For many people, losing weight is at the top of their bucket list. For others, it is the only way to become, and feel healthy again. Many of us have tried yo-yo diets, or buy the expensive celebrity promoted trends, that pop up in social media and TV and radio commercial hype. The failed weight loss remains, and people continue to be discouraged. 
However, Medical Weight Loss, LLC at (813) 269-SLIM has been proving since 2007, that weight loss, whether 10 pounds or 120 pounds, can be done safely, affordably and successfully!  Many different diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, auto-immune and thyroid problems, joint arthritis and heart disease, are linked to being overweight. We know about these things. Weight loss is not just a matter of looking good, but, is a medical program of improving your health and reducing your risks. Feeling better, is also a great by-product of slimming down.  AND NOW, they have added MORE BEAUTY services and products to include:

• Original doctor supervised ketosis program we have been doing since 2007

• Medical skincare and cosmetic products by OBAJI

• B-12/Amino Acid Fat Burning Cocktail Injection Therapy

• Medical grade Nutritional Supplements by                PURE ENCAPSULATIONS

• Menu ideas from the staff and patients

• Prescription Appetite Suppressants for controlling volume of food intake and appetite…                          (non-prescription also available)

Dr. Gail Jachimek

Medical Weight Loss, LLC (269 – SLIM), opened in 2007, and is headed by Dr. Gail Jachimek. The main Florida clinic is located at 5111 Ehrlich Road, Suite 128, Tampa/Carrollwood.  Their other weight loss clinics are in Waukesha and Lake Geneva, WIS., and Wesley Chapel, FL. 

Their prices have not increased since they began the medical weight loss practice 13 years ago!  Dr. Jachimek and her husband Richard, are both chiropractic physicians, and have these clinics in Wisconsin also.  They have a house here in Northdale and have been residents of this area since 1991.  Richard was also an Army helicopter pilot and tech inspector during the Vietnam era.

Their medical weight loss program combines pharmaceutical appetite suppressant medication, fat burning injections and pills, and a clinically proven diet with medical doctor and nursing support and counseling to help their patients reach their “target” weight goals. 
This physician supervised program helps those who have before tried and failed to lose unwanted pounds. Dr. Gail says, “We opened the clinic because I was entering menopause and gaining weight. When I asked my primary physician, as well as my doctor friends, for help, I got extremely rude responses. I was told to “push away from the table”.   Dr. Gail does not want her patients to go through the same degrading experience. 
At the time, Dr. Gail was living on chicken and salad, and practicing level 3 kickboxing. She says, “I had been thin as a young woman, so I also assumed that anyone over weight deserved to be overweight because they were ‘eating chips in front of the television,’ etc.”   When the unexplained weight gain happened to her, she was then convinced that other factors were involved. She wanted an answer. 
Determined to learn more, Dr. Jachimek joined the ASBP (American Society of Bariatric Physicians) and went to their symposiums for further education and tools. She discovered that there are many contributing factors to weight gain – not just your diet. 
Some of the major contributing factors included hormonal imbalances, thyroid issues, environmental toxins, autoimmune disease, type 2 diabetes, etc.  It was then that they opened the main clinic in Tampa to help people dealing with the same frustrating weight gain frustration she had faced. They have since opened 3 more clinics in Florida and Wisconsin. 
“At Medical Weight Loss, LLC, we have medical doctors, as well as nurse practitioners, that have been treating our patients successfully for years, so that the root cause of these problems can be addressed. Our nurses and supporting staff are there for you to help you every step of the way.” 
Medical weight loss plans are not new, and many are similar, but those programs usually involve significant upcharges and hidden fees. Dr. Jachimek’s 269-SLIM program is different.  Her program is focused on the long-term results, meaning, not only will the process safely take off your weight during the active phase of the program, but also prevent the pounds from returning during the “maintenance phase”…(which is free)! 
This is no diet trend – This is a medical program that starts by looking at your medical history, evaluating your EKG, bloodwork and lifestyle.  Then, their doctors propose a plan for you, and prescribe appropriate pharmaceutical appetite suppressant medication, fat burning injections, vitamin therapy and fat burning supplements
“The program is simple, inexpensive and easy to follow. We give you a large list of foods to buy/choose from,” says Dr. Jachimek. “The program is easy, because it is food bought in the grocery store, (no special foods to order) just regular meats, fruits and vegetables on our list. This factor also makes it more affordable, because you don’t have to buy special foods, or cook separate dinners if you have a family.” 

Medical Weight Loss LLC is located at 5111 Ehrlich Road.
Under the supervision of their medical doctors and practitoners, patients can drop 20 to 30 pounds in the first month.  Their program has proven that it is common to see 5-10 pounds dropped in the first week.  “We have had patients that have lost 17 pounds in their first week, as well as patients that have lost over a hundred pounds on our program”, says Dr. Jachimek. 
Accountability is also a major part of the program. Keeping the patients safe and on track, their nurses evaluate, and treat patients weekly to provide support and give suggestions on how to reach and maintain their target weight. 
Dr. Jachimek stresses that there are no price surprises at Medical Weight Loss, 269-SLIM. The initial visit is $195 and weekly visits are just $55.  That’s it!  This is what you have been waiting for!, an inexpensive, easy and successful way to lose the unwanted pounds that have made you miserable for years.
As their slogans say, “With 269- SLIM (MEDICALWEIGHTLOSSLLC.COM) there are no hidden fees…just pounds gone”…or “Weigh less for WAY less”…or “When you’re done fooling around, call us!”.
Medical Weight Loss LLC is located at 5111 Ehrlich Road in Tampa and in Wesley Chapel. For more information or to make an appointment, call (813) 269-SLIM (7546). Or visit their 5 page website at Their staff and nurses will be glad to answer your questions!  Don’t forget to ask about getting a Free Week!

We’ll see a 2020 new and slimmer you at the beach…!