Dr. Linberg
Dr. Linberg

By  Tom Bostock 

     When French physician, Nicholas Andre coined the term “orthpaedics” in 1741 for his book on the prevention and correction of musculoskelectal deformities in children, he had little understanding of how far this new field would progress over the ensuing 250+ years. In creating the term, he combined 2 common Greek words, orthos, meaning straight with paedeleia , the rearing of children (science.jrank.org/pages/4921/Orthopedics.html).

     Riding that crest of a new era in orthopedic discoveries and advancements is The Center for Bone and Joint Disease, with its newest, full-service orthopedic office, conveniently located and easily accessible at 16506 Pointe Village Road, Suite 109, just off the Suncoast Expressway, and with it, orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Linberg. He is an important part of that new wave of young medical professionals who emphasize team concept and patient choice in a friendly, low pressure environment. 

     Dr. Christopher Linberg brings an impressive array of medical credentials to his healing role for patients at The Center for Bone and Joint Disease. A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, excelling both academically and athletically, Chris then attended the University of Cincinnati’s College of Medicine where he was selected for training in orthopedic surgery. These surgical skills were further enhanced by working with some of the nation’s most skilled surgeons at Wayne State University and the prestigious Mayo Clinic.

     To ensure that his orthopedic patients receive the best quality care. Dr. Linberg is board certified. This means that every 3 years, he must comply with maintenance certification, the process of providing the certifying board with proof that he has completed a course of on-going medical training in the field of orthopedics. Every 10 years, recertification testing is required. 

        Dr. Linberg stressed the concept of teamwork, not only with all of the physicians who are part of CBJD, but with patients as well; doctor and patient becoming a coordinated team throughout the course of the patient’s treatment.  Having served in both Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom (250+ surgical cases while participating in 13+ mass casualty operations) and as Chief of Orthopedics at MacDill AFB in Tampa, for 9 years. Dr. Linberg is eminently aware of the advantages of teamwork. 

     A full-service office, Dr. Linberg offered a recent example of just one of his orthopedic successes. A 95-year old woman had fallen and broken her hip. After treatment by Dr. Linberg at the Center for Bone and Joint Disease, she was able to return home with mobility and live independently in a matter of only 6 weeks, an amazing result for that type of debilitating injury. 

     Injuries treated at his Lutz office run the entire range of orthopedic problems. With surgical privileges at both Trinity Medical Center and St. Joseph’s Hospital North, Dr. Linberg has the latest, cutting-edge medical resources to surgically treat his orthopedic patients. 

     A skilled surgeon, Dr. Linberg spoke about some of the advancements in orthopedics. He was especially proud that meniscus tears, that previously could only be removed, can now be surgically repaired. 

     Married with 2 children, living and working in Lutz, Dr. Linberg is strong member of his local community. He said that “it is a pleasure to treat my neighbors.” He has effectively administered to kids with ACL tears, leg, knee problems and the full range of both regular and sports-related injuries. He offers his patients a wide range of treatment options after explaining the positive and negatives of each, allowing his patients to be an integral part of the patient care process, able to make the final decision. 

     In defining his practice at The Center for Bone and Joint Disease, Dr. Linberg characterized what he does as “patient-centric” adding that the Center for Bone and Joint Disease was, “not too big that the patient gets lost in the shuffle,” an all too often occurrence at larger impersonal clinics. 

     If you are like me, I like to “look under the hood and kick the tires” before I commit to something, especially anything medical. Dr. Linberg understands that and is providing a unique “meet and greet” get together at his office in Lutz. On November 8th, at 5 PM, he is inviting the first 50 people who respond, the opportunity to tour his facilities and listen to a lecture entitled “Minimally Invasive Treatment of Knee and Shoulder Problems,” an educational talk about common knee and shoulder problems and their treatment. 

     Space is limited to only 50 attendees, so make sure that you respond by October 20th to reserve your seat. You can either RSVP to day@centerforboneandjoint.com or call 727 605 3808 to reserve your place. 

     A full-service local orthopedic practice, Dr. Linberg invites all patients to come to the Lutz Center for Bone and Joint Disease. Call 727 605 3808 for your appointment today and say goodbye to pain tomorrow. As Dr. Linberg says, “after all, we are all in this together.”