Dr. Kerr
Dr. Kerr

By Tom Bostock

If you can’t answer the question, “are you a better version today of your former 20-year-old self,” with a resounding “yes,” you should seriously consider visiting National Rejuvenation Centers in Palm Harbor. If you are over 40, female or male, and your “get up and go” has “got up and went” and you’re not sure where it can be found, this is definitely the place for you to get that spring back in your step through the proven, state of the art methods employed by Dr. Kerr and his staff of medical professionals based upon the latest and most respected medical research, studies and techniques.

 According to Dr. Kerr, founder of National Rejuvenation Centers and best-selling author of the book, “Rejuvenation: Live Healthier, stronger and happier through Nutrition, Hormone Optimization, Exercise and More,” he is “a lifelong “student” of hormones, exercise and nutrition.”  A pioneer in his field, he has combined hormone “optimization” with exercise and routines to help people over 40 become a better version of themselves, allowing them to have the energy and ability to do all the things that they want to do.  As the founder of Rejuvenation Medicine, Dr. Kerr states that within weeks of treatment, patients lose body fat, gain muscle and energy and sleep fantastic!  “When hormones are optimized in patients over 40 to the levels of athletic twenty year olds (the demographic that usually has the best hormone levels), exercise and nutrition do not have to be excessive, as it is much easier to shed body fat and gain muscle.”  Dr. Kerr goes on to say that, “Many people are initially drawn to NRC to improve their physiques, but are impressed that the program is designed to not only make them look better, but improve their overall health from their blood profiles to their bone densities!”  Dr. Kerr also states that it is very rewarding to him and his medical team to help both men and women with the symptoms of age related decreases in hormone levels.  “It is a very big deal for a woman to no longer have hot flashes, to have enough energy to get through the day, and for her time in the gym to actually look like it “did something.” Dr. Kerr says.  “It is same for the men.  It is nice to be able to finally get rid of belly fat and get that “V” tapar.  It is great for them to have the energy they want and improve their overall health.”  Both men and women typically enjoy “ decreased body fat, increased muscle, better mood, increased libido, better mental acuity, etc.” while on the program at NRC.

 Logan University in St. Louis, Missouri will now be sponsoring continued education courses with Dr. Kerr and his staff of physicians to educate doctors on the exciting new field of rejuvenation medicine.  Dr. Kerr says, “ I was very flattered and honored when the people from the University evaluated the current studies and literature that is the back—bone of  rejuvenation medicine and overwhelmingly approved of my courses!  The good news for patients is that in the not too distant future, it will be much easier to see a RM (Rejuvenation Medicine) physician in their part of the country!”

Dr. Kerr says that “every time a patient comes in to me, tells me how they feel and show me their blood work, I get flashbacks to how I felt before doing the program.  I really feel for them because they have worked hard all of their life to be able to enjoy middle age and beyond, but they are tired, their mood is down and many have weight issues and are starting to get health issues.  It doesn’t have to be that way!”  

Dr. Kerr considers every aspect of his patient’s profile. Following a series of blood tests to determine hormone levels, Dr. Kerr and his team provide Bioidentical Hormone Optimization Therapy, as well as additional individualized protocols in nutrition and exercise to help his patients achieve their goals. “We don’t want hormone deficiencies, we don’t want blood profiles “in range,” we want optimization, which is much harder to achieve but what is best for our patients and what we do well!” 

Dr. Kerr works through his ground-breaking protocols to make his patients act and feel a younger, more vibrant version of themselves. His affordable programs are a combination of hormone optimization, individualized exercise and nutrition protocols.  He refers to this as the “trinity of rejuvenation,” with each component a crucial part of the patient’s success.  “We start with the general and go to the specific to find the perfect hormone/nutrition/exercise fit specifically designed for the patient.”

Don’t despair if there isn’t a National Rejuvenation Clinic near you. Since his groundbreaking, proven programs are meant to be shared, after 20 years of practice, Dr. Kerr is franchising his clinic model across the country.  In addition to offices located in Palm Harbor, Florida and St. Louis, Missouri, additional facilities in San Diego, California, Denver, Colorado and Las Vegas, Nevada should be up and running soon after this article reaches publication.  

Confused about what “Rejuvenation Medicine” means? Consider purchasing his best-selling book, Rejuvenation, on Amazon. It is written in simple, easy-to-understand language without the “medi-speak” that usually confuses the average reader.  Dr. Kerr says that he “wrote it the way that he talks,” in hopes that the reader gets an abundance of information while at the same time be uplifted and motivated with the RM philosophy! 

In today’s interview, Dr. Kerr wants to challenge both children and adults to exercise regularly to be able to lead longer, healthier lives. “When Dad watches his teenager doing multiple pushups, and says, “I used to do that” and only proceeds to do only one, it might be time to hit the gym, or better yet, come into NRC! 

National Rejuvenation Centers is located at 34278 US 19N, Palm Harbor and is open from 9 AM to 4 PM, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, and 9 AM to noon on Tuesday. Call 727 785 5652 for a happier, healthier you!