Realtor Judi Beck is immediately likable and easy to talk to, but even more important to her clients, she is savvy about marketing homes and knows the Tampa Bay area extremely well.

Judi Beck’s dedication to her clients, whether they are buying or selling real estate, has earned her many referrals and repeat clients as a listing agent with Florida Executive Realty’s New Tampa office, located at 15802 Amberly Drive in Tampa, where she specializes in waterfront, country club and luxury properties.

If you’re looking to buy a new home or looking for an agent to sell your current one, it’s important that you work with someone who really knows the area, and Judi Beck definitely knows and loves the Tampa Bay area and enjoys to showcase the community and the beautiful homes that are available. She has worked with clients all over Tampa Bay, from Apollo Beach, St. Petersburg, and Tampa to North Pasco farm country.

Judi Beck is dedicated to making your Real Estate transaction a smooth and successful one where all parties are happy. Judi says, “The most difficult part for a seller or buyer is to feel confident about and trust the agent they’re with. On any appointment I go into, I tell the potential seller client the truth. I have comparable ready and really do my research because the first 30 days are crucial. When meeting a buyer who has a list of houses they are interested in, I make sure I have the history of the houses and what they sold for in the past and I bring a list of comparable properties, so that I have a good idea if the house is priced right before I even walk in.

Judi started her career as a realtor with Florida Executive Realty almost eleven years ago, after she retired from her job as a registered oncology nurse with the VA. It was actually her patients who inspired her to make a change. “I had two patients who were Realtors and they used to tell me the most heartwarming and funny stories. I really loved my patients.”

Seeing that helping people find their dream homes could be very fulfilling, Judi now channels the nurturing side of her personality and the desire to make people comfortable and happy into her efforts to find her clients the perfect home. “Every day, I am thinking of my clients. Whether they are in the process of closing, listing, or just starting to search for the right home, I am there for them. I am a full time, 24/7 agent with the full support of my family,” says Judi.

Prior to her nursing career, Judi’s early work experience also has been beneficial to her career as a Realtor. In the late 60s to early 70s, while living in Detroit, she had the opportunity to work for an interior decorator with a star-studded clientele. One of their jobs was Gladys Knight’s home, and she also met Stevie Wonder at Motown Studio. From there, Judi worked in high-end Thybony Wallcoverings in their Detroit branch.

With so many gorgeous homes to work on, Judi gained an appreciation for fine homes early in life, and she now draws from her design experience to help her clients stage their homes to sell. Judi believes that most times, a few small details are all that’s needed to make a huge difference in the way a home shows. For instance, professional cleaning, carpet and upholstery, clean windows and pressure washing can make a home shine beautifully in the market. “I also share a list of contractors that I with in case the home needs any repairs,” says Judi.

Another one of Judi’s talents that’s also incredibly beneficial in the real estate market, is the fact she knows advertising design and layout, skills that she learned while working at the st. Pete times, and now those skills are put to work when showcasing homes in her monthly flyers that go out to those in her network, as well as other Realtors in Tampa Bay.

Flyers and email blasts aren’t the only tools in Judi’s advertising arsenal, she also uses high definition photography as well as aerial drone photography to highlight not only the homes listed, but also many of the desirable communities in the area. “I also do high-definition promotional videos showcasing the best nightlife, hot spots and great restaurants in Tampa Bay, and share them on YouTube to expand my reach,” says Judi. “There are so many wonderful reasons to move to Tampa Bay and I’m ready to show you the beauty of this area, even if you’re looking from halfway around the world!”

“I’m Local, I’m Global”

Judi’s work background has given her a wide range of experience that she draws on when helping her clients. She loves staging homes to show their best potential, and she goes above-and-beyond to reach buyers, with advertising strategies that reach potential buyers both locally and globally.

If you’re a seller, you’ll want to know that your Realtor is reaching potential buyers no matter where they are. In this market, most people are turning to the Internet to narrow down their search. With Florida Executive Realty as her broker, Judi not only a great resources to offer local buyers, but she also has global reach. Judi’s able to list and promote properties on leading global Real Estate sites such as and Leading Real Estate Companies of the World ( enabling her to showcase her properties to potential buyers across the globe including China through

Choosing the right Realtor makes a difference in the speed, accuracy and ease of your transaction. As a Realtor with Florida Executive Realty, Judi Says, “My main goal is to consistently provide my clients with the highest level of representation.”

Judi’s energy, enthusiasm, her unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations, her assertive negotiation skills, and her determination to the best advocate for her clients makes her an excellent choice when you’re ready to choose a Realtor.

Judi Beck can be reached on her cell phone at 813-380-3866, or by email at