By: Marcy Sanford

Don’t wait until things go wrong; keep your air conditioning, heating, plumbing and electrical systems tuned up and ready to go with a little help from Cornerstone Pros – Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical and you’ll be able to enjoy a carefree summer. Since May begins their busiest time of the year, now is the time to schedule AC checkups and tune ups.

But if you do have a problem, Cornerstone will be there to help and thanks to the addition of new 5600 sq. ft. warehouse space, they will be able to better serve their customers. “We’ve added additional square footage warehouse, so we can stock more AC units, purification systems and parts, so that we can meet customers’ needs in an even more timely manner,” said Cornerstone owner Dana Spears.

Dana and Alvino
Dana and Alvino

Stay Cool this Summer: You can be assured that your AC will run smoothly this summer after a tune up from Cornerstone Pros but if you do find yourself getting hot under the collar due to an AC on the fritz, you can trust Cornerstone Pros to give you honest, reliable information about what’s going on with your unit and whether it can be saved or not. Cornerstone’s skilled technicians are there for you 24-hours a day whenever you need help. Cornerstone services all brands and is always happy to provide you with a free estimate on installations or a second opinion on repairs. They make it a point to get to emergency calls within the same day so that you can get back to living your life.

“We had a fantastic experience with Cornerstone,” says Kim R. “We had a 14-year-old unit, that by the looks of it had never been serviced in its life. They answered all my questions, even the dumb ones. . . Not only did they install a great system and clean the ducts, but they also put down a new concrete slab, painted inside the air handler closet, cleaned up after themselves and much more. I especially liked that I was emailed every time someone new was coming to my home so I knew exactly who to expect. Their customer service is incredible. I called on a Saturday to the emergency service and was called immediately back and was scheduled for our install within hours. I will be using them again for sure.”

Hurricane Prep: Hurricane season is right around the corner. If you were one of the unfortunate homeowners stuck without power for an extended period of time last year after Hurricane Irma, Cornerstone can help. While they had been installing whole home standby generators before the hurricane last year, Dana says it was after the hurricane that they realized the true value of the systems. “We were without power at our office for 7 days,” says Dana, “but we installed the standby generator and were able to get our office running 2 days after the storm.”

Dana says that Cornerstone installs Generac Home Standby Generators and that if the electricity does go out at your home, your power will transfer to the generator without missing a beat. If you live in an area where even smaller storms typically knock your power out, this would be a great addition to improve your quality of life at home.

Expert Electrical Service: In addition to installing generators for your home, Cornerstone’s certified technicians can expertly handle any electrical need in your home including adding or replacing lighting and fixtures, installing LED, adding or replacing ceiling fans and installing cables for cameras or media equipment.

Cornerstone is, “an outstanding company with outstanding employees,” said customer John P. “We use them for AC, electrical and plumbing. They are up front and honest with you. I have had interactions with at least 10 employees over the years and all are friendly and knowledgeable. . . I would recommend them for any of their services.”

Plumbing Problems: From small problems like a clogged pipe to larger ones such as a whole home re-pipe or installation of a new water heater, you can trust the pros at Cornerstone to fix your issue honestly, reliably and quickly.

Water Treatment & Purification Systems: In addition to expert plumbing services, Cornerstone can install personalized well water treatment and water purification systems. Not only will these systems remove impurities from your water and improve its taste but because they remove hard water, it will prevent fixtures in your home from discoloring and rusting and increase your appliances’ longevity and help them perform better.

We had Cornerstone out to help us figure out why our pipes were humming and do an overall check-up on our plumbing,” says Ryan M. “Chris J. was awesome. He went through each bathroom, sink, etc. Cleaned drains, identified the cause of the humming issue right away, and gave us some great tips regarding the products in our home since they have a lifetime warranty. After the check-up, he gave us a quote on a few of the issues that would have been beyond my expertise to repair. He was actually able to fix those issues in under an hour after giving the quote. Highly recommend Chris J. and Cornerstone.”

Helpful Financing: Most people don’t plan for their HVAC system or hot water heater to break but Cornerstone Pros offers financing plans for every budget and will help you restore your home without breaking your bank. They even offer financing for home improvement projects like installing a Whole Home Standby Generator or Water Purification System.

Thanks to their hard work and dependable, friendly, honest service, Cornerstone Pros – Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical has become the area’s top choice to call for heating, air, plumbing and electrical issues. From renovations and new equipment installations to emergency repairs or service check-ups, their team of certified AC technicians, Electrical Techs and Plumbing specialists blend innovation with old-school values to deliver 100-percent satisfaction.

Born and raised in the area, it is important to Dana that Cornerstone be known as a company that her community can trust. The family owned business of 12 years prides itself on hiring the best local technicians and customer service professionals available. She and her husband, James Spears, also support local charities and schools.

For honesty, reliability, and expertise, give Cornerstone Pros – Air, Heating, Plumbing & Electrical a call today at (813) 949-4445. You can also get more information about the specials and services they provide at their web site