Treating Hard Water Helps Your Budget and Extends the Life of Your Appliances

By:  Kelly Stuart Williams, MA

Servicing Pasco and Hillsborough Counties, Land O’ Lakes Water Treatment is locally owned and has been in business for 40 years, or as their slogan describes, “Treating bad water good since 1980.” Owner Jeffrey Crocker said that his company prides itself on honesty, and that’s how he got into the business in the first place.

                “Like many, I retired from a job up north and moved to the Tampa Bay area, where I quickly learned our new home required water treatment. Our first call to a company did not go well! They told us that our existing water softener was a “throwaway” model, and it would be $5000 for a new softener, then proceeded to charge us $98 for a service when they serviced nothing,” said Crocker.

“My wife proceeded to Google “water treatment in Land O’ Lakes,” and when she spoke with Land O’ Lakes Water Treatment, they offered FREE water testing and offered an affordable water treatment solution AFTER they checked our water,” added Crocker.

                The Crockers were so impressed with the honest treatment they received and the water treatment system that solved the hard water problems that they asked the owner if he was hiring. “I had retired and was looking for something to do, and the owner replied with, “Buy my business; it’s for sale,” explained Crocker.

After a two-month trial of working with the company and its many repeat (and happy) customers, Jeff and Debbie Crocker bought the company in 2015.  Five years later, they are delighted to report they have grown the business and have helped many residents “…improve the quality of their water for healthier, safe living and cleaner water.”

                Other clients on Google Reviews have shared similar experiences with the company. David L. wrote, “I just bought a property that had a water softener system which I knew nothing about. I called several water treatment companies, and none would offer guidance on the operation. I called Jeff, and he was accommodating and sent Josh to my house, which he guided me through the process and set the unit up…many thanks to Jeff and Josh. If you need water treatment, call these guys.”

                Many customers of Land O’ Lakes Water Treatment are on well water that requires additional water treatment, though county and city water in the Tampa Bay area also remains hard (high mineral content).  Minerals like calcium and magnesium accumulate in the water that has a wide range of adverse effects from spots on the dishes in your dishwasher to dry hair and skin on your body.

                Hard water quickly ages your appliances, because water-using appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters experience scale buildup that makes them work harder and become less efficient.  Less efficiency causes more significant expenses in both the operation and maintenance of appliances, and that means greater expense in your energy bills.

We asked Mr. Crocker if scaling and buildup are why we hear about water heaters bursting in Tampa Bay homes. “All appliances should be checked regularly for scale and buildup,” said Crocker, “We’ve even heard stories about pipes bursting over time, and it’s not unusual to hear customers say that the water pressure (flow) is reduced in their pipes. That’s a tell-tale sign that your home needs water treatment,” he added.

                Customers of Land O’ Lakes Water Treatment characterize the company as being caring and honest, and Crocker said they understand that clients are looking for affordable pricing and dependable service.  Crocker shared a story about a local celebrity who has become one of his repeat customers, “He called me while I was on vacation, and I told him that I would come over and take a look at his system—he couldn’t believe I would do that on my day off.”

                In a recent Google Review, Alicia S. wrote, “Helpful and knowledgeable about the equipment. The owner was interested in installing what was best for our household concerning the type of treatment and our budget. Thanks, Jeff!”

                Let Land O’ Lakes Water Treatment find out what is in your water! Call them today at 813-996-4479 for FREE water testing. After the water analysis, they will recommend the best water treatment solution to improve your water quality. For more information, visit their website at, or contact them at