By Deborah Bostock-Kelley

Though Experimax has been a global franchise since 2012, owner Richard Kemball is proud to own the first franchise location opened in Palm Harbor in November 2018.

“I wanted to work where I live. I felt the clientele attracted to my business would be the same clientele that lives in the area. It’s a very nice location, and,” he quipped. “It was right next store to a Starbucks.”

After decades in the healthcare administration business, when Richard had the opportunity to become an entrepreneur, he came across Experimax. This company focuses on fixing and selling certified-preowned Apple products and accessories and Dell computer products. 

“I was intrigued about an Apple-centric business. I’ve always respected visionaries- leaders. Apple changed how people behave. Clearly, they were successful. Apple set the bar for innovation, starting with Steve Jobs with personal computers, smartphones, and tablets. He basically changed the world. It was the forward-thinking of the franchise that I was attracted to,” he explained. “The business model is really interesting as it provides a model that there is no other competition. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I’ve always had that dream, so I grabbed it when I had the opportunity. The ability to grow, to have created something, were my main internal drivers – fulfillment part, if you will.”

While new technology product businesses have saturated the market, not many options for pre-owned products exist. In addition to offering quality pre-owned computer and cell phones and accessories, Experimax also offers trade-ins and upgrades, buy used devices, and provides software and system updates.

“We can save our customers on average 40% to 50% off a computer. They are buying essentially the same thing as new because it is only a year or two old. A lightly used device offers huge savings. To give our customers peace of mind, we offer a one year warranty with the option of a two-year extended warranty. It’s like buying a preowned car with a great warranty, saving 40-50%, why wouldn’t you?”

Richard said that when his customers discover his business, they are so happy not to have to deal directly with Apple. 

He emphasized, “We are known for being Apple experts. We offer convenience, reduction of the hassle, and saving money. When people realize that Apple devices don’t change all that much, that they change gradually, that they can save money with a preowned device that is just as good, if not better, than some of the new devices on the market, they feel relieved. Apple holds its value longer and has slower depreciation rates than Windows devices. I think the type of person who will be attracted to our business likes innovation and likes to think about the future, so it’s not a matter of affluence.”

Experimax offers its own internal and external independent Apple certification program, and both techs at the location are also A+ certified in Windows. They have the ability to deal with the software side of Windows and install, repair, upgrade computers, tablets, laptops, and cell phones of all types.

A certified technician is on-site at all times.

Richard believes that his best customers like to be on the leading edge that enjoys value. 

Customers enjoy the benefit of trading in a device and upgrading with a fair trade-in value. 

“It depends on the quality of the device and the type of the device, but each one has a secondary market. Accepting trade-ins is something people who know us value because they don’t have to just throw it in a drawer or throw it away.”

While customers get can an idea of the products available by browsing online, Richard encourages people to visit the store’s experts. 

“We like to get to know our customers, find out what their needs are, and right-side their need to the device. We try to do the right thing for each customer, as opposed to trying to make the most profit.”

During the pandemic, to ensure customer and staff safety, Experimax follows rigid CDC guidelines, including mandatory face coverings, social distancing, and sanitizing after every customer. 

“With my healthcare background, my staff and I are 100% proactive. I’m not flexible about that. We wipe down the credit card machine and the door. We want to ensure we aren’t the source of anyone’s concerns. We keep sanitizing wipes and spray in the store at all times.”

Since opening a little over two years ago, the company is thriving, receiving positive 5-star ratings across Google for its integrity and value.  Most of Experimax’s customers come from repeat and referral business. 

“I believe about half of our business is repeat business,” Richard said. “We continue to grow as people discover us and realize just how much they can save.”

To learn more, visit Hours of operation are Monday-Friday 9 am to 5 pm, 12 pm to 6 pm Saturday. Walkins welcome.