By: Kelly Stuart Williams, MA

Infinite Edge Learning Center (IELC) is a privately owned center that specializes in customized, one-on-one lessons for all subjects for students grades K-12 and undergraduates in college.  Established by Ozra & Sobi Jabbari in 2007, IELC continues to be a premier provider of customized tutoring.  The staff and students continue to achieve superior results, making our legacy a proud one.

“In the graduating class of 2019, we have students who received academic scholarships to many universities…including Duke University, Washington University, Berkley, Rice, UCLA, and NYU, and many students received full scholarships to USF, UF and UCF,” said Ozra.  She added that, in some cases, scholarships were valued at $75,000 per year

Unlike many learning centers, IELC prides itself on customizing the curriculum to fit the particular needs of the student.  Accordingly, the following process has been established to ensure the greatest learning impact: 1. Assessment to determine academic strengths and challenges; 2. Evaluation to determine a grade equivalence to focus on areas where improvement is needed and strengths from which to build; 3. Design of an individualized, student-based learning intervention and strategy.

As there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for all learners, IELC recognizes that no two students are alike.  There are different learning styles, so IELC designs different learning strategies that accommodate those styles.  As well, the program is scalable and adaptable.  As opposed to creating one, static strategy, the tactics grow and change along with the learner. IELC continuously assesses progress to maximize achievement as well as retention and comprehension of academic knowledge.

In the United States, math learning doesn’t always add up.  According to the US Department of Education, “…only 33 percent of eighth-graders tested proficient in math at grade level.” Responding to that discovery, US News and World Report published the following, “Too much of our instruction is based on getting as much information into kids’ heads as quickly as possible because standards must be met and tests must be taken. This style, however, doesn’t lend itself to retention or depth of understanding that lets students apply their knowledge to new types of questions.” 

Infinite Edge Learning Center takes all of the information that students have memorized and helps them process it.  Ozra Jabbari said that students need extra help—to learn how to problem-solve instead of simply learning facts and information. “…a solid foundation in math is essential…If your child passed algebra or geometry with a C or an incomplete understanding of the concepts; they probably need some extra help. Algebra will be used again and again in the future, especially on the SAT and ACT, in college algebra and calculus, even college graduate exams such as the GMAT and GRE.”

And while achievement tests and college entrance exams are important, problem-solving skills are predictive for overall success in a person’s life. “Math is so much more than just numbers and symbols. It’s logic and critical thinking. It’s problem-solving. It helps us understand our world in deeper, more meaningful ways. And it may affect how successful we are in that world.

For example, one researcher analyzed the educational outcomes and math scores of several thousand students. After crunching the numbers, he declared that, even without considering any other factors, math achievement alone explained “…about a 30% to 60% range of variance in the chance of being on track to college readiness.”  In his view, math wasn’t the only factor influencing college readiness, but it was one of the more important ones.”

And as problem-solving skills affect our lifelong learning and success, Ozra said that it doesn’t happen overnight, “If you want to learn to play the piano well, you have to practice every day…It’s the same with learning.” She added, “A full test preparation program at Infinite Edge takes several months. Cramming all that information in a few weeks won’t yield the same results.”

There are many tutoring programs in Tampa that focus only on math skills.  However, IELC focuses on the whole student, and that includes mastery of other subjects as well.   According to McGraw-Hill Education, “Language is essential to all aspects of learning… Teachers use language when explaining math concepts to students, while students need language skills for developing and testing hypotheses. Students also use language to demonstrate their understanding of mathematical reasoning, concepts and procedures.”

A student from Infinite Edge, Kristopher Sealy, said, ““Infinite Edge has taught me a lot about what areas to work on and has helped me get better scores in English and Math.”

 “Kids have so much access to computers and tablets now, that they don’t spend a lot of time reading,” said Ozra. “Especially as they get older, they’re too busy with social media to pick up a book.” She added that the FSA standards require reading comprehension and analytical skills in addition to mathematical problem-solving skills; all must be mastered for standardized testing and lifelong success.  Science and Social Studies tutoring also is available.

“At Infinite Edge, even standardized test prep is personal. It’s offered in one-on-one sessions, or small group sessions with just two or three students. “This personal attention yields amazing results, where Infinite Edge Learning Center continues to be known as the “home of the perfect SAT and ACT,” said Ozra.

Infinite Edge Learning Center is located at 17419 Bridge Hill Ct., in the Tampa Palms Professional Center near Freedom High School. To learn more about how Infinite Edge can help your child, call 813-971-6500 or visit