By Melissa Mcenerney

To the average person, accounting is far more than just an effortless process of tracking, documentation and record-keeping. A standard Google search revealed that the words “accounting is,” often preceded the words “stressful” or “harder than engineering.” As a business owner, there is one sure way to avoid adopting a similar outlook. Hiring Dawn Fischer will help you reclaim control of your company’s accounting, while witnessing substantial reductions in your business’s internal costs related to salary, payroll taxes, health insurance and other employee related fees. Dawn’s New Tampa based business, Financials At A Fraction, assists with accounting, bookkeeping, QuickBooks and financial reporting accuracy. She brings to her business 26+ years of accounting experience including 15 years of self employment, 4 years of public accounting, and 7 years of private accounting.  

Dawn is a true Floridian, having lived in Florida her entire life, and currently lives in the New Tampa Area.  She is the proud mother of 2 UF Gator graduates.  Her oldest son, 27, went on to graduate from UCLA Law School, and is currently an entertainment attorney at 20th Century Fox in L.A.  Her youngest son, 25, is currently traveling the world and creating new adventures.  Dawn is happily married to Chris Fischer. He owns a successful franchise, Lawn Doctor of Zephyrhills, Land O Lakes.  Dawn and Chris enjoy their weekends together golfing and spending time at the beach.  

Accounting came almost instinctively to Dawn, who eagerly helped her mother with the bookkeeping portion of her business. After the birth of her youngest son, Dawn took on an entrepreneurial role, starting her own company, Worth Your Dough Inc., which manufactured upscale bedroom furniture and accessories and sold to children’s furniture stores throughout the country. The company’s accounting and payroll needs were taken care of solely by Dawn for 15 years. 

She decided to embark on a new direction, and leave manufacturing. She began working as an Accounting Manager for a commercial air filtration and engineering company. While employed there, Dawn turned their accounting department around and made the business’s software more user friendly all while training other employees. Dawn’s desire to higher level accounting sent her on her journey into public accounting.

In February of 2006, she began working for a CPA Firm. During those 4 years, she executed individual and corporate tax returns, managed fixed assets and depreciation, added new companies into accounting software, handled all month end closing for clients, processed all payroll for clients needing payroll services, and all other accounting functions needed within the firm. From here, she was hired internally by one of the firm’s largest clients, a 3PL Freight Transportation Broker, and took on a new position as their Controller. Throughout Dawn’s 6 years in management, she developed meaningful relationships with her accounting team which grew from 3 people to 16 during that time and she still communicates with them to this day. The company grew from 3 entities to 7, and her department managed all aspects of accounting for each entity. She maintained a valuable work relationship with her supervisor and CFO, who referred to her as his right hand.  

In 2015, Dawn chose to scale back and work for herself in order to enhance her own quality of life. Accounting is currently the focal point of her career. Her business, Financials At A Fraction, aims to help make accounting painless for small business owners. The majority of her work with clients is performed remotely. Dawn uses systems and processes that allows her clients to see the same information as she does real time. She encourages a very open line of communication, with professional/personal service.  She is reachable by way of text, email or phone to help her clients in any way needed. 

With 26 years of experience, Dawn is a seasoned accounting professional. She works with attorneys, transportation brokers, special project clients and many others. Though she does not offer tax returns or payroll processing, she is happy to handle all accounting needs related to them. Financials At A Fraction can take your business from its beginning stages, through setting up accounting software and transactions to preparing financials for a CPA who will file your company’s tax return. Intercompany accounting is like second nature for Dawn. She is comfortable managing 7 entities at a time and does so seamlessly. 

Financials At A Fraction has brought several clients who were a year and a half behind in their financials up to speed and current, as well as provided training to them onsite to manage their accounting internally going forward as they desired. She handles temporary projects for businesses as well, with one including the transition of an old controller in a foam manufacturing company. During the 6 weeks she revamped their accounting inefficiencies, reduced month end process, and trained their new permanent controller. Dawn has a range of clients from marine product manufacturers, freight brokers, service providers, attorneys and other private small businesses. 

The billing for Financials At A Fraction is done hourly based on the requirements of clients. These range from daily and monthly inputting to special projects. Dawn’s services are available year round. She works with clients Monday through Thursday until 4:30 pm with varying hours on Friday.

Dawn’s all-inclusive experience with and passion for the field of accounting makes her the clear choice for your financial obligations. She is knowledgeable in all accounting systems and is able to locate errors and completely recover damaged financials. She prides herself on being an effective problem solver who is proactive rather than reactive. She also brings years of experience handling 6 million dollars worth of daily accounts receivable, and has highly effective methods to improve collections and cash flow. Her accounting work is paperless oriented which is immensely beneficial in today’s technology oriented world. Dawn has a strong knowledge and understanding needed to construct financials within software systems. She has experience in every aspect of accounting functions within a software including but not limited to invoicing, purchase orders, accounts payable and receivable, liabilities and assets. She knows accounting from the bottom up, and has trained teams on every level. She takes great care to cultivate lasting relationships with those she works with. Dawn values loyalty and loves being accurate and ethical in books. She has always said that her accounting was so precise, that the worst thing she had to worry about if ever audited was what would she wear that day! Her goal is to transform accounting into a process that is straightforward for those who struggle with it. 

Through Financials At A Fraction, Dawn Fischer assists business owners with accounting, QuickBooks both desktop and online, bookkeeping, training, consulting, and more. Her qualifications include a total of 26 years of accounting “hands-on” experience. Many people fear that hiring an accountant would be pricy, but one decision altering detail they are unaware of is that Financials At A Fraction will reduce your business’s internal costs, quarterly work and year end tax preparation. You are hiring an experienced accountant, bookkeeper, and controller all in one. Watch as your financial headaches disappear with Dawn Fischer and her game changing company Financials At A Fraction. (Full resume available on Website & LinkedIn)

To contact Dawn, call (813)-731-1993, or visit