By Lisa Stephens

What does a busy mom, working professional, single bachelor, retired senior and an office manager all have in common?  They all need homes or offices cleaned!  In today’s fast-paced world, where everything needed to be done yesterday, leaving your cleaning needs to the professionals at Donna’s Cleaning Angels can help simplify your life.   For more than 28 years, Donna Ferrante and her “angels” have been serving Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough counties with expert cleaning services second to none!  Along with her husband Steve Insolia, this entrepreneurial duo makes quality customer service a top priority.  Their longstanding history of serving satisfied customers is why Donna’s Cleaning Angels is the number one choice for cleaning services in the Tampa Bay area!

Always working hard to meet customers’ expectations.

Nothing speaks louder than customer comments.  Pat and Margaret La Grazie of Timber Greens in New Port Richey said “The number of years Donna has been in business is definitely very impressive and people like stability. We hired Donna in 1995 and at that time she was cleaning our home by herself.  After she broke her ankle in 2003, she hired her first employee and now sixteen years later we are still completely satisfied with all her accomplishments. We highly recommend Donna’s Cleaning Angels.”  Dick Maier of Villa Rosa in Lutz said “We are so happy to see the girls each time because they do such a great job.  We also love the customer service Donna provides us. It’s hard to find such caring and professional customer service these days. I wish Donna only continued success with her growing and thriving business!”  Carol O’Neil of Odessa shared, “I have tried other cleaning services over the years with no luck.  I was very frustrated.  None of them were as dependable or detailed oriented as Donna’s Cleaning Angels.”

 They’ve been in business for almost 28 years because of the level of service provided to their customers.  Donna and Steve realize the importance of staying in tune with customers’ needs and continue to stay strong and committed in a competitive market. Donna has always devoted herself to growing her client base.  She knows that by providing a stellar cleaning service, she is instrumental in helping people enjoy their homes again.  “Besides the influence of my family, I attribute the success of my business to a determined attitude and tremendous amount of ambition, unstoppable drive and commitment to my clients and employees,” she explained.  Donna’s strong work ethic comes from a long line of hard working family members.  For more than 70 years, her family has owned an Italian restaurant in the small town of Gorham, located in the white mountains of New Hampshire.  Steve has owned and operated several successful businesses in the Tampa Bay area over the years.  “I’m always looking for something to do!” he said.  Always eager to work and serve his customers. 

Keeping themselves educated on the latest products and newly introduced surfaces in the home is also a big part of their success.  The many different materials used today for countertops, appliances and flooring are far different than they were years ago.  Having knowledge of cleaning products and what surfaces they’re safe for is crucial.  Even the way cleaning products are applied is important.  “We train our staff on the little things that can make a big difference when it comes to safety,” Donna said.   

Clients are given a friendly reminder call on the day prior to a scheduled appointment.  Once services are complete, a follow up call is made to be sure the client is fully satisfied.   Donna’s Cleaning Angels is fully licensed, bonded and carries workman’s compensation on every employee.  They adhere to all OSHA rules and guidelines.  While no job is too large or too small, they specialize in large homes.  “We have several long term clients in 7,000 to 10,000 SF homes.  

Services for more than just your home!  

Donna’s Cleaning Angels can make your workplace sparkle as well. Do not mistake them for your typical janitorial service.  What’s the difference, you ask?   A lot!  “Janitorial services vacuum, empty the trash and clean up the restrooms,” Steve explained.  Donna and her “angels” clean your office like they clean your home.  Attention to detail is a must when it comes to making your office or professional practice shine for your own customers.  They, vacuum, dust all surfaces, clean the blinds and fans, windows, mirrors and more.  “We clean everything!”  She said.  “We’re not in and out in 30 minutes.”  They currently have scheduling opportunities to add more commercial clients, such as Real Estate offices, dental and physician practices, automotive dealerships and others to their roster.  

The services don’t end with residential and commercial cleaning.  They can cover your outdoor cleaning needs as well!  Through their Simply the Best division of Donna’s Cleaning Angels, they can pressure wash just about any outdoor surface including driveways, sidewalks and more.  They also offer window cleaning, inside and out!  

The company name comes from an experience Donna had with an elderly patient at a Hospice facility, one of her first cleaning jobs when she started the company as Donna’s Cleaning Service. The two formed a sweet friendship and to show her love for her friend, Donna gifted her with a crystal angel.  It was suggested by a nurse at the facility that Donna change the company name to Donna’s Cleaning Angels.  The rest, as they say, is history! 

Donna’s Cleaning Angels work as a team. They are always presentable, friendly and bring everything they need to provide an exceptional cleaning.  Donna explained “My teams come in with a large canvas kit with all their cleaning supplies.  All of which are of the highest quality. The cleaning teams are trained on products to use. There is a lot more to providing a good cleaning service than just the cleaning.  It is the care and professionalism that comes from all of us from me and Steve with the scheduling as well as the teams who really care about doing a good job.

For free estimates or to schedule a cleaning service, call 727-942-8289.  You can also find them on Face Book!