And College Success Is Right Here In Tampa Bay

  Greater Tampa Bay enjoys a unique resource in helping students and families have their best possible futures, including students doing their best on the SAT and ACT Exams so important for College Entrance and Bright Futures Scholarships.

   The former Dean of a Graduate School of Business and Full Professor, Dr. Wayne Adams has created an exceptional and unique package that builds on his extensive experience including degrees and advanced studies at Harvard, Yale, Vanderbilt, Columbia International, and Luther Rice.  

  His Students Normally Improve 200 – 350 Points on the SAT Total Superscore and4 – 7 Points on the ACT Composite

     A major reason for his outstanding results are the special techniques and learning skills developed over many years. These include teaching students how to speed-read at 1,000+ words per minute; multiple memory aids to triple a student’s speed of learning and remembering vocabulary; reverse engineering that doubles “learning and retention speeds”; many additional math techniques such as “Quick Solve” to improve speed, reduce errors, and handle the “ultra-hard” questions; “bottom up” reading for key ideas and concepts; specialized reading strategies found in no reference books or other courses; and structured essay writing following his customized guides.

   Also, four books/guides written by Dr. Adams are included with his classes, as well as many valuable insights into college admissions, scholarships, and future college success. Particularly helpful is negotiating with colleges that has helped save $1,000 to $10,000 a year for his students. The covers and brief descriptions are on page ______. 

What Students And Parents Say About 

Dr. Adams And His Classes


   “This is not the average, boring class. I will learn.”

   “I really liked the involvement in the sessions, rather than just teaching from a book.”

   “Learning the structure of the Essay was great.”

   “When I started, I took a 25 question vocabulary test right away and got 5 out of 25 correct. After his intensive vocab “memory hooks” approach, I retook the test and got 23 correct. Wow!  Never dreamed I could do that!”

   “I have never had a teacher who has so many creative and effective ways to help me learn. And I like the style of the classes, which are like college seminars taught by a full professor. ”

   “The time goes by so fast.”

   “We work. We learn. It’s worth it.” 


   “You helped our daughter qualify as a National Merit Finalist and helped our family in college planning. Now she is a freshman at a “Top 25” school with a summer studying at Cambridge U in England. Thank you so much.”

   “When our son took your class as a ninth grader, his baseline scores on the SAT were around 700. When he took the exam, he scored 1100 and qualified for the Duke TIP Program. His score was higher than the average senior.”

   “Our daughter had scored a 14 on the ACT and needed an 18 to satisfy FCAT and graduate with her class. Thanks to you, she scored a 20!”   

   “Our daughter had an excellent GPA and high standing in her IB Program, but her SAT scores were around 1150. After your class, she scored over 1400. Thank you.”

   “Not only did our son improve his scores, he is doing far better in English at school because of the critical thinking and writing skills he learned in your class.”

   “We are so excited because our daughter just learned she was accepted for Early Admission to Princeton, and will be going there in the fall. You greatly improving her ACT and SAT scores were a major reason.”

       Fall Test Dates 2020: SAT on Aug 29, Sept 26, Oct 3, Nov 7, Dec 5; and ACT on Sept 12, October 24, and Dec 12.

   His classes are on-line via Zoom, or on-site and Covid compliant.

   If You Would Like To Talk More With Dr. Adams About Your Student, please contact him at 727-253-0639 or send an email to