The Tampa Bay area just gained a great new and exciting art/experience Santa photography option! 

Nostalgic and Iconic Fine Art Santa Photography sessions resulting in breathtaking wall art and magical night before Christmas children’s storybooks set to poetry. 

With over 35 years as a commissioned, internationally renowned, and award-winning artist, Larry Hersberger’s art is sought after worldwide. Larry has become one of the best-known and most influential Christmas/Santa artists in the world today. He has been privately commissioned to write and create numerous children’s storybooks. With the extraordinary talent and inspiration of his wife and partner Ela Hersberger, together they have created Masterpiece Christmas. The success of this nostalgic style has led Larry & Ela to also become teachers and mentors to photographers and artists worldwide. After a decade of creating art for clients in more than 50 countries, Larry and Ela, together with their three beautiful daughters, decided to settle in Odessa, FL. 

  • Masterpiece Christmas now offers their Fine Art Santa Photography sessions in Odessa FL. These magical sessions are about capturing non-posed emotion and the wonder of children in iconic Santa moments. The result is breathtaking fine art and storybooks set to poetry. Imagine your Children playing a part in a theatrical performance of their very own night before Christmas story. In their dream, they visit Santa at the North Pole from 5 to midnight. They will have milk and cookies with Santa and experience magical, iconic Christmas moments.  Children will look inside the toy bag and will receive the ultimate gift. Your children will help Santa paint toys with magic paint and learn wondrous North Pole secrets.

These sessions are, simply put, remarkable, unique, and very memorable. There is a live photo set, a professional Santa, a master photographer, a photography team, a custom wardrobe, and a magical experience that you and your child will never forget. Each photo is meticulously pre-planned, and the experience is like a play/performance. (Your child will never know they are actually in a play.) They will love learning the secrets of the North Pole and the true meaning of Christmas from Santa Claus. A photo session with Masterpiece Christmas can take an hour or more. Masterpiece Christmas offers very limited sessions that are available only on specific dates.

Serving Community. Masterpiece Christmas chooses to bring the true meaning of Christmas into art, poetic storybooks, and storytelling. Larry and Ela understand that these books and pieces of artwork will be read and seen by many generations. As heirlooms, they will be handed down over time. The storybooks feature poetry that is whimsical yet full of life lessons and the true meaning of Christmas.

  • The creation of this artwork gives Larry and Ela a platform to share joy, love, and kindness with children and viewers as they read and see the artwork and books. It is their way of giving back to impact their community in a positive and joyous way. The resulting fine art and storybooks are exquisite heirlooms.
  • GOLDEN INVITATION. The wonder of a child is very important to us. We want to elevate your child’s wonder prior to the session Children come to their visit with Santa very excited. Prior to the session, each child will receive a Golden Invitation in the mail to have milk and cookies with Santa. The invitation will be mailed in a gold envelope addressed directly to each child. Also, in the golden envelope, your child will find a red velvet pouch with a bell from Santa’s sleigh. 

WARDROBE. We have beautiful vintage white nightgowns for girls, women, and grandmothers. Christmas pajamas for boys, men, and grandfathers are also provided.

GIFT FROM SANTA. During the session, each child will receive a memorable gift from Santa. The Magic Wish Book, is a precious time capsule and words to live by for generations. Once your child writes their wishes into the Wish Book, they magically become visible to the elves at the North Pole and Santa. This becomes a private portal to Santa, where your child can share thoughts and wishes with Santa while stirring your child’s imagination. There is space at the end of the wish book for adult members of the child’s family to write something they want that child to never forget. Each adult takes one page only…imagine the life lessons that will be in this little book. Once full, this special little book will become priceless, capturing the wonder of your child and the wisdom of your family, all in their own handwriting.

  • BOOK YOUR FINE ART SANTA SESSION TODAY. Contact us, and let us capture the wonder of your child at Christmas. To secure your commission is to cast you and your family’s legacy in art for generations to come. Few things will be more powerful or meaningful in your life. Call us today…generations will be happy you did. Talk to Larry or Ela at 336-870-6503.
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