, gaining first-hand experience. As a committed individual to lifelong learning, he holds the following licenses:  Series 66, Series 31, FL 215, FL 220 and is a CRPC® Designee.  

Mike believes in delivering successful wealth management solutions that will help clients build a legacy. For the past sixteen years, he’s guided many clients toward long-term success, stability and helped them navigate the often choppy waters of the financial world. Mike specializes in supporting small business owners who are ready to reach their fullest potential.

Mike and his family moved from Long Island, NY, to Port Richey, FL, in 1986 and have lived here ever since. Today, when he’s not strategizing with business clients on keeping more of the money they worked so hard for, you will find him spending time with his incredible wife and two amazing daughters.

Advisors with a Unique Outlook and even better Solutions

Our Approach – Find the problem, fix the problem.  It doesn’t get any simpler than that.  Our focus is on your biggest hurdles.  We’ve aligned ourselves with the best tax and legal professionals that allow us to offer exceptional value.   One such example comes to mind:  Last year we worked closely with one of our client’s CPAs where we were able to save him over $700k in capital gains tax.  This in turn allowed him to have the liquidity he needed so he could keep his competitive advantage to prosper in the new year.

Let’s take a look at how we’ve helped some of our other clients:

Doctor-Prenuer – Our 50-year-old doctor out of California struggles to keep most of the income he works so hard for.  The more he makes the more he turns over to his silent partner – Uncle Sam.  Due to his high earnings, he has historically parted ways with 50% of his income.  Our solution – Keep more of what you make now and enjoy it later in retirement.  We created a tax-free income from age 65-100 and multiple millions of savings over his lifetime.                          

Agency Owner in FL – One of our favorite cases was a 56-year-old Independent Insurance Agency Owner in Florida.  It’s favorable to run a business in Florida because we enjoy no state income taxes, however; due to our client’s high earnings, he found himself forfeiting much of his income each year.  Our solution –  Create an alternative pension that will potentially provide $40,000 of tax-free income for 35 + years after he retires.

It’s Cool to save money – Last but not least is our 40-year old Independent Air Condition Repairman from Florida.  Being an independent business owner with no employees our client has made a good living over the years.  With high income comes high taxes so he looked to us to keep more of what they made and create a retirement starting at age 65.  Our solution – With time on his side, 5 years of investing $20,000 per year will potentially produce 35 + years of tax-free income.

We are here to help

So if you are prospering, lets sit down and review how we can help you make the most of your hard-earned money and keep the more in your pocket.

If you are struggling, now is the best time to review also so we can help you find more ways to keep maximize your income to help stay afloat.  Have you utilized all possible benefits and savings available?   Successful business owners are so busy working on their businesses they don’t always take the time to review, refresh, and start a new plan that better suits their needs.  Tax management investing happens long before you bring your documents to your tax professional.  It is not too late to make a difference for yourself and your business today. 

Keep in mind – It’s okay to get a second opinion, a fresh set of eyes to see where you are at.  Maybe you are already in the best possible position, it would be nice to know for sure.  We offer free consultations.

For all tax-related inquiries, contact our CPA partner, Williams and Church Tax Service at 727-505-4901.

The Happiest and Healthiest of New Year to you!

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