By Carla M. Dubis Tedeschi

Three and half years ago, owners and business partners Joel Olinski and Brad Spoor joined forces and blessed the Tampa Bay community with the opening of an amazing new restaurant, Mother’s. 

Located in the heart of Westchase, Mother’s Restaurant features a scratch kitchen concept with a fun twist on all “mom’s classic recipes.”

“Mother’s honors all mothers. We’re an elevated Southern comfort,” explained Joel. “We like to rotate the menu yearly. From Chicken Pot Pies to Sloppy Joes—everything that brings you back to your childhood and what your mother would make at home. I wanted to bring something to Westchase that was a one-stop-shop. Good for families with children, and good for adults.”

Don’t let the words “Southern Comfort” fool you into thinking there are only high-carb dishes at this neighborhood gem. Mother’s Restaurant offers an incredible selection of homemade healthy dishes, fresh salads, soups, flatbreads, sandwiches, and low-calorie entrees for those of us who are “always on a diet,” as well as a wide selection of Gluten-free dishes for people with dietary restrictions. Chef Alex and Joel explained that up to 70% of the menu can be customized and can be made gluten-free, including their incredible pasta dishes. “We cater to every diet,” says Joel. “We can cook something for everyone, once you’re here, you will not leave hungry.”

Joel is not above bussing a table, cleaning the kitchen, or working his celebrated magic behind the bar. With a lifelong hospitality background, originally a master mixologist that placed third in the world for competition, Joel ran the Blue Martini at the International Plaza for nearly 17 years. His dream had always been to create a restaurant where the locally-sourced ingredients were familiar but done in a way that raised the bar of how food could be served. Presentation is key to Joel and head chef Alex Rosenblum. 

“We use a team of people to come up with our food. Plating is a big deal for me,” says Joel. “I want to make sure everything that comes out not only tastes amazing but also looks like art.” And trust me, it does. I am a regular at Mother’s myself, and I can honestly say that everything I’ve ever tried not only looks amazing but also tastes delicious!

Some of Mother’s favorite “Conversation Pieces” include; Mac & Cheese bites, Calamari, Mama’s Chicken Wings, Mother’s Meatloaf Sliders and one of my personal favorites the Tuna Tartare and the Smoked Fish Deviled Eggs. 

Amongst the most popular main entrees, we have the Sam Adams Beer Battered Fish and Chips, Seared Ahi Tuna Steak, Salmon Piccata, Braised Pork Shank, Mother’s Meatloaf, Shrimp and Grits, and their famous and one of my all-time favorite dishes in Tampa; the Braised Skirt Steak Risotto.

Unique Cocktails and Drinks

When you are a jet-set world-renowned mixologist, it only makes sense that Joel’s bar boasts some of the most unique and exquisite cocktails and drinks — from wine and craft beer to house wine on tap and creative poptinis, my personal favorite is the “Mother Fudger,” give it a try, you’ll not be disappointed.

Mother’s drink menu is handcrafted, and it includes cocktails with the finest of ingredients combined in the most innovative ways. Some exceptional curious combinations with fun names include the Drunk Piggy and the Toasted Monkey. 

What’s New at Mother’s?

From new team members to new spectacular menu items rolling out mid-April, as well as new cocktails, new desserts, new brunch items, an updated wine list, and a possible brand new location coming soon to a place near you! 

When asked about all these “new changes” Joel says, “We’re never ‘replacing’ just rotating. Like any Mother’s kitchen, we’re always coming up with something new to please our loved ones! We like to make seasonal menu changes, depending on what specialty products are fresh and available, as well as new ideas and suggestions by our Chefs, staff and guests alike.”

Joel is proud to welcome manager Andre Zamudio, and operations manager Suzanne Do to the Mother’s Team. 

Andre Zamudio amasses an outstanding 27 years of corporate management and restaurant experience. He recently culminated a back-of-the-house and front-of-the-house operations training at Mother’s, and he couldn’t be more excited to be part of the Mother’s team. “I am extremely happy to be here. I look forward to sharing my own culinary ideas with the team, as well as participating in Mother’s future plans of expansion and growth,” says Zamudio, who seemed captivated by Mother’s Culture, its innovative concept, and of course, the Mother’s unique motto; “Food, Family, and Friends.”

Zamudio’s background experience includes business management at the famous waterfront restaurant Ulele, Executive Chef experience at Brio’s Tuscan Grille, as well as several years of experience as a Revenue Operations manager for City walk. Zamudio opened and operated 4 of the largest venues on a city walk at Universal Studios.

When referring to Andre and Suzanne, Joel says, “Andre and Suzanne are powerhouses. They are both extremely experienced and incredibly talented.” 

“Suzanne Do has quickly absorbed the Mother’s Culture… she’s the ‘Mother’s Mother’,” says Joel in between laughs. He literally called her “The Queen B,” and said Suzanne did an amazing job at making everyone’s jobs easier, including his. 

Joel couldn’t be more proud of the entire Mother’s team. “We all work very hard, and it’s paying off. We’re beginning to be known as a staple in the community, And now we not only grow from within but we also have experienced people like Andre and Suzanne coming from other restaurants and the hospitality business, looking to work and grow with us, which is huge,” says Joel. “That means we must be doing something right. That is definitely an indication that the business is progressing well, and catching people’s attention.” 

Joel would like to thank the community for their continuous support. “We wouldn’t be here without you.” 

Mark Your Calendars – Mother’s Events are where you wanna be!

Wednesdays – Get over the hump and visit Mother’s on a Wednesday for their $15.99 all you can eat seasoned wings, a $5 glass of wine and live music. 

Saturday & Sunday Brunch – Mother’s homemade brunch is served from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. They serve ultimate Bloody Marys, Mimosas or their signature Red or White Sangria for only $13.99.

March 17th – St. Pattrick’s Day – Special traditional Irish Fare. Green Beer. Live Music. and a Rock after Dark Karaoke entertainment. “Come test your American Idol voices,” says Joel. Though nobody really expects you to sound like Carrie Underwood.

April 12 – Easter Brunch – With a special menu. Live Music and extended Brunch Hours from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm. Reservations are recommended. If you can’t make it to Brunch, make it to dinner, starting at 4:00 pm.

Mother’s Day – May 10th – One Of Mother’s Biggest Celebrations of course! Complimentary champagne provided for all Mothers. A special Brunch with extended hours from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. As well as a special dinner, featuring unique Mother’s creations and special dishes. Live music and entertainment of course. 

Mother’s Restaurant is located at 12227 W Linebaugh Ave, Tampa, FL 33626. Reservations are not mandatory but encouraged. Visit for more information or call 813-814-1533. Make sure you like them on Facebook at and follow them on Instagram @motherswestchase.