Story by Morgan Fliss

We all know dogs are a man’s best friend, so we must make sure they are all cared for! Dogism is located in Oldsmar and offers a variety of services for both dogs and their owners. Dogism is an air-conditioned, 7000+ sq ft facility that offers obedience classes, agility training, a retail store, DIY bathing stations, and a new grief program for owners who have lost or are losing their best friends. Dogism is owned and operated by Renee and Jason Russell. Renee is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and AKC evaluator, while Jason has a degree in psychology from the University of Delaware. They both have over 12 years of experience in dog training. 

Renee and Jason are dog owners themselves and have two adorable Vizslas in their family, Gideon, and Bailey. They have a background in dog competitions but found that it was very demanding and time-consuming. As a result, Dogism was inspired to be a place where everyone can benefit from the experience and fun of training without the pressure of competition. “The primary reason for all of this was to have all the training and agility at a fun level. I like dogs to have fun and to do things without the pressure of competition and training.” Their mission is to “have a place for people to have fun with their dogs.” With more than 7 types of classes available for dogs and owners, it is all the fun without the pressure.

Tricks and Training Programs 

At Dogism, there are a variety of training programs for both beginner and advanced level dogs! One of the many programs offered at Dogism is the Puppy Intensive, which is a one-time “talk” for new or soon to be puppy owners. It covers everything you need to know to care for your first puppy, including potty training, crate training, and appropriate toys, to name a few! Later, there is an AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy (socialization, training, activity, responsibility) certification. This class follows the American Kennel Club program for starting puppies and owners off on the right paw! It teaches basic training and what it means to be a responsible puppy owner. For adult dogs and older puppies, there is a Good Dog Manners class. Just like the name, this class teaches your dog basic skills and behaviors. Private or small group training can also be done in the facility or at your home.

Dogism also offers Fungility classes where dogs of all experience levels can learn agility courses in a relaxed atmosphere. There is a new course set-up every class to challenge both you and your dog! It is recommended that your dog is at least a year old before starting any agility classes. “I have been taking my dog to Dogism’s Fungility classes for several years now and I, as well as my dog, love it!  I am currently bringing my 8-year-old Yorkie Rosie and it is good for her focus and, very importantly, she has fun too! Renee is careful to adjust the course to suit age and ability and takes the time to get to know all dogs who come in and manage their personalities. The classes are also indoors which helps with our hot Florida Summers. A great spot!” said customer Melody U.

DIY Doggie Baths

Dogism offers a DIY doggie bath/grooming area, for everyone to use! To save your back, Dogism has two raised grooming tubs. It is comfortably large for big dogs (along with a step-up ramp), but for the petite ones, there is a shelf for them to sit on. The bathing station has everything you need for a cleaner, happier pup. Choose from a full selection of shampoo that best fits your dog’s needs. The station is complete with towels or a fur dryer! When you are finished, you can choose from a bow or bandana for your cute fur baby. Customers continually compliment how easy and efficient this service is, since they can leave the mess at Dogism!

Re-tail Store

Located at the Dogism facility is a store full of toys, treats, and adorable accessories for dogs of every size. Dogism will not carry any product they will not use or give to their own dogs, so you can trust that everything is safe and healthy for your furry friend!

Coping with a Loss

Coming soon, is a new grief program that will help owners who are losing or have lost their pet. Losing your best friend is never easy, but Dogism is here to help as much as they can. “Know that we are still here with you during the hard and sad difficult times, whether they be to make decisions for your pet’s best end of life journey or to pay tribute to their life and support you through your grief,” said Renee. Dogism can help you create special moments with your pet, and also assist you with decision making and memorials. A grief support group will also be available to help you cope with your emotions and connect with a group who is experiencing the same loss. Contact Renee for any questions or inquiries on this soon to start program.  

From training programs to DIY baths and more, Dogism has various services that they offer to pets and their owners. With a five-star rating on Facebook and Google, you and your pet are sure to have a great time! 

“My Corgi, Higgins, and I have taken many classes over the last year [including] Puppy Obedience, Canine Good Citizen, Tricks classes, and Fungility. One of Higgin’s favorite is the trick classes.  Within 3 weeks, he mastered 8 out of 10 tricks! I learned as much as my dog did – and we both had fun! We have found these affordable classes to provide wonderful experiences and training, as well as socialization which, are taught with patience and skill. Patient, kind, and thorough training is given by Renee and her staff. Dogism is an indoor year-round training facility with matted floors that offers better footing than concrete and even artificial grass for our dogs. We all want the best training and experience for our dogs and Dogism can’t be beat!” customer Carla A. agreed.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Dogism has safety precautions implemented to ensure everyone’s health. Face coverings are required in places where you cannot social distance. As well as this, class sizes are still limited, and social distancing is required. 

Dogism retail is open Monday- Wednesday from 10am to 6pm, and Saturday 11am to 4pm. All trainings must be scheduled.

Dogism is located at 110 Pine Avenue South in Oldsmar. For a complete calendar of events, training classes, or more information, please visit or call (813) 854-3647 (DOGS)