By Thomas Bostock

    With the specter of COVUD-19 hanging over us like a dark cloud, 2020 was a year of chaos, uncertainty, frustration, and isolation.  Shut-downs, financial issues, homeschooling, and trying to help your kids with schoolwork you have long forgotten or don’t even understand does not make for the happiest of times. Oh, yes, and this global pandemic, with many of us watching friends and family get sick, continues to wear on everyone!

     Mostly, everything was and is still on hold.  Many of the cool things we want to do are put aside for necessities and a different way of life in our perpetual “Groundhog Day.”.  Enough!  It’s time to fast forward!  Get that spark to live again, enjoy life, and get out of this mess.  As Dr. Kerr reminds us, now is the time to “get it done in ’21!”

     At National Rejuvenation Centers, Dr. Kerr helps his patients become the best version of themselves through bio-identical hormone optimization, personalized nutrition, and exercise protocols.  This gives them the energy, mood elevation, and health profiles to do what they want to do.  These are women and men over 40; their primary goal is to enjoy life, the Rejuvenation Medicine core.  When life hands them lemons, with their indomitable spirits, they turn them into lemonade! They persevere, despite the current circumstances.  

     NRC patient and golf’s long drive champion, Ryan Winther, is a great example of “making things happen” when hit with adversity.  In his first tournament on his comeback earlier this year, he won every round and beat two former world champions.  Things were going great in his preparation for the 2020 world championships!  Then Covid hit and canceled the tournament season.   

     Living in restrictive California, gyms closed and driving ranges shut down, making it difficult for Ryan to practice and work out.  This didn’t phase him.  He went “old school” and trained at home with push-ups and a set of old dumbbells. While not competing, he finally had time to write his book on the long drive’s secrets. Look for it published soon. He is now working with innovators to design training aids specifically designed for driving a golf ball as far as possible!  

     Enjoying a healthy life and taking on challenges and goals to make us better people is NRC’s primary focus. Still, the intent of this article is for everyone to take advantage of “getting it done in ’21,” whether or not you are an NRC patient. As much as this is an advertisement for National Rejuvenation Centers, we hope this encourages everyone to get in shape, switch jobs, start a business, spend more time with the kids, doing whatever would change your life for the better!

     Some of us can’t do this alone, and that is where NRC can help. Decreased hormones such as testosterone, progesterone, thyroid, and others may cause many people over 40 to get sluggish, put on the pounds, lose libido, and get depressed.  Hormone optimization at NRC can reverse, making you look and feel better and, most importantly, be healthier! Increased energy and vitality give you the spark to do those important things you have been putting off and need to do!

     Mike, 49, started on Dr. Kerr’s program several years ago. As Mike noted, “When your hormones and metabolism are optimized, you have more energy, more strength, and more motivation. I’m not exaggerating when I say I feel like I’m in my 20s again, and my lab results reflect this.” Seeing the positive effects of the program firsthand, his wife started with NRC shortly after he did.

“When COVID forced gyms to close, we knew we had to adapt. Our goals hadn’t changed, just the route. In the beginning, I was doing squats in my yard with paver stones. We soon added some resistance bands, adjustable dumbbells, and a bench. Today, our home setup includes a Murphy rack, leg press, and treadmill. We miss the gym environment and plan to return, but it’s nice to know we can stay the course at home.”

“Following Dr. Kerr’s program of metabolic optimization, diet, and exercise, we’re able to able to put in more effort and recover more quickly. We both look and feel many years younger than we are. My only regret is that I didn’t see Dr. Kerr sooner.”

Mike and his wife are “getting it done!”  They are great examples of NRC patients adapting to an unforeseen situation, taking control, and making the best of it.  If you are over 40 and don’t have the drive or energy that you used to have, your libido is low, or you’re putting on weight, give NRC a call today, or download the NRC app from the i-store or google play ap for informative videos, lab links, etc.!  We want you to have the “spark” to “get it done in ’21.”

Forget the rest and be your best with Dr. Kerr and National Rejuvenation Centers.

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