Henry Ford once said, ‘whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.’ At KnowledgePoints, caring tutoring professionals want your child to not only think he can but know he can accomplish great things in school, by gaining confidence provided from their academic help.

A family-owned business started by businessman Rocky Contreras and wife Monica, elementary school teacher, KnowledgePoints is celebrating 10 years in the Publix shopping complex on Collier Parkway, Land O’Lakes.

KnowledgePoints caters to all students – from pre-kindergarten to high school, and occasionally some college students. Whether enrolled in public school, Florida Virtual School, private or charter school, the knowledgeable tutors’ goal is to build your child’s confidence and by doing so, help him succeed.

A diagnostic assessment of your child reveals learning gaps and the center makes recommendations as to what areas of tutoring would benefit him. Unlike other tutoring services, where it is the same process for everyone, at KnowledgePoints a plan is custom developed specifically for your child to address learning gaps and skill deficits.

KnowledgePoints’ staff supports teacher instruction, regularly contacting the student’s classroom teacher to gauge improvements and work on areas of concern. Center director Randee Williams communicates with your child’s teachers to get feedback to see how he is doing in school.

“I ask what specific recommendations the teachers have for us,” she said. “In all ways, we try to make sure we meet the individual needs of our tutoring students.”

KnowledgePoints has more than fifteen degreed professionals on staff, each with different areas of specialty. Most are current or retired teachers, so they understand the stress many children feel in school to meet the demands of the Florida Standards Assessment testing, which begins as early as third grade. At KnowledgePoints, learning is stress-free, fun and rewarding.

Students earn “Success Points” just for showing up and giving their best, which translates into shopping at Success Central for toys, games and gift cards.

“It provides that extra motivation,” said Rocky. “This is a positive, warm environment. We want learning to be fun for children. We move at the children’s pace to give them what they need – not the other way around.”

Rocky recounted a story of a youngster who arrived 15 minutes early to the center, whose mother had to stop her from going back to her study table because she was so excited to start her hour-long tutoring session. “She had just spent a full day in school, yet she couldn’t wait to get back there and get her session started.”

Randee agreed that it wasn’t just the students that were excited, but the tutors as well.

“Many of our teachers say this is the best part of their day,” said Randee. “They feel like they are making a real difference here.”

Whether your son or daughter is getting ready to enter Kindergarten, struggling to keep up in reading, math, or writing, or needs assistance preparing for ACT or SATs, KnowledgePoints has a tutoring program to meet your child’s particular need.

Success stories are commonplace, as are the awards. KnowledgePoints won Central Pasco Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business of the Year in 2015.

Disorganized students -especially elementary going into middle school and middle-schoolers becoming high school students – benefit from the Study Skills program. From learning how to reduce test anxiety and how to manage time to discovering how to prioritize and have the proper folders and tools needed for school, Study Skills provide another element to enable the students to be successful.

The Homework Edge program allows the tutor to concentrate on a particularly difficult class, often helping those students bring their grade up from a C or a D (or worse) to an A or a B. The tutors don’t do homework, but they do help to make the process of completing homework a positive experience.

Rocky and Randee agreed that Summer is an important time for struggling students. Called the Summer Slide, your child loses some of the skills, generally two months-worth, he gained during the previous school year. KnowledgePoints offers tutoring year-round and recommends your child continue with some academic work through the Summer time to keep the information fresh, get a head of the curve, and prepare your child for the next school year.

The center also provides ACT and SAT test preparation services. Now that these tests are being offered over the summer, students can prep at a time they have more time available in their schedules and then take the test while the information is still fresh in their minds. “With Bright Futures paying 100% of tuition at Florida public universities for students who achieve the higher tier, we are seeing many more families look at test prep as a smart investment,” said Rocky.

With no contracts to sign, free Wi-Fi for parents waiting for their child’s session to finish, and a discount for siblings, KnowledgePoints is more than just a tutoring center, it’s a place that genuinely cares about your child’s success.

KnowledgePoints is located at 2201 Collier Parkway, Land of Lakes. Hours of operation are 11:30am-7:30pm Monday through Thursday, 2:30pm to 6:30pm Friday, and 9:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday. For information, call (813) 909-0781 or visit landolakes.knowledgepoints.com. Rocky has a second KnowledgePoints location in Trinity. For information about KnowledgePoints in Trinity,
call (727) 484-6178 or visit