by: Lisa Stephens

If your holiday wish list includes a new insurance carrier, look no further than East Lake Insurance and Taxes.  Agency owner, Besne Ceylan has an early “gift” for you!  Because her agency is an Independent Agency, she and the staff at East Lake Insurance and Taxes offer multiple lines of insurance from multiple agencies.  “We are not obligated to offer one company,” she explained.  This enables her to select the best level of coverage from the company that best suits her client’s needs.  

After working in the industry for another company, she saw the limitations that an exclusive agency faced.  “I wanted to offer more options for my clients,” she explained. Besne opened East Lake Insurance and Taxes in 2017.  She shared that she and husband joke that 2017 was a lazy year since she had given birth in 2015, 2016 and 2018!  “The year I didn’t give birth to a child, I decided to give birth to my business,” she said. In an effort to provide options to her clients, Besne offers auto, home and property insurance.  And it doesn’t end there!  She can also provide insurance coverage for flood, life, business, boat and other recreational items.  Keeping all your insurance needs with one agency eliminates a lot of hassle trying to keep up with different agents covering different policies for you.  And the ability to select different companies with just one agent makes it even better!  The most common type of insurance is auto insurance.  East Lake Insurance and Taxes currently offers Progressive, Safeco, Mercury, Foremost and Gainsco.  “We’re looking to add a few more carriers, with limits specific to the client’s needs,” she explained.  For homeowners insurance, they offer more than a dozen carriers!  While you might not be familiar with a few of those carrier names, don’t let that discourage you.  Many lesser known companies offer similar coverage to those companies with larger marketing budgets.   “We believe in catering options to our client’s needs and budget,” she said. 

Besne and Family

There is a lot to consider when selecting insurance coverage and for some, those decisions can be daunting. How much coverage do you need?  Are you overspending?  Are you spending enough to cover your loved ones or your property in the event of an accident?  Besne feels it is important for clients to realize insurance is to protect you from losing everything you have acquired in life; both monetary and non-monetary.  Her goal is to help clients access the information needed to make the best decisions. To do this, she considers the makeup of the household and the possible liability that can be associated with them.  She also takes the household income level into consideration as well.  Instead of offering coverage plans her client may not be able to afford, she offers solutions and plans that can protect the assets that need protecting.  

She shared the story of a new client who felt betrayed by his former agent.  “He had a General Liability Policy with his prior agency and had told that agent that he didn’t need property coverage since he didn’t own the building. He rents the warehouse and needs liability only.  The agent never went into detail as far as how much liability he needed either.  So my client, for years, kept renewing his policy not realizing he was paying for property coverage and higher liability coverage than he needed.” 

 As a small business owner, extra expenses like this can mean the difference of staying in business or going under.   “I can’t stress how important it is to understand your policies, not just to avoid overpaying but also to properly protect yourself so you don’t lose out on the main purpose of insurance, which is to protect yourself.”  Besne stresses that she does not push one line of insurance over the other and understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to coverage.  “I help my clients understand their needs and offer them multiple options based on their needs and budget,” she said. 

Do you need help with your taxes?  They can help you with that as well!  Besne explained they have CPA’s on staff that can handle all your tax needs.  They offer advisory, taxes, book keeping and payroll for corporations and individuals in need of those services. 

East Lake Insurance and Taxes LLC is located at 3033 Ridgeline Blvd, Suite B2, Tarpon Springs 34688.  Walk-ins are welcome but they also take appointments to ensure clients do not have to wait upon arrival.  Call today to set yours at 727-437-0725. They can also be found on Facebook at elinstax East Lake Insurance & Taxes Tarpon Springs.  Office hours are Monday-Friday 8:30am until 5:30pm.