Most Insurance has been a staple in the South Tampa community, celebrating their 45th year serving families in our community! They’ve grown to 3 locations in the Bay Area to best serve you and your loved ones, including their South Tampa office located at 3314 W. Bay to Bay just a few blocks from beautiful Bayshore. 

I had the opportunity to sit down with Craig Most for this article and it was an absolute pleasure as always to spend some time talking about the business, community, and family. Craig is also a local guy, growing up here in South Tampa and attending Plant High School. He’s had the privilege of watching Tampa grow and turn into the amazing city we all know and love today. Being a local means he understands the challenges of Tampa; it’s laws, quirks, and changes. “Having this type of insight lets us better understand a customer or prospects needs or perspective, much better than someone from the outside or a call center. We are part of the community, and have been since 1973,” says Craig.

           As an Independent Insurance Agency, Most Insurance stands out from the rest because they offer:

*Significant Value

*Claims Advocate Program for policyholders

*Wide variety of company options

*Online tools to save you time during the application and claims process

*One-stop shopping for personal insurance, commercial insurance, and life insurance

*Superior customer service

“Outstanding insurance company, they really take the time to find what you need and what you can afford,” says Jennifer S.

Most Insurance Agency recognizes that you want the right insurance coverage at a reasonable price. That’s why their friendly Florida licensed agents will walk you through the insurance shopping process, explaining every detail along the way. 

Recent customer John M. says, “We got excellent support and advice from Tammy, Craig, and the claims representative for two recent claims–one personal and one business. They worked hard to give us clarity in the situations that were confusing for us. They relieved our anxieties and were quick and thorough in their response. Great customer service.”


Craig’s Father Bob originally started the business in 1973 representing Nationwide. Over the years, Most Insurance not only focused on individual products such as home, auto, flood, and life insurance, they also did a large amount of business insurance as well, becoming one of the largest business Insurance providers in all of Nationwide Insurance throughout the 80s. As the 90s rolled around, Tampa’s housing market started booming and Most Insurance opened their second location on Bruce B. Downs. By the mid-90s they made a conscious effort to get back to their roots and focus on growing their individual and family coverage side of things. By this time Bob Most had opened another office in Dade City and continued to provide coverage for businesses and families alike for many years to come.

In 2003 Craig joined the agency as well as his brother Eric later that year. In 2008 Nationwide started changing the way they did business in Florida, allowing agents to go independent and represent multiple providers for multiple products and subsequently providing their clients with even better coverage as well as pricing for their premiums. With the ability to offer their customers more options, Craig was able to educate his clients on what options would be best for their situation and provide them with peace of mind that the product or provider they selected was the best fit for them.

“Life changes, a common example is when a family has a child that becomes of driving age and we may have to explore if their current policy with their provider will still be the best fit for that circumstance. Many times it isn’t, and we help them make the switch to a new provider that will offer coverage that better suits the current situation,” says Craig.

They may write you with “company A” today but as things change, “company B” may be a better fit for you before those rates go through the roof. Most Insurance searches out the best deals from many different insurance carriers, to get you the Most for your money! You can rest assured knowing that Most Insurance will always be looking out for your best interest and will work hard to help you navigate the often murky waters of insurance plans. The ongoing relationship with the customer is what sets Most Insurance apart.

Satisfied customer Justin C. says, “Great service, friendly people, but best of all, I doubled my auto insurance coverage while paying virtually the same thing I had been paying. I was very satisfied with my experience.”

None of us want to think about something bad happening, but if there is a time when you have to make an insurance claim, you’ll be happy the Most Insurance Team is on your side. Their core values speak volumes and one of which includes building meaningful relationships with their clients. Caring about their clients by being there for them in a time of need is one of the most rewarding aspects of their job. When someone calls after an accident, flood or other unfortunate events, they want to know they are covered and protected, and because they had Most Insurance, they are!

Condo Association President Mariam R. says, “I have been the president of our condo association for many years and every year before our insurance policies renewed, I spent many sleepless nights worrying about the ordeal. I worried if I had the right coverage, if I had too much coverage and if I had any gaps in coverage, because it did not just affect me, but all the residents of the building as well.  When I started working with Teresa at Most Insurance she went way beyond my expectations in explaining everything to me so that I understood. I was also given personal attention from one of the owners, Craig Most. I had never met an owner of any other agency I used, and I was impressed. I no longer worry about my insurance, and what used to be an ordeal is now a pleasant experience. I recommend Most Insurance highly.”

Craig Most and the entire team at Most Insurance are very passionate about providing excellent service. Craig says, “We treat our clients like family. We make sure that after we’re done they’re in a better situation than when they came to us. We like to say that we place coverage for our customers just like we would our own mother.”

“I use Most Insurance for both my personal and business insurance needs and have had a great experience in both areas,” says Peter H. “My time is very valuable to me and I appreciate that they always respond promptly to my requests for quotes. They have always kept me well informed throughout the process and answered my questions. I definitely recommend Most Insurance to all!”

If you want an Insurance company that will take care of you, provide excellent customer service, advice and above all, protect what matters most, then Most Insurance is the only call you need to make. If you haven’t taken a look at your insurance policies lately, I invite you to let the experts of Most Insurance take a look and show you the difference they can make for you and your family. I can tell you from personal experience that Most Insurance has already made a difference in mine!

Most Insurance Agency is located at 3314 W Bay to Bay Blvd, Tampa, FL 33629.

Contact them by calling (813) 347-5555 today! Visit for more information or to get a complimentary, no obligation, insurance quote!