By Tom Bostock

Think about the sound of a robin singing as you walk along a garden path, or the sounds of a child’s laughter as you gaily play together with carefree abandon. These are some things we take for granted, our hearing and sense of balance. Unfortunately, some of us aren’t that lucky. 

Suffering from hearing and balance disorders limits our ability to be mobile and enjoy our children and grandchildren in this limitless world around us. If this describes you, don’t despair. There is hope, and it comes in the form of the hearing and balance professionals at Trinity Hearing and Balance, a patient-friendly practice. Professional and compassionate are the two words that define them. 

When practice founder, Dr. Kelly Hansen, opened her office in 2006, after six years of hospital work as an audiologist and another ten years in an Ear nose and Throat practice, it was the culmination of a seed planted while she was still in college. “I took a couple audiology classes when I was a freshman in college,” Dr. Hansen said. “I really liked the classes.” 

As she confirms on her website (, in “Seven Reasons to Visit,” referring to herself, her associate, Dr. Goldowski, office administrator, Meghan Freeman, Dr. Hansen writes, “We absolutely love what we do!” Love and proficiency are the unbeatable combination reflected in every aspect of the practice. 

To go the extra mile for her patients, after obtaining both her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Purdue and her Doctorate of Audiology at the Arizona School of Health Science, Dr. Hansen obtained her clinical board certification from the American Academy of Audiology and is “clinically certified by the American Speech-Language hearing Association.” 

Many workshops, and periodic courses in her specialties, balance, and hearing disorders, keep her knowledge of advances current “in the most up to date diagnostic testing and treatment for these disorders,” her profile notes. 

Dr. Hansen’s associate, a graduate of the Cleveland State University with her Bachelor of Arts degree in speech and hearing, Dr. Nikki Goldowski-Richa brings an equally diverse background to the practice. As her profile notes, while completing her Doctorate of Audiology at the University of Louisville, she worked at “Veteran’s Affairs medical centers, children’s hospitals, ENT clinics, and private practice setting in Louisville.” 

She completed her required year’s internship at Trinity Hearing and Balance where she continues to practice today. Drs Hansen and Goldowski-Richa represent over twenty years of experience, solving their grateful patients’ hearing and balance problems.

Referring to the practice, Dr. Hansen noted. “We offer exceptional care and thorough diagnostic testing.” She stressed the need for people having hearing problems “to get evaluated by a doctor.”  

A hearing aid represents a substantial investment, Dr. Hansen advised.  I always thought a hearing aid was just a hearing aid. It amplified the sound so a person could hear. Dr. Hansen corrected my ignorance. “A big difference” she said, “as far as technology is concerned, a hearing aid is not just an amplifier but offers a variety of technologies.” Since Trinity hearing and Balance is an independent practice, they have access to all the major manufacturers. She noted that “One company cannot always fit a patient’s needs.” 

Buying a hearing aid is not like buying a car where you negotiate a price with a sales associate and leave the dealership knowing you have purchased what you needed. Hearing aids are not just loss specific. An individual’s lifestyle needs to be taken into consideration  when discussing the appropriate technology. Do you need to hear in church? Do you need to hear in group situations or noisy environments? Are you having a hard time hearing the television? These are just a few situations that need to be discussed. 

As she notes, “Our goal is not just to sell hearing aids but to make sure that an individual gets the appropriate technology for their lifestyle and hearing loss. We ultimately want to make sure there is nothing medically wrong with your ears before purchasing a hearing aid.” It takes a doctor, and not just a hearing aid salesperson, to make that determination.

The other aspect of their practice is balance, dizziness, and vertigo.  As one of the first centers in Florida to install the revolutionary Epley Omniax System, Trinity Hearing and Balance is one of “just a handful of clinics to offer this paradigm-shifting computerized technology.” It is a system that helps to diagnose and treat patients suffering from dizziness involving inner ear disorders.  While other technologies only provide general assessment, this new system “allows for more precise treatment, with significantly greater chance of success.”

The following excerpts from their website’s article explains the technology’s use:

“When loose particles in the ear canals are contributing to the vertigo, the Omniax System makes it possible to pinpoint the location of the particles and provide the information needed for the caregiver to make treatment decisions.” 

“The system’s software gives the audiologist a precise record of the positions and eye movement readings to aid in monitoring progress and overall management of the patient. Its multi-axial rotational capability allows the caregiver to maneuver the particles out of the canals into an area of the ear that will not be irritated. The device is also well-suited for treatment of patients who pose maneuvering challenges, such as those who are frail, obese, or disabled.”

“The System keeps Trinity Balance and Hearing Center on the cutting edge of new technology in the field and it means we’ll be able to continue providing the best possible care for our patients who suffer from dizziness and balance problems,” Dr. Hansen proclaimed on her website.

As Dr. Hansen notes, ”her main purpose for opening Trinity Hearing and Balance Center was to provide a state-of-the-art facility for diagnosing and treating hearing, dizziness and balance disorders.” Whether your issue is hearing, or balance-related, trust Trinity Hearing and Balance Center is always at the forefront of the latest dizziness, balance, and hearing loss technology. Call today 727-755-0391. All ages welcomed.

Trinity Hearing and Balance, 8605 Easthaven Ct., New Port Richey, FL 34655