By Julie Kanehl 

We are at an interesting time right now when it comes to academics and the choices that are available for our children. It used to be that the options were rather simple; there were private schools and public schools. Today, there are public schools, charter schools, magnet programs, academies, virtual schools and home schooling options. With all the options out there, there’s one school in our area that has been consistently producing high achieving and some of the most well rounded students in our county, year after year, for more than 25 years, and that’s Bishop Larkin Catholic School in Port Richey. In fact, the students who graduate from their pre-K to 8th grade program are academically advanced when compared to other students, giving them an edge in high school, college and life.  Located at 8408 Monarch Drive in Port Richey, Bishop Larkin Catholic School is convenient to Trinity, East Lake, New Port Richey, Port Richey and more. 

One parent said, “There is no place better than Bishop Larkin Catholic School.  My children spend the day in a caring environment conducive to learning.  The professionalism of every staff member and the level of instruction are second to none.  We are blessed to have found Bishop Larkin and are thrilled to be able to have our children attend through 8th grade.”

Bishop Larkin Catholic School Provides a Dedicated Staff and an Outstanding Learning Environment 

How do they do it? Since 1989, Bishop Larkin Catholic School has been providing education the good old-fashioned way–– plenty of personal attention, parent involvement, numerous resources, safe and supportive environment and a one hundred percent commitment to academic excellence. The entire school has less than 300 students.  This provides students the opportunity to have more one-on-one time with the teachers and a closer relationship with their friends. Bishop Larkin Catholic School (BLCS) creates a warm and welcoming school environment, a deeper level of understanding and consequently, higher scores.

Principal Sr. Regina Ozuzu, H.H.C.J., or “Sister Regina” as she’s lovingly called, has been the school’s principal for 16 years, and is an incredible model of an educator with a loving spirit. Her love and passion for this school is obvious the moment you meet her, and most evident when the children greet her. Regardless of their age, they greet her warmly–often with hugs! Actually, the little ones prefer to sit in her lap! 

Sister Regina says, “We don’t let our students fall behind here. We are about empowering children to learn! We focus on why we are learning things, all the while thinking about what we will do with it and how the information will be useful in our lives!” 

Bishop Larkin Catholic School is accredited by The Florida Catholic Conference (FCC), whose accrediting practices are approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). The school is also a member of the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA), and is part of the Diocese of St. Petersburg. 

Their mission statement says, “Bishop Larkin Catholic School honors our past, embraces our present, and envisions the future in a Christ-centered learning environment that fosters spiritual and academic growth. We work in partnership with our parents and parish communities to inspire students to flourish in the Catholic traditions of compassion, service, and leadership.”

While you don’t need to be Catholic or even Christian to attend BLCS because it is open to all faiths, many parents are grateful to give their children the opportunity to go to school in a place that offers a Catholic education. To know that your children are attending school in a place that encourages morals, values and the teachings of Christ is a true gift, and sadly, a rare one.

One parent said, “The academic environment at BLCS speaks for itself in the curriculum and past graduates.” Adding, “I feel it is knowing that our children are in such a wonderful environment daily for 7 hours, while away from home that made me realize all the other advantages of BLCS.  In today’s times it is hard to find a great school that truly feels like an extended large family and everyone is cared for and trusted in that manner every day of the school year.  It is well worth the sacrifices we make to allow our children to attend BLCS.”

Many people make the assumption that they can’t afford to attend Bishop Larkin Catholic School, but there are many options! There are scholarship opportunities and financial aid options available, and the price of a solid education, guided by loving hands is truly priceless, isn’t it? At the end of the day, a Catholic School education is an investment that brings a lifetime of returns. 

One recent graduate said, “They gave me a great foundation, not only in my Catholic Faith but in my academic future.  They gave me a great sense of determination, kindness, and perseverance that can help me in the future.”  

Join the Bishop Larkin Family 

Attending Bishop Larkin Catholic School has become a tradition for many families in our area. In fact, over the years many students who graduated in the early years of BLCS brought their own children to BLCS to attend school.

Jennifer Bright, of Business Development and Marketing says, “There’s a legacy here that is being handed down, and students who attend Bishop Larkin become successful and valuable members of our society.” She adds, “Mrs. Peters is the Vice Principal. She also has been a teacher (2nd, 4th Grade and Religion). Her son Dr. Christopher Peters graduated in 1999.  Another teacher here, Cassie Bastien, also from the BLCS class of 1999, has been teaching VPK at BLCS since 2011. It is gratifying to see many alumni bringing their children to Bishop Larkin so they have the same valuable experience.   

Those are just a few examples of the many families who have trusted Bishop Larkin Catholic School with their children’s education. One of the things that parents love about BLCS is the family involvement. This year, the school is hosting family events on the last Friday of every month, giving parents and grandparents of three- and four-year-old children the opportunity to come, read together, and learn about what Bishop Larkin Catholic School has to offer. Of course, there are opportunities for families to be involved at BLCS throughout the school year for all grade levels. 

If you’re looking for a school where your children will flourish academically, spiritually and morally, contact Bishop Larkin Catholic School today. Parents and their students who are interested in learning more are welcome to make an appointment to tour the school and visit during an Open House.

Bishop Larkin Catholic School is located at 8408 Monarch Drive in Port Richey, Florida. To schedule a tour or for more information, call 727-862-6981 or visit their website at  Like them on Facebook by visiting their page at