By Tom Bostock

Orthopedic injuries are a reality of daily life. Strains, sprains, slips, falls and sports-related injuries are everyday occurrences, but when they do happen, it is important to consult the leading experts for all your post-injury treatment and care. As one of the largest orthopedic group in Florida, Florida Orthopaedic Institute attracts some of the most talented physicians and surgeons in the orthopedic field, employing state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge techniques to aid in your recovery.

Their mission is simple: to provide excellence in clinical outcomes and an exceptional patient experience in an environment that fosters growth through teaching, education, and research in all aspects of musculoskeletal medicine; lofty ideals realized every day for the patients of Florida Orthopaedic Institute. With patient care as their primary focus, these skilled medical professionals provide the best orthopedic solutions for all bone, joint, ligament and muscle injuries.

The level of the care that they provide is a direct reflection on the quality of the staff employed by the Florida Orthopaedic Institute. Physicians and surgeons are board certified. This is the extra step requiring the certification of the skills in their specialties by a board of their peers. Surgeons also have fellowship training for an additional year in their orthopedic sub-specialties: hand, spine, foot, ankle, and trauma, to name a few of their many areas of expertise. With a philosophy of first employing all non-surgical methods to increase mobility and function, including medication, bracing, injections, physical/occupational therapy, and in-house chiropractic treatment, surgery only becomes the final solution when other options prove ineffective.

With 150 health care professionals including 40 board certified and fellowship trained physicians and orthopedic surgeons, as well as 60 physicians’ assistants and advance-trained registered nurses, Florida Orthopaedic Institute has an impressive array of medical professionals to treat any orthopedic injury. Based in North Tampa, there are 9 more locations conveniently located throughout the Tampa Bay area including Bloomingdale, Brandon, Brooksville, Citrus Park, Citrus Park, Northdale, Palm Harbor, South Tampa, Wesley Chapel, and Sun City. Two of the facilities, North Tampa and Citrus Park, are stand-alone surgery centers, specially designed for orthopedic surgery. Florida Orthopaedic Institute’s affiliation with 25 area hospitals increases their ability to provide their patients with timely surgical services.

Since accidents don’t keep regular business hours, patients who experience an unexpected bone, joint or muscle injury can visit the only urgent care centers in Tampa Bay specializing in orthopedics. Our two Urgent Care locations in Brandon and South Tampa are open during both regular business hours and extended hours Monday through Saturday. Florida Orthopaedic Institute Urgent Care provides faster service and lower cost than an emergency room. No appointment is necessary, and all ages are welcome.

Florida Orthopaedic Institute is especially proud of its reputation for effectively treating sports injuries by its team of sports injury specialists. With the largest and most advanced sports medicine program in the entire Tampa Bay area, they treat hundreds of Tampa Bay’s residents each week. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Lightning, Mutiny, Rowdies and Storm, as well as many local schools, and universities have used the Institute for their own team physicians.

As Florida Orthopaedic Institute notes, “We understand the desire to get back into the game and will do everything we can to make that happen safely. Just as every athlete focuses on their particular sport, our Sports Medicine team is dedicated only to sports medicine. This ensures the best possible care and outcome,” a comforting thought when dealing with a sports-related injury.

The Institute has the unique ability to provide a full range of sports-related services without the need to refer an injured patient to an outside provider. This aids in the healing process and helps in reducing recovery times. In-house equipment includes advanced X-rays, MRI services, CT and ultrasound diagnostic imaging to help doctors determine the most effective course of treatment for a sports-related injury. Minimally invasive surgery is also available as well as advanced ligament and tendon reconstruction, cartilage repair/restoration, bone, and soft tissue repair, and reconstruction.

Regenerative medicine – stem cell and platelet rich plasma – are both options available, in-house, to treat sport-related injuries. With a current emphasis on concussions in sports today, Florida Orthopaedic Institute is on the leading edge of the protocols for concussion evaluation and management. As the institute notes, “Regardless of the injury or level of competition, Florida Orthopaedic Institute team training and experience focuses on a single goal: getting you back in the game.” … and soon.

When you suffer an orthopedic injury, there are many choices for treatment, but there is only one Florida Orthopaedic Institute with its 10 convenient locations around the Tampa Bay area. With its doctors nationally known for the quality of their care and expertise, the choice is clear – Florida Orthopaedic Institute. Your north Tampa facility is conveniently located in Citrus Park at 6117 Gunn Highway. Stop by or call 813-978-9797 for more information.