Filling income tax form with pen and calculator

Tax season – two words that send chills down the spines of ill-prepared taxpayers. For so many every year, taxes become a last-minute struggle for both individuals and businesses. Individuals are not always sure about what deductions they can take or how their year’s efforts from a tax standpoint will play out. Businesses must take the time at year end to shore up their accounting transactions and make sense of the year’s activities. This includes year-end tax planning and strategies, payroll and sales taxes, bookkeeping, budgeting, expense analysis and many other issues. These issues can be overwhelming to those with very little understanding of the tax code or maintaining a company and maximizing profit.

Certified Public Accountant Ken Corrales has been easing the minds of businesses and individuals since 1993. Ken assists and advises on many issues and financial struggles important to running and managing a business or personal tax planning successfully.

An alumnus of the University of South Florida, Ken has a wealth of experience working with a variety of businesses at planning and minimizing the tax bite and many other issues relevant to businesses and their accounting needs and can also assist individuals with their personal returns and associated strategies.

“I became interested in accounting because when I started at U.S.F. I realized I had an affinity for financial matters and that I enjoy working with people to solve their problems,” he said.

After graduating U.S.F., Ken worked for years in several C.P.A. firms throughout Tampa Bay and even expanded his experience into industry as a Controller and later C.F.O. (Chief Financial Officer) that allows him to provide additional industry and real-world expertise to his accounting clients. He strives to locate the client’s “pain points” related to finance and accounting, business relations, taxes, business processes and bookkeeping, and then works towards a solution at a reasonable and affordable cost.

Ken performs an assortment of services to help those in businesses with different requirements including business consulting; outsource CFO (Chief Financial Officer) or Controller services. These added services are especially popular with businesses that do not want to hire a fulltime person in that role.

Ken also handles tax preparation and planning, business analysis, IRS representation, bookkeeping and business accounting, tax readiness strategies as well as creative solutions to tax problems and ongoing tax and business strategies. In addition, he can assist shareholders in S corporations that may need estimated tax payments or more withholding on their W-2 wage and tax statement to ensure clients don’t pay additional penalties and can better plan for the tax liability.

Beyond accounting, tax preparation, consulting and bookkeeping services, Ken provides many services to new businesses: business formation, financial statements and accounting, software selection and instruction, payroll and bookkeeping, strategic planning, KPI (Key Performance Indicators) based on metrics and industry averages to name a few. Through consultation and listening to the client he determines the services that the client needs, and formulates a plan and establishes a reasonable rate for the services needed. He will also teach businesses how to use software like QuickBooks so they can do it themselves and oversee the client’s work to insure accuracy.

He always suggests starting with a free initial consultation.

“During our free consultation, we will discuss your company or individual needs in detail and explore options and approximate costs. It is an informal discussion of areas that we jointly feel need attention from a tax and financial standpoint and our proposed solution. This plan will then be communicated via an engagement letter outlining the issues and proposed solutions and costs.”

Ken appreciates the value of his clients’ time and not only has convenient office hours, but offers virtual services via phone, email and text to fit people’s hectic schedules. For both virtual and brick and mortar clients, Ken’s firm works well with technology to be able to get forms or information needed and function somewhat like a ‘back office’ for businesses that don’t have regular 9-5 hours or an office location.

He offers phone consultations, remote access to computers, a secure portal for submitting and receiving important paperwork via his web site, all to ensure time efficiency. He is organized and efficient, as can be seen online in his multiple positive testimonials.

Ken explained six key factors that sets him apart from the competitive market.

“Convenience, years of experience, trust, reliability, knowledge and adaptability,” he said. “The financial and tax side of their business or individual situation may throw some people off…and they simply do not want to deal with it, and for a good reason, because they may not know how to do it adequately or efficiently or it intimidates them, my firm can help with all the tedious, confusing and overwhelming information. You will be in good hands with us.”

To learn more about the services that Ken and his firm provides or to call for a free consultation, please visit or email him at He can also be reached at 813-968-2019 or at 14502 N. Dale Mabry Highway, Suite 200 Tampa, FL 33618. Ken is a member of the Florida Institute of CPA’s (F.I.C.P.A.) as well as the A.I.C.P.A. (American Institute of CPA’s).