By Deborah Bostock-Kelley

Accidents happen. You don’t expect to slip, trip, and sprain or break a bone, causing an orthopedic injury, but if you do, Dr. Christopher Linberg, Dr. Dolfi Herscovici and The Center for Bone and Joint Disease, will be there consult on your post-injury treatment and care. 

Dr. Dolfi Herscovici provides patient care for injuries, problems, and diseases of the foot and ankle. 

“These can range from the simple care of bunions, hammertoes or painful feet to those who present with more complex problems such as diabetics, patients with severe arthritis, fractures and dislocations of the foot and ankle, those with congenital abnormalities, including polio, cerebral palsy and clubfeet, patients presenting with disabilities as a result of tendon, ligament or nerve problems, infections involving the foot and ankle, or those who have developed problems as a result of prior injuries to the foot or ankle,” Dr. Herscovici explained.

Dr. Herscovici

His training and experience in the care of trauma patients and those with post-traumatic complications allow him not only to care for patients who have sustained a recent injury but also to treat patients who have failed to heal properly. This also includes those who have developed infections or arthritis due to their injuries along with patients who have developed deformities as a result of their accidents. 

“I hope that by providing treatment not often available, I may help to improve the quality of care patients receive when they present with their orthopedic problems.”

A graduate of the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Missouri, Dr. Herscovici was selected for a one-year rotating internship at Detroit Osteopathic Hospital, through the Michigan State University program. Upon completion, he entered a four-year orthopedic residency at Mt. Clemens General Hospital in Michigan.

Toward the end of his residency, he spent two months at the Harborview Trauma Center, in Seattle, Washington, and was then selected for a six –month trauma and trauma reconstruction AO-fellowship, in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Upon his return, he was then accepted and completed a one-year trauma fellowship at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. After completion of this one-year trauma fellowship, Dr. Herscovici relocated to Tampa and joined the practice.


A general orthopedist and board-certified orthopedic surgeon in the practice, Dr. Linberg focuses on sports medicine and minimally invasive options for shoulder and knee problems. 

A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, he attended the University Of Cincinnati College Of Medicine where he trained in orthopedic surgery. He completed his surgical training at Wayne State University and Mayo Clinic. He was on active duty for nine years and was the Chief of Orthopedics, Surgical Services Chief at MacDill AFB and then joined The Center for Bone and Joints Disease. 

Dr. Linberg

“On MacDill Air Force Base is where I got interested in minimally invasive surgical options, particularly for the large number of active-duty individuals that we used to take care of there. The idea was to try to maximize their return to function. Knee and shoulder are the most common problems and we try to get them back to their full duty as soon as we can. Using the minimally invasive techniques became very useful.”

Dr. Linberg first became interested in this field when as a child, he had shoulder surgery and saw the dedication his team had in taking care of him.

“I think it drastically improved the quality of my life and I don’t think I’d be here today if it wasn’t for the folks that took care of me and allowed me to continue to play sports from high school through college. This kept me with a good crowd of people and I don’t think I’d be here today without the work ethic I learned from those activities,” he said. 

Founded in 1972, the full-service orthopedic practice with four Florida locations employs state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge techniques like ultrasound-guided injections, platelet-rich plasma, stem cell therapy, and radiofrequency ablation to help with pain and to aid in your recovery.

Dr. Linberg said the most important a patient should ask a physician upon his first visit is how the treatment will impact his daily life.

“Here, instead of treating the x-ray or MRI, I like to treat the individual patients. I like to figure out what their goals are, what they like to do and consider the wide variety of treatment options for various conditions. That way I can tailor the treatment to their actual goals and usually try with least invasive options first.”

These treatment methods include physical therapy, injections with anti-inflammatory medication or biologic medications. 

“Frequently patients exercising, or certain physical therapy approaches can give a lot of pain relief. When we need to do surgery, we do it as a last resort.”


The doctors recommend staying active and not sedentary, walking and exercising, keeping weight at a reasonable range and following a healthy lifestyle like avoiding cigarettes, cigars, and e-cigarettes are key elements to keep your joints moving and your mobile.

Should an injury require orthopedic treatment, Dr. Herscovici and Dr. Linberg will do everything in their power to help you recover and get back to your life.

“Seeing a joint-replacement patient being able to walk without a cane or a walker is a thing that makes you smile,” said Dr. Linberg. “It’s wonderful when patients say thank you for helping them – it’s such a huge impact on people’s lives just being able to leave the house and be active again.”

The Center for Bone and Joint Disease Lutz office is located at 16506 Pointe Village Dr., Suite 109, in Lutz. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. To learn more call (727) 605-3808 or visit