By Thomas Bostock

On July 30, 1965, President Johnson signed the Medicare and Medicaid Act into law. It was a part of the Social Security Act Amendments and established Medicare; health insurance for seniors at least 65 years of age, as well as younger recipients with certain disabilities while simultaneously creating a similar program for low-income Americans, Medicaid. Today, experienced, licensed insurance agents train to be able to assist seniors in enrolling them in the program and understanding their assorted options under Medicare.

There is an easier way to learn about Medicare. When was the last time you performed your own brain surgery? Now, that is silly, isn’t it? You would consult a surgeon in the field in question to ensure a more favorable outcome, wouldn’t you? The same thing should apply to your understanding of the nuances of Medicare.

Why don’t you take the uncertainty and any lack of understanding out of the equation by getting to know Laurie Champion? She is your experienced local insurance agent for a major Medicare healthcare insurance provider. Laurie said she learned to understand the confusion associated with Medicare when her father had a stroke. He did not know where to get the specialized care he needed from his regular Medicare provider. With Laurie’s help, he was able to get the proper treatment to put him on the road to recovery. This incident and her husband’s later suggestion encouraged her to enter the Medicare field.

Laurie said, “I have been a licensed insurance agent for 15 years and have specialized in the intricacies of Medicare for the last 10 years.” Her husband, a financial advisor, had many older clients who were aging into Medicare. He needed someone to help his clients with their Medicare needs. It was a perfect fit for her, as, years later, her many grateful, satisfied Medicare clients today can attest to. 

When I asked Laurie about the different sections of Medicare and what coverage they provide, she said that each portion represented a specific area of Medicare coverage 

As I understand it, Part A refers to the coverage for hospital stays and includes 80% of the costs incurred. Part B is similar but covers expenses for services outside of hospital stays, not including drugs. Again, the same 80% limit applies. 

Part C relates to Medicare plans. Major healthcare companies offer a variety of individual programs that include the benefits of all parts of Medicare, and additional coverage that might include dental, vision, and gym memberships, to name just a few of the many possible additional benefits offered by the individual plans.  

Part D refers to coverage for prescription drugs and medicines. Many of these programs include mail options from their online pharmacies. It is a tiered system and drug costs rise as various medications are found on a higher tier 

This is just a brief layman’s view of what I understand about Medicare and its options. If you have any questions, you should be talking to Laurie Champion, your local Medicare adviser. She is the expert and can explain the Medicare process in terms that everyone can understand. She periodically conducts group presentations in easy-to-understand language. She represents one of the largest Medicare healthcare insurance providers in the country with some of the most comprehensive Medicare Advantage, supplement programs, and benefits available anywhere.

Do not worry if you are not available to attend one of her group meetings that explain Medicare. Laurie also offers one-on-one, in-home consultations if you contact her in advance at 727-741-2481. Visit her website at for more information. 

In addition to the group presentations, and one-on-one meetings, Laurie also offers virtual meetings to accommodate any less mobile clients’ needs. “My clients,” she said, “are extremely important to me. I treat them the way I want to be treated.” This confirms her willingness to go the extra mile for her clients. 

Laurie stresses Medicare education with all her clients. That way, she keeps them up to date about any current changes to the program. Clients can feel confident when they choose one of her Medicare plans that best meets their individual healthcare needs.

There are many Medicare agents available around the country, but Laurie is your local, knowledgeable, and professional one. She is conveniently located to anyone in the Tampa Bay area and professionally serves all her clients. If you miss the initial Medicare enrollment period, contact Laurie. She might be able to help. There is nothing to lose but a phone call and a minute of your time. 

Call 727-741-2481 today for your peace of mind tomorrow.