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By Deborah Bostock-Kelley

Imagine July in Florida, a humid 98 degrees at the heart of summer. You insert your key in the front door and enter your home, expecting a cool reprieve from the sweltering heat. Instead, you are greeted by a temperature equal to the outside. What happened to your air-conditioning?

As perspiration drips down your face and your shirt sticks to your back, you grab a bottled water from your refrigerator and you Google on your cell phone a reliable repair company to call. While removing a glass from your cupboard, you happen to notice a clog in your kitchen sink – which is difficult to see because the kitchen light struggles to come fully on. Before collapsing into a moment of deep despair, envision a telephone number you can contact where each issue – air-conditioning, plumbing, and electrical – are conveniently remedied by a single phone call.

Though the scenario was extremely fabricated, the resolution is not.

Founded on faith and family in Land O’Lakes, Cornerstone Pros, a woman-owned business, is proud to offer the Tampa Bay community licensed air conditioning, heating, plumbing and electrical service providers 24/7.

“We developed our company on our values and integrity. We try to be a good example in the community and serving the Lord in that process,” said owner Dana Spears.

First opened in 2006 to service customer air-conditioning needs, in 2011 Dana got her plumbing license and a plumbing division was added. Finally, to complement these two services, in 2014, the electrical division was formed.

“We felt there was great demand from our customers to have one company to provide all of their home services,” said owner Dana Spears.

Cornerstone Pros is a family business with 10 family members working together with other employees, totaling over 66.

“We try to keep our ‘family-owned and operated’ reputation strong,” she said. “Customer service is what our company was built on and we are very proud of our online ratings. We understand that there are many tradespeople out there that know the mechanical side of our industry, but we felt that there wasn’t a very strong presence for customer service and meeting customer needs.”

Coming from a customer support background, Dana made it her goal to combine exemplary customer support with qualified technicians.

“We’ve built our business on meeting our customers’ needs, providing them with a service that they deserve and I think it has worked very well for us.”

Such services include maintenance, repair, and replacement to your air-conditioning unit. To ensure your a/c is in tip-top shape for the upcoming scorching summer months, Dana recommends checkups and tune-ups before the heatwave hits.

“Having us come out every 6 to 12 months to clean and check your drain lines and a/c system will extend the life of your system. It gives you that forewarning like ‘we’ve had to replace a few parts this year, your warranty is almost up and would you be interested in looking at replacement or do you want to wait until it dies’”?

For this service, Cornerstone Pros provides maintenance tech, not service techs troubleshooting, but techs specifically trained to performed maintenance. A recommendation sheet allows the customer to know of any findings.

To save on your electric bills, Cornerstone Pros specializing in electric and gas tankless water heaters to replace outdated and energy deficient water heaters.  Not only do the old-fashioned 40-50-gallon standard water heaters take up space, but they also add cost to your monthly electric bill.

Cornerstone Pro’s certified experts can tackle any electrical need in your home including adding or replacing lighting and fixtures, replacing or installing ceiling fans, installing LED, cables for cameras, media equipment, and panel upgrades.

Cornerstone Pros offers a maintenance program for all three of their trades – Air-Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical.

“We come out every 6 months for a/c. We do a home inspection on your plumbing and electrical once a year. We’ve really found that it gives our customers peace of mind.”

She explained that if a customer is on the maintenance program and does have an emergency, not only will you take priority, you get additional savings on services needed.

Cornerstone Pros services all brands and will provide you with a free estimate on installations or a second opinion on repairs. They make it a point to get to emergency calls within the same day. A flat-fee company, Cornerstone Pros offers upfront pricing so there are no surprises.

With hurricane season beginning in June, to protect your home from electricity loss, Cornerstone Pros offers free estimates for full-home generators.  During the hurricane that left entire cities without power, Dana said the generator allowed them to run their business. Cornerstone Pros installs Generac Home Standby Generators and if the electricity does go out at your home, your power will transfer smoothly to the generator.

“We were without power at our office for 7 days, but we installed the standby generator and were able to get our office running 2 days after the storm,” she said.

From a clogged sink to a whole home re-pipe, customers have trusted Cornerstone Pros to fix their plumbing issues quickly, reliably and with integrity.

In addition to expert plumbing services, Cornerstone can install personalized well water treatment and water purification systems. These systems will both remove impurities from your water and improve its taste. The removal of hard water can prevent fixtures in your home from discoloring and rusting, increasing the life of your appliances.

As most people don’t plan for their a/c to die, home to need re-piping, or water heater to need replacing, Cornerstone Pros offers convenient financing options for every budget. Financing is also available for generators and water purification systems.

What’s most important to Dana is ensuring her customers receive the best service possible, no matter what trade service is being provided.

“We want to build enduring long-term relationships with our clients,” she said. “(Potential customers) just need to look at our combined 3800 five-star reviews online. We’re very proud of that as a company. We work really hard to make a positive experience.”

To schedule an appointment with Cornerstone Pros for air conditioning, heating, plumbing & electrical, call (813) 949-4445.  Learn more information about the specials and services they provide at or on Facebook.