By Tom Bostock

Entrepreneurship is the backbone of our country, and every small business, the lifeblood of our economy, creating and providing jobs for countless skilled and unskilled workers. Starting and running a small business can sometimes be a difficult proposition but there are safeguards available to you to simplify the process and help ensure the successful operation and stability of your company.

Don’t you see a doctor to assess your overall physical condition and treat your symptoms and concerns? Shouldn’t the same apply to the financial health of your company? Do you want to consult with a business expert because your small business is under-performing or just starting out? Do you know which records you will need to file? Should you withhold on a quarterly basis or would another timeframe be more advantageous for your business? 

These are just a few of the myriads of questions you may need to consider as a present or perspective small business owner, but you don’t have to go it alone. Help is as close as your telephone and Angela Santoyo of Strategic Tax Preparation (727 789 9010). She has been helping small businesses navigate the morass of rules, regulations, filings and a host of other business issues since 1998 when she first opened her own bookkeeping service to assist both small business clients and individuals with their specific financial needs.

The list of services available to you, the small business owner, run the gamut of issues that you might encounter. From a simple bookkeeping service, dealing primarily with basic bookkeeping and simple accounting, today’s Strategic Tax Preparation can handle the most complex tax considerations. Not only can  Angela’s company file your return, but she can also assist you in implementing strategies to save money on present or future tax returns. Her initial, no-hidden-cost interview can identify problems, that, left uncorrected, could impact the financial health and future of your company. 

I’m sure that you ever heard the expression, “Time is money,” especially to the small business owner.  Do you know when it would be more economical to outsource a tedious task that you have been doing in-house so that you have more time to devote to running your business more profitably? Does it make sense to spend your time pouring through employment records to prepare W-2’s and 1099’s, especially out-of-state ones? Are you getting large enough that outsourcing may make both dollars as well as sense to you?  These are just some of the many services that the experts at Strategic Tax Preparation can provide for your business and the type of questions that you should be asking during a business consultation (another service option) with Angela. 

 Cost is always a consideration with any small business. There is never any guesswork with Angela because you are always in control of what you spend for tax and business services. As previously noted, there are no hidden fees, costs, yearly contracts, or even setup charges for installing software programs like QuickBooks, customizing the settings to take maximum advantage of the features the program offers, something unheard of with most competitors. It is up to you and your business needs to decide what works best for you; how little or how much assistance that Angela’s company provides you. There are multiple financial packages available to ensure that you don’t pay for unwanted or not needed services that could unnecessarily impact your bottom line.

Another money-saving feature available to Angela’s customers can be found on her website. Many times, you don’t necessarily need to consult with an expert but just need to know the answer to general tax questions or to familiarize yourself with government pamphlets and handouts. For your convenience, Angela has provided a convenient tab at the top of her website that will take you to a customized webpage that contains easy-to-use links to multiple tax-related subjects. Anyone can do it; not only is it as easy as pushing a button, but it also saves you the cost of a consultation!

Busy small business owners don’t always have the time to meet with their business/tax consultants during regular business hours but that isn’t any problem for Angela. By appointment only, she can set up a mutually agreeable time to meet with you and accommodate your busy schedule after regular working hours. Strategic Tax Preparation goes the extra mile for their customers! 

You owe it to yourself and your small business to take the stress out of taxes. Serving Palm Harbor and the surrounding communities since 1998, Strategic Tax Preparation can be the solution to put your mind at ease. Located at 2706 Alt 19, Ste 220, Palm Harbor, with easy access to their offices, why not, like countless other satisfied customers, make Strategic Tax Preparation your destination, not only for tax season, but all year long? Your business will thank you for it.