By Thomas Bostock

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed how professions engage with their clients and patients today. No profession has been more visibly impacted than medicine. In the forefront in protecting his patients from accidental exposure to this deadly threat is Dr. Manik Bedi of Tampa Surgical Arts. 

To assure his patients of the safety of his facilities, considering the threat of the coronavirus, he has subjected everything to rigorous testing this month by the pre-eminent AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care) as an additional safety precaution. It passed without question. Their certification confirms an organization’s commitment to provide safe, high-quality service to all patients.   

To further reassure his patients during these trying times, Dr. Bedi has implemented additional protections including but not limited to controlling the number and location of patients in his facility (social distancing), waiting in the car instead of inside the facilities, and several other preemptive precautions.  

His Tampa Surgical Arts website’s mission statement offers patients the vision of a dedicated professional, providing a unique insight into the philosophy of this compassionate physician’s practice:

“Continually striving to achieve your best overall health through patient communication, meticulous technical skill, sound surgical judgment, compassion, and innovation, while constantly holding the interest of you (the Patient) paramount… Our unwavering commitment to provide a caring atmosphere filled with comfort, trust, privacy, and safety.”

Although he is one of only a few triple-board-certified surgeons in the Tampa Bay and a multi degreed doctor in both dental surgery and medicine with certificates in general cosmetic surgery, facial cosmetic surgery and oral and maxillofacial surgery, Dr. Bedi said that the practice of ‘high definition’ liposuction held a special interest to him. “I love having the ability to change people’s lives,” he said during a recent telephone interview.

He noted that high definition liposuction wasn’t for everybody. To qualify for hi-def or 4 D liposuction, a patient’s BMI (body mass index) should not exceed thirty. BMI is an indicator if the body mass is too fat, too thin, or a healthy amount. It considers height as an important factor.  

Standard liposuction differs from that performed by Dr. Bedi. It removes body fat but does not reinject it. Dr. Bedi’s HD process eliminates controlled amounts of stubborn fat from problem areas (belly fat, hips, etc.) that remain untouched by normal training and routine physical exercise. Muscles, previously concealed by the body fat, become visible.

The strategic removal of fat sculpts the body, but it is not a substitute for weight loss, Dr. Bedi warned. The process only removes about eight pounds of fat, the amount safely extracted by a single high definition surgical procedure. The surgical procedure allows the surgeon a chance to exercise his artistry and creativity as he sculpts his patient’s body. 

The liposuction equipment, used by early pioneers like French surgeon Charles Dujarier (1920) and gynecologists Arpad and Giorgio Fischer (1974) (, bears little resemblance to the sophisticated equipment used by Dr. Bedi’s body sculpting processes today. Terms like power-assisted lipo (PAL), vibration amplification of sound energy resonance, (VASER) are just two of the devices he employs. 

PAL uses a special cannula that, according to, pulses while it suctions. Another tool, VASER, is a device that helps liquify fat before removal. Dr. Bedi noted that he has these and other tools available today. Another device, JPLASMA, uses helium to tighten the skin. These high-tech devices ensure maximum results from all of Dr. Bedi’s body sculptures.  

Dr. Bedi has several new innovations for his patients. The Brazilian Butt Lift is the transfer of fat to enhance and shape the buttocks. High-definition ‘liposculpture’ sculpts the body using both the VASER tool and J Plasma technology.

While the coronavirus has interrupted his upcoming marriage plans, he remains an active part of the community. Dr. Bedi takes part in the “Feed America of Tampa” program that helps under-served residents of the Tampa Bay area, working with local groceries, distributing vegetables and other foodstuffs.  

During my interview with Dr. Bedi, he mentioned what he called the ‘pillars’ that guide and sustain his practice. Each had a special significance. The first was an unexpected gesture. After a patient wakes up from surgery, Dr. Bedi installed a smoothie machine that provides his patients with a vegan-friendly, healthy, nutritious pick-me-up option before leaving–an unexpected gesture.

Of second and equal significance was a memorable experience, achieved by the actions of both the doctor and his caring staff from their first contact to make the initial appointment through a final recovery-a memorable experience. Dr. Bedi vows to “make his patients comfortable, every step of the way”-creating a memorable experience.

Most important to Dr. Bedi was changing lives. That is what he is all about. Changing or improving a person’s appearance can also give them the self-esteem that they previously lacked, a new self-image. 

In the Tampa Bay area, you can probably locate other plastic surgeons, but you will never find a more credentialed, qualified, or caring practice than Tampa Surgical Arts. Dr. Manik Bedi, 17751 Gunn Hwy, Odessa, FL 33556. Call today. 813 836 7202. Your body will thank you.