By:  Kelly Stuart Williams, MA

                  It is a rare thing to meet a medical professional whose interest in your healthcare is as important to her as it is to you.  And the passion that the team at Orange Blossom Women’s Group is as contagious, as is the smile of its owner and Medical Director, Dr. Reut Bardach.                  

                  Expecting to find a medical practice full of “expecting” mothers, we quickly learned that women’s healthcare needs are lifelong—not just when a woman is in her childbearing years.  Dr. Bardach explained that prevention and early detection of diseases like Cancer are why fatalities due to this devastating illness have dropped 27% in the past 25 years. It’s as important (if not more) that women frequent the office of their ObGyn after the age of 40.

                  “Never before has there been more opportunity for disease prevention and health promotion than in 21st Century America.  Access to care is more available and affordable to Americans, yet many fail to follow-up on annual visits and tests like pap smears and mammograms,” said Dr. Bardach.  “It’s part of the reason why we pride ourselves on building relationships with our patients—they know we care about their overall wellbeing and that we will follow-up. The bond is strong!” she added.

                  To demonstrate the care and respect for their patients, a high priority is put on punctuality, “We value people’s time just like they value our time.” To the degree that they are able, Dr. Bardach and her team make sure that patients are seen at their appointment time.  Many of their patients come from referrals, by word-of-mouth, and from message groups like Trinity Chat.  Some drive to Trinity from as far as Lakeland and Naples to receive care from Orange Blossom Women’s Group.

                  “One of the most encouraging things we hear (and read) is when a Trinity Chat member posts a question like, “Where can I find a great ObGyn in the community?” Dr. Bardach added that she “lights up” when she reads all the enthusiastic referrals to Orange Blossom Women’s Group.

                  Positive patient testimonials are found on Facebook, Trinity Chat and on Google Reviews:

I can’t say enough about this place! The staff are AMAZING, caring, and personable. They actually sit and listen to you! Also, no paper gowns here! It’s pink robes💞 and instead of an ugly exam table they have exam chairs!! Best girlie appt EVER!!

Located off Little Road and Photonics Drive in the Trinity area, Dr. Bardach said she chose to locate in Trinity, because the high growth area is easily accessible for patients though “…lacking in terms of women’s care and women’s services.” In addition to providing comprehensive healthcare services for women, Dr. Bardach has recently opened Orange Blossom Aesthetics: a full-service med spa next door to her medical practice.

To truly offer comprehensive care for women, Dr. Bardach said, “We needed to look at all of a woman’s needs. Women want their needs to be acknowledged. And I wanted to be able to take care of those needs at Orange Blossom Aesthetics.” Many needs may not be medical, and many treatments may not be medically necessary, but Dr. Bardach said, “It’s an important part of health that women feel heard and feel good about themselves.”   

“All day long I talk to women about problems they have, the things that bother them and the things that they struggle with. The more you listen to women talk about the more you say, I wish there was more that I could do to help and that is how the idea of owning a med spa was born.” Dr. Bardach’s listening skills and the caring manner of her team are demonstrated throughout their Google Reviews.

After three years of searching for a new OB/GYN I have finally found Dr. Bardach! She truly listens and practices a personal application of medicine for her patients. I truly value her dedication for patient experience as well as medical care while taking the time to educate for her patients. The entire office team keeps things professional and positive. Scheduling is easy and quick. I easily accessed their new patient forms online.

To learn more about Orange Blossom Women’s Group or Orange Blossom Aesthetics, or to schedule an appointment; visit their website  at and social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Come visit their office at 2043 Little Rd, Trinity, FL 34655. Phone: (727) 846-7000.