By:  Kelly Stuart Williams

Kelly Ayers may be the most personable and enthusiastic judge candidate we have met.  Her energy and sincere caring for people is contagious.  Her clients say the same, “Kelly makes us feel like we are her family.”  Her office at Ayers Overfield & Crowe runs like a family, “Everyone does everything in our offices.  From my husband/law partner to our assistant, we all take out the trash.”

As a Hillsborough County Circuit Court Judge candidate, Kelly’s vision is aligned with how she runs her practice:  when we work together, everyone wins.  Her nature is collaborative, and so is her law practice.  Solving problems and finding resolutions is how Kelly conducts her business and her life. “We must be open to working together to try and resolve issues,” said Kelly who added, “It’s about following our moral compass and doing the right thing and deep down we all know what is right and what is wrong.” 

Kelly’s career spans 26 years of legal experience in private practice, including a few years spent at USF early in her career re writing the Florida Baker Act Statute.  She handles cases in federal, appellate, circuit, and county courts, and she has extensive experience in county criminal, civil litigation, family law, and private dependency.

“I am a people person. I want to take all of my litigation experience and be the people’s judge and serve the residents of Hillsborough County:  the County where I was born and where my children were born and raised.  As a third-generation Hillsborough County resident, I want to enter public service where I have lived and practiced law my entire life,” said Kelly.

Ayers Overfield & Crowe has offices in Carrollwood and South Tampa, so they are easily accessible to a diverse group of clients.  In fact, one of Kelly’s firms services exclusively the unique needs of our Hispanic community. “We have a Cuban born paralegal who specialize in helping us serve Hillsborough County’s Hispanic citizens.”

Kelly would like to see the Hillsborough County Court as open and as accessible as her offices are. “I want to take the fear and intimidation out of going to Court.  We need to treat our citizens as if they are customers.  No one wants to sit around getting anxious about being in a courtroom.”  She added, “I want to maintain a courtroom that is simple and makes people feel as comfortable as possible.”

Whether in-person or virtually, Kelly is in the courtroom nearly every day, “My three firms – civil, family, and county criminal, have had me in court nearly every single day, usually several times a day, not only in Hillsborough County but all over the state of Florida. My experience as a litigator in the three core areas of the law – throughout the State of Florida, uniquely qualifies me to serve as a Hillsborough County Circuit Court Judge,” said Kelly.

Kelly’s career has always been about helping people and giving a voice to those challenged to speak for themselves.  She worked at the Louis de la Parte, Florida Mental Health Institute at USF, where she led a team of professionals in re-writing the Baker Act Statute (involuntary commitment law) in Florida to protect people (including Florida’s elders) experiencing mental health issues.  

As the mother of three (3) young adult children, Kelly is aware of the needs of children and families throughout our diverse community.  Her husband, Daniel Crowe, is a retired US Air Force First Sergeant and her law partner who specializes in Family Law.  Both Kelly and Dan are excited about the opportunity to re-enter public service.  In her “spare” time, Kelly mentors high school seniors across Hillsborough County, volunteers and supports the East Tampa Youth Basketball Association and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Kelly would greatly appreciate your vote for Hillsborough Circuit Court Judge, Group 9. She can be reached at  For more information; visit her website at  Election day in Hillsborough County is August, 18, 2020, and mail-in ballots will be mailed on July 9, 2020.  Early voting will also be available.