By: Joy Bergman

“Rrruff! Ruff, Ruff!” is all you hear for the seventieth time today. You shake your head in despair, as you drive your four-month-old chihuahua, Poppy, to the vet. First, he barked at you for breakfast. Then the mail lady. Now, the driver in front of you. And it just goes on and on. Not to mention, Poppy isn’t potty trained, and he doesn’t seem to care, either. Day after day, you find yourself in the same frustrating situation as your untrained “best friend” drives you crazy. “I can’t do this anymore!” You scream. Well, here comes the good news – help is available. Many dog owners, especially first-time puppy owners, find out that training a dog isn’t just a “walk in the park.” Luckily, the astounding dog trainers at Dogism, Oldsmar’s premier 7,000 + sq. ft. dog training and retail facility, are here to make your life easier – and even more fun!

You might wonder if anyone is capable of helping you with your “hopeless” dog. But it’s more than possible. Take it from fellow puppy owner and Local Guide Robert C. He writes, “Renee and Amy have been very patient working with my young dog and myself to help me develop the best relationship with my rather energetic dog. Renee has to be a ‘dog whisperer’ because when she speaks, the dogs listen.” And this is true. Renee understands the importance of “building that [good] relationship with your dog,” which is why she and her husband Jason opened Dogism in the first place. After spending several years competing in dog competitions with their own personal pups, Renee and Jason decided to create their own fun learning environment that wouldn’t be stressful. Now, on any given day, you can find happy dogs of all sizes and breeds ready to learn at Dogism. 

So, where should you begin? Dogism’s programs will show you just where to go! If you’re thinking of adopting a puppy, or if you’re already the proud owner of a little pup, you’ll want to start with the Puppy Intensive to provide you with the best guidance on potty training, crate handling, and much more. However, if your puppy has already completed the intensive, or is older, check out Dogism’s S.T.A.R.(TER) Puppy program, which follows the AKC’s curriculum and teaches social connection for you and your furry friend. You’ll grow alongside your puppy as you learn how to connect with him or her, and have fun while doing it.

After your pup completes this program, he or she can move on to the Good Dog Manners course. This exciting, six-week course is designed for dogs who are ready to learn good behaviors to apply in everyday life. While this course is as far as many doggies go, feel free to stick around and deepen you and your pet’s education with more advanced programs like the Advanced Manners CGC. You and your pup can go on to earn the prestigious Canine Good Citizen Certification as well. In fact, Renee and her trainers are certified in the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Program, which is a well-respected chapter of the AKC. Dogism focuses on positive reinforcement in training, which means rewarding your dog whenever he or she behaves correctly. So, you’ll need something in hand to motivate your pooch with… like toys and treats! Remember to bring plenty with you to class, as well as “a lot of patience,” a good collar, harness, and leash. And if you’re running low on supplies, check out Dogism’s retail boutique, which is packed with trusted goodies and accessories. 

If you’re in the horrific process of losing your best friend, Dogism can help you through it. Whether you need help creating an “end-of-life journey” for your pup, handling tough decisions, or setting up a tribute or memorial, you can count on the caring staff at Dogism to be right there beside you. Additionally, you can also participate in companion-based “grief support,” where you can share your pain and experiences with other dog lovers.

Sometimes it’s hard enough just watching your aging golden retriever lie around the house all day. Renee has a solution to that, too – bring him to “fungility!” These agility classes keep dogs of all ages and sizes active with new running path courses each time. Did you miss a class? No worries! You can check the schedule on the website to make sure you attend the right one for you. Stay tuned for new classes like Tricks and Fun Fur noses, as well. In addition, private lessons are available, whether they be onsite or in the comfort of your home. Is it bath time? Bring your doggy in for a wash with Dogism’s comfortable, back-friendly tubs. Renee and her staff know that spending time with your furry best friend should be “fun and easy,” so if you want to create a better relationship with a more obedient pet, then it’s time you head on over to Dogism. Your pup will thank you! 🙂

Welcome to the “pawfect” place for your dog! Dogism is located at 110 Pine Ave S, Oldsmar, 34677. Call the experts today at (813)854-3647 to get started on your doggie training journey. Email them at Dogism is open Monday thru Wednesday from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M., and on Saturdays from 11 A.M. to 4 P.M. Training times are per schedule. Keep up to date with the schedule online at, and follow Dogism on FaceBook at