By Ethan Lichtenberg

East Lake is a well-known area of Tarpon Springs famous for its smalltown feel and pride in the people that call it home. It’s a beautiful place with trees lining nearly every street, and the best schools in the area. Residing just off East Lake Road is a beautiful office area home to a company that is bringing the family back to the complicated world of insurance and taxes. We all pay taxes (well, for the most part), and all pay insurance for the things that need coverage. We all also know how irritating they both can be. To put it plainly, taxes are difficult. Most people need help with them, and that is for a good reason. It always seems like we’re all overpaying for insurance policies, as well. Are we getting the best deals? Do we have too much coverage or too little? To answer all the difficult questions that insurance and taxes bring to the forefront of our lives, Besne and the Ceylan family introduced East Lake Insurance & Taxes in 2017. Since then, they have assisted hundreds of people in finding the best insurance companies and getting the most money back on taxes they can. 

Besne Ceylan, her husband, and her three children are a happy family who created an approachable way to take care of people’s insurance and taxes. Besne had her first child in 2015, the second in 2016, and the last in 2018. Besne joked with me that she was bored in 2017, so she “decided to birth a business instead.” Besne was a quiet and sweet woman who, from the moment I walked in the office, seemed approachable and willing to answer any questions I had. Insurance and taxes are very unapproachable parts of life, so it is only fitting that a big, happy family is doing your dirty work for you. Besne and her three employees, whom she treats like an extended part of the family, work day in and day out to assure every customer that walks through the office door is satisfied and getting the best deals around. G. Maajoun said “They were very professional and it all comes down to one word; integrity! Great customer service and loved the atmosphere. Thanks, Besne, you’re the best.”

I asked Besne what areas they tend to serve to most; she told me, “the company serves anyone who walks through the doors, but the areas we see most extend from East Lake to Clearwater, and Palm Harbor to Safety Harbor.” With a wide range of people coming to see the Besne family at East Lake Insurance & Taxes, the things each person needs vary widely. Because her agency is an Independent Agency, she and the staff at East Lake Insurance and Taxes offer multiple lines of insurance from multiple agencies.  “We are not obligated to offer one company,” she explained. Before the business began, Besne worked for another company that offered similar services. However, that company had many limitations. That’s what sparked the idea to create her own business that served each customer differently. I asked Besne if the plan for each customer was generally the same; she told me, “absolutely not.” G. Moussa of the East Lake area said: “Taxes are always a breeze for my personal and business returns thanks to Besne!.” Customers leave relieved because there is no generic plan for each type of insurance that the company offers. Whatever the customer needs, East Lake Insurance & Taxes will modify a plan to fit. 

From my experience, the worst part about insurance is how many different companies you have to deal with for each type of insurance. That’s where East Lake Insurance & Taxes can help tremendously. They can keep all of your insurance needs in one place. Instead of calling five different companies and waiting on an automated phone line, you can call Besne, and she can take care of all your questions in one place. The company offers insurance policies for auto, home, property, flood, life, business, boat, and other recreational items. Cover everything you need to in one place, that treats you like family. 

It’s that time of year again. A new year is coming, and you know what that means…taxes — the dreaded time of year filled with forms and phone calls. If you had trouble with everything last year, trust me, nothing is going to change. Instead of shuffling through your years’ worth of paperwork, have East Lake Insurance & Taxes help you out. Most likely, you will get more money back and not have to deal with any headaches — a win-win situation for your holiday season. 

I’ll leave you with this; insurance and taxes are a confusing endeavor, so leave it to the experts. If you’re feeling worrisome about who to go to, Besne and the Ceylan family will treat you like you deserve to be treated. After all, the world needs a little more family tradition in it.

East Lake Insurance and Taxes LLC is located at 3033 Ridgeline Blvd, Suite B2, Tarpon Springs 34688.  Walk-ins are welcome but they also take appointments to ensure clients do not have to wait upon arrival.  Call today to set yours at 727-437-0725. They can also be found on Facebook at East Lake Insurance & Taxes Tarpon Springs.  Office hours are Monday-Friday 8:30 am until 5:30 pm.